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Published on July 23, 2009

Author: CNU17


Vancouver’s Evolving Urbanism: More Sustainable, Livable, Vibrant….more Everything Brent Toderian, MCIP Director of Planning

Greater Vancouver Regional District (now Metro Vancouver)

Our Regional Context GVRD Regional Town Centres

The Goal: A Sustainable, Livable, Vibrant Downtown

…and City!

Sustainability through Livability The Central Area Land Area: 2.2 square miles (579 hectares) Population: 85,000 (2005 Estimate)

We don’t like to brag, but… Vancouver tops cities survey City named No.1 in Americas for quality of living, No.4 in the world

“Living First” and the Central Area Plan

City Plans and Visions

Downtown Livability is density done well: 1. Movement

The most sustainable movement option… walking (nearness)

Walking infrastructure: horizontal and vertical

Cycling’s our second choice

Burrard Bridge Trial

A cycle-friendly public realm

All kinds of cycling….

…and we didn’t stage this.

Planning for transit

Not so much transit corridors, as corridors of urbanism…

Even transit on water…

Downtown Livability is density done well: 2. Design / Quality

City design starts with waterfront design

Height is just a design challenge…

Designing an artful mix

Designing a human-scale

Designing in art Design AS art

Designing art everywhere

Downtown Livability is density done well: 3. Amenities

Our beaches are our squares…

Our water edge is our public life…

Our parks, through development…

Our squares, through development…

Many more amenities and benefits, through development

Even “private” spaces are semi-public…

Our central area: A series of experiments

False Creek South

False Creek South

Granville Island

Granville Island

False Creek North

False Creek North

False Creek North from the South Shore (Charleson Park) 1983 2003

Coal Harbour

Coal Harbour

New Developments Shangri-la James K Cheng Architecture

Shangri-la James K Cheng Architecture

Ritz Carlton (“Vancouver’s Turn”) Arthur Erickson

Hotel Georgia HB-IBI

Did “Living First” go on too long?

Has downtown become a resort?

What did we do with the “Metro Core Study”?

What does this mean for “Living First”?

Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion

Convention Centre

Convention Centre

Woodwards Henriques & Partners

Woodwards Henriques & Partners

The Downtown Capacity & View Corridors Study

Skyline, Ridge Line, Shoreline

View ‘A’: Alder Terrace to Mount Seymour 1987 2009

Heritage Restorations

Heritage Restorations

Heritage Restorations

General Heights (pattern)

Special Sites (punctuation)

Where’s The Square?

Where’s The Square?

Where’s The Square?

Where’s The Square?

Redesigning Granville Street

Carrall Street Greenway Recreational Network Seawall Loop

Carrall Street Greenway

Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Toronto: Vancouverism?

San Diego: Vancouverism?

Let’s look at the rest of Vancouver…

Outside the downtown…

Crossroads Busby Perkins and Will

Crossroads Busby Perkins and Will

The Rise Nigel Baldwin, Architect

Many new building types

Arbutus Walk

Arbutus Walk

Collingwood Village

Oakridge New Project

East Fraserlands New Project

Olympic Village/ SEFC

Olympic Village

Olympic Plaza

Olympic Village

Olympic Village

Olympic Village

Olympic Village

Social Housing Projects Olympic Village Net Zero Building

The new Generation: Sustainability Front and Centre

The challenges are clear…

The challenges are clear…

Vancouver’s GHG emissions are not sustainable… BUSBY PERKINS+WILL

We know the Culprits…

The Density / GHG relationship BUSBY PERKINS+WILL

What is EcoDensity? The search for the metaphor Livability Affordability Sustainability

EcoDensity is about the footprint

Done well, density can enable… EcoDensity •  Reduced energy use in buildings, getting around •  More green design options •  Less sprawl •  More affordable housing choices •  Public health •  Vitality, diversity, safety •  Etc, etc, etc…

Housing density and green design EcoDensity

Many levels of density (but no “stable neighbourhoods”) EcoDensity •  Arterial mid-rise housing •  Ground oriented housing (gentle density) •  Backyard laneway infill housing (hidden density) •  Secondary suites within homes (invisible density)

Laneway Housing (“Hidden Density”) EcoDensity

EcoDensity was “the big story”

EcoDensity was “the big story”

What does the Charter do?

Resets Vancouver's philosophy

Makes strong commitments

Influences ALL new and existing approaches

Commits to an eco-city of eco-neighborhoods (a shared responsibility)

Actions EcoDensity Greener Buildings •  LEED™ SILVER “PLUS” •  LEED™ GOLD BY 2010 •  GREEN DESIGN BEFORE TECHNOLOGY

Actions EcoDensity Greener Large Sites •  District energy •  Solar orientation •  Passive energy solutions •  Urban agriculture •  TDM prioritizing sustainable modes •  Sustainable rainwater management plan •  Solid waste diversion strategy •  Affordability

Actions EcoDensity •  Removing disincentives to Green Design •  Enabling laneway housing, secondary suites, basement suites •  EcoDensity leadership on City Land •  Green Application Priority •  More flexibility, fewer barriers

Actions EcoDensity •  An “Eco”CityPlan •  New strategies for District Energy •  New tools to achieve amenities •  Measurement tools •  Progress Report Structure

Competition Winner Vancouver Primary Sturgess Architecture (Jeremy Sturgess) - Calgary

Competition Winners

Many winners addressed Laneway Housing

EcoDensity Where We Were…

EcoDensity Where We Are…

From EcoDensity to “The Greenest City in the World?”

The Greenest City in the World by 2020: Think you can do better? •  Urban agriculture •  District Energy •  Burrard Bridge traffic trial •  Car-free streets •  Bike sharing •  Green jobs •  Etc.

A Carbon Neutral City by 2030?

Council for Canadian Urbanism

Council for Canadian Urbanism

PLAN like you love cities… LISTEN like you love opinions… DESIGN like you love people… … and always challenge the word “can’t”.

Thank you. Brent Toderian, MCIP Director of Planning

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