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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: MMasters7809



These slides are presented as complementary to the Toastmasters International Speech Contest Judges Training, which seems to be without PowerPoint slides as at 2014-03-09.

Speech Contest Judging

Here Comes the JUDGE! Pick THE Winner !

Contests Benefit Everyone Competitors Other Toastmasters General Public

Judging Workshop Contest Roles Judges Guidelines Judging Guidelines Practice

Judging Workshop Judges Guidelines Judging Guidelines Practice

Different Contest Roles Contest Chairman Timers Counters Chief Judge Tie-breaking Judge Judges Contestants

Obligations of a Judge To the Contestants To Toastmasters To the Audience To Themselves

Duties of a Judge Not Evaluate - Feedback Pick THE Winner Confidentiality

Judges Code of Ethics Avoid Bias Not time speeches Support the Rules and Standards

Qualities of a Judge Trustworthy Knowledgeable Good Listener Analytical Accurate Fair

The Challenge... Objectivity Judging IS... Subjective

Barriers to Objectivity      First or Last Speaker Give Someone Else a Chance Help the Underdog Halo or Reverse Halo Second Time Around

Barriers to Objectivity Not my Norm Speaker Prejudice Subject Prejudice Personal Preference Unfamiliar with Judging Form Misconceptions

If you can’t be objective… Don’t judge !

Guide Ballot

Different Techniques Take Notes - Score Later Absolute Scoring Relative Scoring + & — Right to Left

Three Scoring Sections Content 50% Delivery 30% Language 20%

Content Speech Development, Structure • Opening  Body • Engage the Audience • Clear Specific Purpose (Thesis, Premise, Main Point) • Indicate Structure • • • • Entry Story, Fact, Example Transition Exit  Conclusion • • • Restate Structure Restate Thesis Take away Value

Content Speech Development, Organization      Chronological (Past, present, future) Sequential (First, second, third) Geographical (Asia, Canada, USA) Categorical (Sales, Delivery, Finance) Compare and Contrast

Content Speech Development, Organization       Hierarchical: (Top, middle, bottom) Increasing Detail (General to Specific) Build Knowledge (Know "A" before "B") Options (Plan A, Plan B, Plan C) Expanding Radius (Branch, Country, World) Priority (Critical, Important, Optional)

Content Speech Development, Support Material  Relevant to the Thesis  Smoothly presented • • • • • Entry into Body Transition Between Stories Exit from Body Ideas Building on Each Other Parallels & Flashback

Content Effectiveness      Achievement of General Purpose Achievement of Specific Purpose (Thesis) Audience Interest Audience Reception Appropriate Subject for Audience

Content Speech Value        Meaningful Original Thesis and Supporting Material Substance and Logic Contributes to Audience Thinking Important Ideas Can be Humorous Think, Touch, Tickle

Delivery Physical        Appearance Congruent with Purpose Appearance Congruent with Thesis Face Hands Body Movement/Position Eye Contact Detractors

Delivery Physical  Body Language & Position • • • • • • • Posture Punctuate and demonstrate Energy Smooth/Purposeful Congruent with Purpose In Character or Mood Believable

Delivery Voice        Enunciation Overall clearly heard Flexibility Believable / congruent Emphasis / inflection Variety: Speed, Volume, Pitch Texture

Delivery Manner      Directness Assurance Congruent Enthusiasm Interest in the Audience Confident in Audience Reactions

Language Appropriateness       Word Choices (Creativity) Descriptive word pictures Good taste Suited to purpose & thesis Suited to Audience Clear understanding of thoughts

Language Correctness     Grammar Purposeful Errors Pronunciation Choice of Words (Correctness)

Protests Judge or Contestant Too much quoting (>25%) Speech partly plagiarized Speech wholly plagiarized Protest procedure

Disqualification Eligibility Undertime or Overtime Originality

Practice Speech Mark Forms Analyze Scoring

Summary Do Your Best Maximize Objectivity Support the Rules Uphold Your Ethics Practice! Practice! Practice! Pick THE Winner

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