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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: mustahidali90



Why certification is important for individuals in making a difference in carrier paths?

TOATAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) Assignment- 1 Why certification is important for individuals in making a difference in carrier paths? Certification benefits in the quality profession are uncountable and they make the carrier growth to a high level with proper satisfaction with in and out of the organization. The value added benefit is personal development for individual ultimately which will lead to greater contribution personality of individual. (laman, 2013) it is talking about seven individuals who shares stories about why they sought certifications and how the experience made a difference in their carrier paths. This article presents the stories of several individuals who work (or previously worked) in the quality engineering and risk management department at Teleflex Inc., a global provider of medical devices. The stories are told by people at different stages of their careers, comprising a diverse group representing at least five levels of the typical quality engineering technical career ladder. One of the things they have in common, however, is that each has carefully considered the costs and benefits of ASQ certification. All of the authors (including those who have not yet achieved any of the ASQ certifications) have found the certification process to be a valuable tool for personal development and professional capabilities. Learning from article The recognition of the certification is of importance for career advancement. The possession of a certification is a leg up on the competition who do not have it. It doesn't mean a non-certified quality professional doesn't know and understand the body of knowledge it simply means a certified quality professional does know. That is the difference. When two individuals are applying for the same position and one has ASQ certification and the other one doesn't. It does not ensure they will be offered the position, but it does provide a slight advantage over the competition. Advancement opportunities are more abundant for individuals with ASQ certification over those who don't have it.

Off to good start In this article korkuch who is currently working as a senior new product development quality engineer for UNILIFE medical solutions. Before that she was a quality engineer at Teleflex. She decided to certified quality engineer and after that she establishes herself within the quality engineering profession. She prepared for three months before the exam date. She says “it has been more than a year since she passed the CQE exam and I can say it has been one of my most rewarding professional experiences” this certification helps her in obtaining her current job. Building a solid foundation Kohler who has 25 plus year of professional carrier during this time he had worked in various industries, including microelectronics, optoelectronics and medical devices. These fields required all aspects of quality such as process manufacturing, quality assurance and quality management and with ASQ certification it will be a icing on cake. Even ASQ certifications were out of date and still they provide him some jack so that he should not be not in a common group of people. Membership has its privileges Rudy Droblink is a principal quality manager at Teleflex Inc. he completed the CQE exam in June 2008 and founded the whole new experience very rewarding. The confidence gained in obtaining the certification provides him confidence and opportunity to meet other ASQ members. The rewards benefits him from knowledge and experience gained from this certification is priceless and in a very short span of time. Show what you know Robin krame is a senior quality engineer- risk management at Teleflex Inc for her certifications were always the way to learn about new areas of quality and to prove to others that her stuff is best from others. She tells that ASQ certification was the way to prove herself from others and she started as a quality engineer and quickly followed with the responsibilities. She made conscious and fruitful decisions in quality aspects.

Revisiting certification GARDNER is a quality engineer at Teleflex Inc. he started his carrier in arrow international which is a medical device company as a lab assistant performing pilot productions. After a period of time he was transferred to the quality department as a associate quality engineer in 2001 with his quality certifications in ASQ. He was aware that his certification may not be that important in today’s market but from a personal development point of view this is very important. Planning for the future. JANET G DIPUPPO is an associate quality engineer at Teleflex Inc. currently she is in risk management and post market surveillance activities. Currently she don’t have any certificate that ASQ offers but she found its website to be very helpful in researching the different types of certifications that are available to the ASQ community. Website only tells about the schedule and pattern about the course and she is in continue phase of additional experience, and allowing her the opportunities to add more tools to her tool belt. Forging a carrier path Sowmya krothappli is a quality manager at Haemonetics. she got her first job through ASQ six sigma and quality engineer certifications. During her initial job search she came across many postings because of her certifications. Within a couple of months of earning the certificate she was hired as a quality engineer at Teleflex. This certification helped her to accelerate her learning curve, culture quality consciences on cross functional teams and contribute to major lean manufacturing projects. She strongly recommend ASQ certifications. Bibliography laman, s. (2013). importance of certification. quality progress, 24-30. SUBMITTED BY:DIVYANSHU SHARMA MUSTAHID ALI VISHNU SHARMA,

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