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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96


TODOROV’S NARRTIVE THEORY: TODOROV’S NARRTIVE THEORY By Liam Grantham Member of BFP- Blind Feline Productions PowerPoint Presentation: Quick Introduction… T zetan T odorov was a Bulgarian linguist who published and developed his wide research of Narrative in the 1960’s. In his research he learnt that in any modern story there would be 5 different stages in the story. The being the Equilibrium (See slide 3), the Disruption (slide 4), Recognition (Slide 5), a repair (slide 6) and finally a new equilibrium (slide 7). As shown in the diagram opposite PowerPoint Presentation: EQUILIBRIUM This stage of the film is often seen at the beginning f the story, where everything seems to be going well and a calm natured atmosphere greets us the audience. However this will leave us the viewers shocked when a tragic event occurs in the mid interval. For example the Equilibrium in Home Alone is when all the family are round the house eating pizza- which Is established as a very ordinary event and so therefore us the audience can establish an understanding for the mood the actor and plot are trying to give of by including the normal, every day scene, rectifying some type of happiness. So with this in mind we realise that the equilibrium must be introduced within our opening sequence as this is where it would normally occur in the film- so with this in mind BFP have established this concept with the Professor having fun in the Lab which will create the same calming mood we need to add the realistic sequence Todorov was stating. PowerPoint Presentation: DISTRUPTION This is the stage of the theory where the initial Equilibrium is destroyed by a tragic or horrific event that the antagonist has made. Which the protagonist comes across and has to repair the demolished happiness us the audience saw in the previous scene when the equilibrium was evident. An example of this can be seen in Die Hard WITH AVENGENCE, when John McClean (Bruce Willis) receives the phone call illustrating when and where the next bomb will go off. So in this case the phone call as the first disruption , followed by many disruption's (acting as further phone calls and bombs). With this in mind we BFP will intervene a vivid disruption within the opening sequence. PowerPoint Presentation: With the Disruption in place it is vital for the protagonist to recognise that the horrific event has occurred. For example in James Bond: Sky fall we see 007 recognise the bombings in MI6 headquarters on the TV whilst he is on his break, So therefore his recognition if the tragic event cause his return. RECOGNITION PowerPoint Presentation: Before the primary protagonist saves the day in the plot, we would normally see a unsuccessful attempt to rekindle hope on society. To enable that us the audience will see the determined characteristics that cement the positive connotations that the Hero represents in our head. For example in Batman Dark night rises ; We see Batman fall in attempting to fight Bain and ends up being trapped in the cave. This failed episode makes the story more realistic with failure being touched upon the hero and success driven on the antagonist which we would not normally associate them with. PowerPoint Presentation: New EQUILIBRIUM This is where the initial Equilibrium at the beginning of the film is restored with the Protagonist defeating the antagonist , and re-kindling the calming positive mood we saw at the beginning of the film as seen in Home Alone 2 , when Kevin is wishing he could see his mother again in front of the grand Christmas tree. After defeating the ‘Wet Bandits’ once again. To which his mother walks around the corner and happiness is restored.

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