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Published on January 15, 2018

Author: Niccole.OTA


TNOTA Due March 29: TNOTA Due March 29 TNOTA: TNOTA This assignment is designed to: Decrease anxiety of interacting with OT practitioners Increase knowledge of how professional organizations conduct meetings Provide opportunity to model professional behavior exhibited by OT practitioners while at a professional development opportunity Increase knowledge in a topic outside of course materials Allow the student to evaluate the opportunities offered through professional organization membership This list is not exhaustive. It is provided to grow your understanding of the purpose of the assignment. TNOTA: TNOTA Open the documents entitled “TNOTA Assignment Written Instructions” and “TNOTA Assignment Grading Rubric” found under the Course Assignment heading under the Content section within Momentum. Follow the link below to a video about this assignment. This video is not optional. TNOTA: TNOTA It is expected that you make very effort to attend one meeting of TNOTA. If you are not able to attend despite these efforts, please contact the instructor for an alternative assignment. You must contact the instructor as early as possible once you have determined that you are unable to attend. The alternative assignment considers the time that it would take to travel, attend, and complete the regular assignment. It is an appropriate length to ensure that similar levels of effort are put forth for the alternative assignment. Reminders: Reminders Remember to plan ahead so that you don’t miss out on all the meetings Review the written directions prior to starting your submission Any questions?: Any questions? You may post in the discussion forums with questions you have. Or you may contact me directly. Thanks!

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