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Published on October 8, 2007

Author: Charlie


News Photography for Non-Photographers:  News Photography for Non-Photographers Photography or journalism?:  Photography or journalism? What is the difference between: A photographer, and A photojournalist? What makes a good news photo?:  What makes a good news photo? Improves understanding – adds to story Helps readers know their community Tells a story without words Gives context Timely – not yesterday’s news Useful - Readers can use the information in the photo Unique and compelling Tips:  Tips Close-ups vs. landscapes There is emotion in this photo above, and it gives context to the story. At left, if you snapped the whole troop, the story would be different Action, action, action:  Action, action, action Get people doing something Show the essence of their action and emotion Photo above about a bridge that flooded illustrates the point by showing action Inaction, inaction, inaction:  Inaction, inaction, inaction Mug shots are boring! Unless they show emotion, tell a story Sometimes they ARE the story; e.g., candidate shots Can be overdone -- 41 mug shots in Thursday’s New Vision! Does the police chief’s picture advance the story about arrests after the riots? (Sunday Vision) Check-passing photos …:  Check-passing photos … … or in this case, chick-passing! Does the photo give any information? Does it illustrate the main point of the story? Remember the reader! If the chicks had escaped, that would be a great picture! Tips: It takes time:  Tips: It takes time Good pictures rarely just happen The photojournalist who took this picture waited hours for just the right moment … How could this have been better?:  How could this have been better? The article was about why kids want to be leaders. The boy at left is Head Prefect at his school. He talked about why he campaigned and why he likes being a leader Does the picture help me understand the subject of the article: leadership? Does it add to the article? Does it tell a story by itself? Does it tell me more about the boy than what he looks like? More tips:  More tips Take your camera everywhere you go Shoot from the hip, literally Be spontaneous Put the subject in the front Make the subject comfortable Never take pictures of people’s backs, unless that’s the story Capture the essence of the task Take more pictures than you need Use a simple, clean background Use a sequence of photos News shots that tell a story:  News shots that tell a story Ask yourself what the story is really about For example: Football fan when a goal is scored Storks and kids on garbage pile Wrinkles on an old farmer’s hands What story does this picture tell? Lines-only photos:  Lines-only photos Produce great visuals to reflect community, but don’t need a written story Entire story is contained within the picture Can use on a page with stories that don’t lend themselves to photos Are VERY compelling to the (lazy!) reader Issues: To snap or not to snap:  Issues: To snap or not to snap Those gory images – how much is too much Dignity and respect in death Does it offer insight, context, perspective? Or just drama? Describe what the reader is seeing in the caption What’s wrong with staged photos? Doesn’t tell a story Panders to interests Ask why you are taking this photo Is it for the reader or the subject? Boring, a waste of space Space is valuable Taking a picture to show you were there Issues: Dealing with the subjects:  Issues: Dealing with the subjects Objections: who has the right to object In public places Asking permission Politicians, public figures Weighing news value vs embarrassment Is it fair? Context Your friend asks you to – or not to When the subject asks for money Issues: Accuracy - again:  Issues: Accuracy - again Captions are important Writing a good caption Tells what the viewer is seeing Can add information to the image and story Get the details and names right That’s all!:  That’s all!

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 | 08/12/14

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