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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: RyanCosmic



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Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 2 5 Ways of Knowing If Your Job Is For Keeps You look forward to going to work. Starting your day with a smile is sometimes an effort for people whose jobs have sucked the life out of them. If you find yourself raring to go to work and to get going with the current project you are working on, it is a great sign that you enjoy your job. A happy worker is a productive worker. If this job makes you want to bring your breakfast to work, not for the reason that you do not have the luxury of time to eat it at the breakfast table but because you are excited to get on with your job, then hold on to this job; it fulfils your need for self-actualization. You have a happy bank account. One of the basic requirements of survival these days is to be able to afford our very basic needs. If you barely break even with what you currently earn, then that is somehow considered as a job not worth keeping. But if you get to afford you basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter, pay the bills, and get to have a whole lot of extras for savings, you are definitely working in the right place. Being able to afford life's necessities is already a hallmark of a good job, but having something extra to save as well means that your compensation package is really a generous one that you should really hold on to your job. You work hard for career opportunities that seem to be within your reach. Attainable goals make you want to work harder for it because you know and see that it is possible to achieve. Employees seek career progression because mainly, they do not want to be stuck in the same position for the rest of their lives. Advancement in their career is one of the things that motivate workers to perform exemplarily. So if you are feeling the buzz and excitement to keep moving forward because your goals seem to always be at arm’s reach, your job is definitely for keeps. You are rarely stressed. Stress is our body's reaction to pressure and other negative stimuli. It is detrimental to our well-being and it keeps us from performing to our utmost potential. If your job gives you stress, it won't be long until your body gives in to the tiresome condition of being stressed. However, if you rarely feel pressure at work and are able to be in control at all times, this job is an amazing job – keep it. You get to enjoy your personal life. Some people get so muddled up in their work life that they cannot find the distinction between their work life and their personal life. If you still find the time to be at your kid's play or his little league game, take your wife out to dinner regularly, spare some time to play golf and exercise to stay fit, it shows that you are able to do the things that keep you happy and that your job does not deprive you of these things. While everyone might have a different priority when it comes to happiness, these are merely guides to determine that you are on the right career path. It is different for everybody but surely if you experience being two or three or all of these things, then that job is a keeper. Is It Time To Quit Your Job We can all agree that quitting your job is perhaps one of the hardest and most stressful decisions you can make in your life. Why? Because first and foremost, aside from your family, your job defines you as a

Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 3 person and it’s something that you can’t just easily let go no matter what circumstances you’re into. However, if you can’t take another sleepless night because your heart is battling with your mind on whether you need to quit now or do it later, then we can probably be of help. Here are the top 10 signs that it’s time to quit your job: 1. You hate it – hate is such a strong word and doing a routine out of something that you hate causes you to dig your own grave early. Although leaving your job is a difficult proposition, it still doesn’t change the fact that staying is just as difficult too. 2. You feel like an outcast – if you find it hard to fit into your company’s corporate culture because you refuse to be a bully, then you shouldn’t think twice about quitting your job. Every company has a culture that may not be acceptable to some people and if they are willing to change all that for you, then you must be very lucky! But that can only happen in your dreams. 3. You are not getting ahead in your career – why do people stay in their jobs aside from getting paid? Yes, because they have goals they want to achieve. They seek better career opportunities that can help advance their careers, and if you don’t get that from your company, well, there is nowhere to go but out. 4. You aren’t learning –even at work, you still need to learn and be given the chance to enhance your skills. What advantage would you have for a promotion if you don’t grow and develop as an employee? If your knowledge is limited and your skills are just average, what chances have you got against those competitive applicants who have prepared for your dream job? 5. It is too stressful – we all know that stress is inevitable but being stressed because of doing so many tasks at an allotted time is not right and doing this everyday will eventually lead to your ruin. These 5 signs should not be ignored because every second counts and the longer you stay in your job, the harder it is for you to leave. You might not be aware but quitting your job is a career move that will eventually lead you to a job you deserve. Do not let your job ruin your chances to be successful, control your destiny and live the life you have always dreamed of. Redefine Yourself For Better Job Opportunities There will always be opportunities for progress, be it in the same organization you are currently in, or in an entirely different setting, probably a rival company, or a call to work abroad. Your chances to be eligible for these opportunities are going to be great if you know how to prepare yourself for it. It goes without saying that even if you do not intend to be the ultimate employee sought after by countless firms to have in their own, you will have to perform equally well in order to advance with your current employer, or at the very least, keep your job. There are certain attributes that employees look for in a professional and in the event that you exceed these expectations, you are sure to be noticed not only by your current employer, but possibly by other head-hunters as well. Find out what you are good at and work on it, but never forget some of the most important values that may make or break the reputation you are working so hard to achieve. Loyalty Loyalty comes in so many forms, but basically loyalty is something that your current employers will very much appreciate. You can look or listen to what

Cosmic Coaching Centre Page 4 others may have to offer you but let them know that your loyalty lies with your current company. If they present you with offers that are better than what your current employer has to offer, tell them you will think about it and that you'll get back to them. As you ponder on the decision that will change your life, if it is possible for you to talk it over with your current employer, try to present them with the offer being presented to you. It might do you good as you might be offered the same proposition, and maybe more, if they recognize your true value to the company. You'd also come across as an individual who is not easily convinced by attractive offers in exchange for your principles. Employability Keep yourself employable by upgrading your qualifications. Some people need to renew their licenses annually even if they do not need it in their current jobs. If you have one of these things that need to be updated, do so because you will never know when you are going to need it. As you go on through your work life, always think of a goal to achieve because your future must not simply end on where you are right now. Move forward towards the direction of progress. With the right career moves, you might just achieve financial freedom and a comfortable retirement someday.

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