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Published on December 6, 2007

Author: Chan


Research for Options in Treating Trigeminal Neuralgia:  Research for Options in Treating Trigeminal Neuralgia R.A. “Red” Lawhern, Ph.D. Webmaster – TNA Homepage – 1998-2001 Outline:  Outline Types of Face Pain Disorders Trends in Visibility for Face Pain Recent Research General Pain Research Medications for TN Surgery for TN Alternative Treatments for TN Resources, On-Line and Off Face Pain Disorders:  Face Pain Disorders Trigeminal Neuralgia Typical, Atypical Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia Postherpetic Neuralgia Geniculate Neuralgia Vegal / Superior Laryngeal Neuralgia Occipital Neuralgia “MS-related” face pain Cluster headache Fibromyalgia Anesthesia Dolorosa Atypical Odontalgia Hemi-facial spasm NICO TMJ Facial Tendonitis Sinusitis, Dental Problems “Atypical Facial Pain Syndrome” Trends in Visibility 1996-2003:  Trends in Visibility 1996-2003 TN Hits at Google: 24,500 ATN at Google: 475 GN at Google: 165 TN Abstracts at Pub Med: ~3600 TN Hits at Google: ~1800 ATN at Google <100 GN at Google: <30 TN Abstracts at Pub Med: <1000 1996 2003 Trends in Pain Research:  Trends in Pain Research Medical profession has finally discovered pain More articles about under-treatment, standards More research on CNS neurologic pain Primarily neuralgia, spinal and cancer pain Increased public advocacy for new policies Treatment on demand, not on “need” Patient informed and participating Multi-disciplinary pain management Research on Medical Treatment:  Research on Medical Treatment Studies of the adequacy of past trials AC1 / AC8 Animal studies (January 03) Proteins to suppress pain sensitivity Neuro-peptide studies (OSU) Anti-convulsants and Neuropathic Pain Shingles prevention study (trials) Topimirate – Antidepressant (experimental) Valproic Acid (experimental) Research on Surgery:  Research on Surgery Use of templates in Gamma Knife focus Use of Endoscopes in DMV exploration Deep Brain Stimulation (Janetta) Research on Alternative Treatments:  Research on Alternative Treatments Magnets in treatment of Sciatica (trials) Review of Treatments – Medical:  Review of Treatments – Medical Carbamazepine (Tegretol) Gabapentin (Neurontin) Baclofen Clonozepam Lamotrigin Oxcarbamazepine Phenytoin Amitriptyline Nortriptyline (Pamelor) Protriptyline Sumatriptan (cluster headaches) NSAIDS / Opoids Capsaisin (topical) Review of Treatments – Surgical:  Review of Treatments – Surgical MVD Radio Frequency Rhizotomy Balloon Compression Glycerol Rhizotomy Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Nerve Blocks Neurotomy NICO Surgery DREZ (Dorsal Root Entry Zone) Review of Treatments - Alternative:  Review of Treatments - Alternative Acupuncture Ayurvedic Medicine Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Capsaisin Cervical Chiropractic Exercise / Running Homeopathy Hot / Cold Compresses Hypnosis Low Intensity Laser Lidocaine Cream / Patch Myotherapy Osteopathy TENS (Postherpetic N.) Vitamin B12 Yoga / Biofeedback Doing Your Own Info Research:  Doing Your Own Info Research Striking Back – A Layman’s Guide to… George Wiegel and Kenneth F. Casey M.D. Trigeminal Neuralgia – Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Current Treatment British Journal of Anesthesia, 2001, Vol 87, No 1 (online) TNA Homepage: Facial Neuralgia Resources: Google: Others: Altavista, Medline, Yahoo

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