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Information about tobacco

Published on November 19, 2008

Author: amitanj46


A Presentation on : A Presentation on The Truth about Tobacco- The Battle for a Smoke free Society By ashwini l. honavarkar. Health counselor Voluntary health association of Goa. Facts says that……… : Smoking is bad for smokers as well as non smokers . Every one cigarette contains over 4,000 different chemicals. Tobacco products contain nicotine which was used as an effective pesticide. It was later banned from the use due to the dangers it posed to humans ……. Facts says that……… It is said that…… : It is said that…… THAT AN AVERAGE OF 14 MINUTES OF LIFE IS LOST FOR EACH CIGARETTE SMOKED & IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OVER 25 DISEASE CAUSING 4.9 MILLION DEATHS EVERY YEAR. IN INDIA ONE % PEOPLE DIE EVERY 40 SECONDS BECAUSE OF TOBACCO RELATED PROBLEMS. ONE THIRD OF ALL CANCERS IN INDIA ARE TOBACCO RELATED. TOBACCO THE SKIN OF TOBACCO USERS AGES MUCH EARLIER CAUSING PREMATURE WRINKLES ETC. Slide 5: FORMS OF TOBACCO…… Tobacco in India……… : Tobacco in India……… What is in tobacco that makes it dangerous? : What is in tobacco that makes it dangerous? Nicotine Carbon Monoxide Tar Arsenic DDT Radon Acetone Benzene Slide 10: What do these substance do when they enter your body? Nicotine - addictive drug in tobacco. : Nicotine - addictive drug in tobacco. It increases the heart rate and blood pressure of the smoker, Therefore people who smoke have a rapid pulse and high blood pressure. Which eventually leads to heart attack Carbon Monoxide : Carbon Monoxide Robs your muscles, brain and body tissue of oxygen, making the whole body – especially the heart - work harder harmful for the brain functioning. Tar : Tar The chemicals in Tar irritate the respiratory tract causing and chronic bronchitis. Slide 14: Arsenic Found in RAT POISON Slide 15: DDT – An INSECTICIDE Slide 16: RADON - RADIOACTIVE GAS Slide 17: ACETONE PAINT STRIPPER Slide 18: BENZENE FOUND IN PETROL FUMES TOBACCO : TOBACCO TOXIC TO THE BODY OBNOXIOUS BAD FOR HEALTH ADDICTIVE CAUSES CANCER CAUSES SEVERAL DISEASES OPPRESSIVE TO MIND Harmful effects of tobacco…. : Harmful effects of tobacco…. BAD BREATH : BAD BREATH CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE : CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE SHORTNESS OF BREATH : SHORTNESS OF BREATH Staining of teeth : Staining of teeth IRRITATING COUGH, MOUTH ULCER : IRRITATING COUGH, MOUTH ULCER Slide 26: Thousands of teenagers "light up" every day. They do this despite the fact that they have been taught the harmful effects of smoking on their bodies, in both primary and high school, and have been exposed to dozens of anti-smoking campaigns. So if they know the health risks, why do they continue to smoke ? Slide 27: Why do teenagers smoke ? Slide 28: If a friend or classmate has ever pushed you into doing something you don't want to do, then you've experienced peer pressure. This is how many kids start smoking. If a popular kid offers you a cigarette, you might think that you'll become popular if you do what he or she says. When a close friend starts smoking, you many worry that you'll lose the friendship if you turn your buddy down. Peer pressure : Peer pressure It is exactly what it says - pressure from your peers. Slide 30: The most common reason for a teenager to smoke is peer pressure….. Friends can "pressure" each other into smoking, either intentionally, or unknowingly. Some teenagers want to fit in so desperately, with their group that they will do almost anything to impress them, even when they know what they are doing is wrong. Slide 31: Smoking is also symbolic. When a teenager smokes, it gives off the message: "I've broken away from my parents; I'm independent; I'm an adult; I take risks." Teenagers are more likely to smoke if they suffer from low self esteem and lack confidence in themselves. Some adolescents use smoking as a way to deal with stress, boredom, nervousness, anxiety, frustration and depression. Slide 32: Also, many teenagers are under the false impression that "Smoking helps you to lose weight" and "Everyone smokes, so it can't be that bad", however these statements are only rumors, and incorrect. also a mark of being and looking ‘cool’. imitation from parents. PASSIVE SMOKING : PASSIVE SMOKING Slide 35: Passive smoking is the unintentional inhalation of smoke from tobacco products. It occurs when tobacco smoke saturate any environment, causing its inhalation by all people within that environment. Such smoke is called secondhand smoke (SHS) or environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke causes death, disease and disability Tips to get you through……….. : Tips to get you through……….. Cont... : Cont... Make exercise a regular part of your routine. Look at your list of benefits of quitting tobacco. Deep breathing Relaxation. Distract your mind. Drink water or fruit juice. Slide 38: Case studies...... Slide 39: At the age of 13, Mark picked up his first pack of cigarettes. While he doesn’t remember the first smoke, it probably took some effort, but was well worth the extra points it won him on the playground. Slide 40: 20 years later what did he do ?Did he leave???? Slide 41: Mark still smoked a pack a day, every day, in sickness and in health, come rain or shine. For a long time Mark enjoyed his daily cigarettes. The first cigarette of the day was a chance to wake up over coffee. At 10:00 am he could take a short break from work to go to the smoking lounge to light up. His co-workers who didn’t smoke worked through their break and Mark savored the few minutes he got to himself. Slide 42: Five years ago what happened ? Slide 43: Mark made a bet with his best friend Jerry that he could go for one month without smoking a cigarette. The two decided to put all of the money they spent on cigarettes in a jar for a month and use it towards a trip to Spain during the spring Slide 44: Were they able to save the money for the trip ? Slide 45: Mark was completely surprised to find that he couldn’t even last two days without ending up back at the shop buying another pack of cigs. Mark’s friend Jerry was just as unsuccessful and the two spent their spring holiday exploring their hometown instead. Slide 46: After his first struggle, Mark realized that his addiction to cigarettes was more powerful than he thought. Slide 47: He decided that will power wasn’t enough to defeat his addiction so he decided to try a nicotine gum. The gum would keep his craving in check while his body got used to being nicotine free. Slide 48: Did this technique help him ? Slide 49: This technique helped some of the physical symptoms like shaking, cold sweats, and muscle aches that he experienced the first time. Once the physical symptoms passed, Mark still couldn’t find something to keep his hands busy. When he was at the pub, at a dinner party, or even just at work, the constant fidgeting and movement sent him right back to his pack of cigarettes to deal with his stress and frustration. Slide 50: It was after this second attempt and failure that Mark began searching high and low for a solution to his problem. Slide 51: He saw an ad for hypnotherapist as a way to quit smoking. He was curious and decided to look into hypnotherapy….. Slide 52: Mark visited a web site and read more about using hypnotherapy to quit smoking. The website claimed that one session was all that was necessary, so Mark figured he had nothing to lose. The hypnotherapist, Mr. X, came directly to his home and the session took all of 75 minutes. Slide 53: What happened after the session ? Mark Found himself as a non-smoker…. : Mark Found himself as a non-smoker…. With an improved sense of smell, He did not feel that twinge of craving for cigarettes. He didn’t feel his hands shake or feel the need to fidget with something. It’s been a year since mark gave up cigarettes and he has since been back to all of his old haunts. Slide 55: The morning cup of coffee, the evening pub crawl, even the breaks at work have turned into fresh air breaks. One session of 75 minutes with hypnotherapist of mind-works accomplished more than all of mark’s will power, gum, and dedication combined. Resources :- : Resources :- Books World health organization. Slide 60: Any questions? Slide 61: Thank You ! Have A Nice Day!

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