Todorov's Narrative Theory

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Information about Todorov's Narrative Theory

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: thesilmarilli


1. A state of equilibrium 2. A disruption of that order 3. The recognition of the disruption 4. An attempt to repair the disruption 5. A new equilibrium

 This first stage of Todorovs theory is a state of equilibrium, this means that at the beginning of each film there should be a calm period where all seems normal or balanced in some way.

 This is where something has been done to change the normal equilibrium and cause unsettlement.

 This is where the main character would find out what has caused the unsettlement.

 This stage is when the main characters try their best to repair the disruption in order to get the equilibrium back.

 This is when the disruption has finally been sorted and a new equilibrium has been made.

 Taken is a very good example of movie that follows Todorovs theory very well 1. His daughter has planned a trip where she plans to travel to many country's 2. Kidnappers break into her flat and take her friend and would then take her. 3. The main character finds out the problem via phone call 4. He uses his skills to track down her kidnappers in order to get his daughter back no matter what it takes. 5. He saves her and she is reunited with her family.

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