Todd Roth SMPTE 2018 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

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Information about Todd Roth SMPTE 2018 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

Published on October 30, 2018

Author: ToddRoth2


1. The Broadcast Transition to IP Virtualization, The Cloud, The Edge and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Todd Roth Director of Engineering Aperi Corporation

2. Contents • Future of IP Media – NMOS Roadmap – Really Just Getting Started • Cloud and the Edge – Striking a balance – Tools and Deployment • Here Comes the Bandwidth – The New Players • APIs and NMOS • Working Together

3. Future of IP Media

4. Just Getting Started • 1st Step: – Moving video to IP (SMPTE 2022 and 2110) - Replaces coax with cat6 – More than just replacing an old headache with a new one • The Real Advantages: – Managing IP flows and devices – Building services and workflows – Leveraging cloud based scalability – Creating APPs and APIs

5. Striking a Balance • Cloud – Infinitely scalable at infinite cost – And the latency • Edge – More Infrastructure – IP conversion, compression, access control • Both – Deployability and management – Containers and orchestration – And APIs

6. $$$$ $

7. Modern Tooling Tool Function Purpose Application Container Tool to bundle and secure Apps and associated resources for deployment. Container Orchestration Open source system for deployment, management, scaling and interconnection of containers Analytics and Monitoring Open source software to time series analytics and dashboards AIOps AI for alert management and troubleshooting Logging Centralized logging and event based analytics

8. The New Players • Carriers (ATT, Verizon, et al): – IP backbones grow from gig- to tera- bit – Now offering media services and content • Cloud Providers (AWS, Google, Azure, Facebook): – Used to offer cloud infrastructure – (processing, storage, networking) – Now offering media services and content • Converge

9. Here Comes the Bandwidth

10. Evolving business realities of live media • Enter Silicon Valley • Amazon has streaming rights to ─ British rights for US Open Tennis (2019-2023) ─ English Premier League ─ NFL Thursday Night • AT&T - NFL Sunday Ticket • Facebook ─ 25 MLB games ─ bid $600M for IPL but lost to Star India ($2.6B)

11. Enter ATT

12. Remote Production Application at Euro Cup Stadium Site Implementation Equipment Rack - Stadium CAM1 (4K) CAM2 (4K) CAM3 (4K) CAM4 (4K) CAM1 (HD) CAM2 (HD) CAM3 (HD) CAM4 (HD) Multiview VC2-Enc VC2-Enc VC2-Enc VC2-Enc 2022-6 Encap Eth Switch 3Gbps 3Gbps 1.5Gbps Fiber Network TimedSwitch(x2) Control & Mgmt Total media = 7.5Gbps 10GigE Fiber 10GigE Fiber IBC Implementation VC-2 DEC1 VC-2 DEC2 ST22-6 DeCap Eth Switch Fiber Network 10GigE Fiber 10GigE Fiber 4K Monitor ‘A’ 4K Monitor ‘B’ HD Monitor ‘Multiview’ Network Mgr. Laptop Touch Panel HD-SDI 4K 4K WiFi IBC Stadium 4K Monitor Remote Production System Fiber Network Redundant 10GigE 4K Monitor Multiview Remote Production System 4K +Audio 4K +Audio 4K +Audio 4K +Audio Control Device -Native IP -Identical appliances -MFV -Orchestrate Apps -Deploy and run -Data center model -Media workflow

13. International Distribution 2018 HBS International Broadcast Center

14. Somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow.. Cyrillic for “Master Control Room”

15. The RESTful API • REST API - talking to a server - methods) – Stateless – POST - Create a resource (C) – GET - Retrieve information (R) – PUT - Update a resource (U) – DELETE - Delete a resource (D) • JSON: The Fat-Free Alternative to XML – human readable open machine data structure • Swagger – Self documenting endpoint and test tool – AKA - A 3rd Party developers dream – example

16. NMOS Model Open Source shared on GitHub

17. NMOS meets OSI Layers

18. Working Together

19. Questions?

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