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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: christinakelman


AIESEC INDONESIA ! Talent Management Commission March MarchFocus InternLEAD Induction

Behaviour Change Don’t be late Deadlines are deadlines not guidelines Mutual Respect Be responsible Proactive Learning Sharing is caring Be your best, not the best.

Check In

February RevIew

1 2 3 Learning and Development Allocation (iGCDP) EP/INTERN LEAD

0 0.25 0.5 0.75 1 UNHAS UA PMBS UPN Bandung UNILA PU UB 1 0.82 0.68 0.77 0.95 1 0.97 0 LC Monthly Retention Rate December - January Comments: ! From the data shown, it is clear that all LC’s should be moving towards ongoing recruitment rather than recruitment in peaks. Average Retention Rate: 88% LC Recommendation PMBS, UPN, UB 1. Why did people leave? Could you have prevented it? 2. Conduct exit interviews asap. Use National Exit Interview Template. 3. Do external recruitment to fill roles to prevent HR crisis. 4. If you are in this category, please schedule a chat with MCVPTM to understand exit interview process UA, PU, Bandung Great Job collecting the exit interviews! 1. What did they tell you about their experience? What are the areas you can improve? UNHAS, UNILA Great Job! See what you did month that improved from last month and replicate success! National Retention Rate 70 77.5 85 92.5 100 NOV DEC JAN 88 92 78 not recorded 100% exit interviews :) 100% exit interviews :) 80% exit interviews.not recordednot recorded :):)

Learning and Development 0 1.25 2.5 3.75 5 UB UA UMM UNILA PU Bandung PMBS UNHAS UPN UI Planned number of trainings Actual number of trainings 0 4 2 0 3 0 1 0 1 2 4 3 2 1 5 1 22 4 22 4 2 2 1 5 1 2 3 4 LC Recommendation UMM, PU, UI It’s now been 2 months since you’ve had any learning and development events for your local committee. :( :( what happened?! UA, UNILA 1. Please ensure that you are collecting attendance and feedback for every single learning and development event in your LC. 2. Conduct a membership survey and check Talent Review from Q2 to assess what education is needed. 3. Increase the frequency of L&D in your LC. Aim for 3-5 trainings each month. UNHAS, UPN 1. Please ensure that you are collecting attendance and feedback for every single learning and development event in your LC. 2. Increase the frequency of L&D in your LC. Aim for 3-5 trainings per month. Bandung, UB Good work on collecting feedback and attendance! 1. What have you done with feedback? How have you improved your L&D? 2. Increase the frequency of L&D in your LC. Aim for 3-5 trainings per month. 75% attendance 61% attendance 72% attendance 65% satisfaction 85% satisfaction 95% satisfaction

0 1 2 3 4 UB UA UNILA UMM PU Bandung PMBS UNHAS UPN UI 1 2.75 3.5 2 1 0.28 1.44 0 1 0 Average # of TLP applicants Average number of applications per TLP position Comments: ! There is HR crisis in most LCs. LC Recommendation UNHAS, UI, Bandung 1. What is stopping applications for a higher role? 2. How are you communicating new positions to your membership? 3. How are you pipelining star or talent pool members for high role? 4. Are you running leadership development activities for your TMP? 5. Do you have talent planning tracker? So you can check when you need to open/promote new positions? UB, PU, UPN, UMM, PMBS 1. (UPN, UB) Are you sure your learning and development events are effective? Are you communicating the essence of leadership within each training? 2. (PU, UMM, PMBS) Please start to aim for 3-5 L&D events per month. 3. Assess how are you communicating new positions to your membership. 4. Do you have talent planning tracker? So you can check when you need to open/promote new positions? UA, UNILA Good work on getting applications! Try to aim for 4-5! 1. How can you improve getting more applications for TLP?

Leadership Ratio 0 0.25 0.5 0.75 1 UNHAS Surabaya UB UA UMM PMBS UGM UNDIP Binus UPN Bandung UNSRI UNILA UI UNS PU 0.64 0.71 0.460.44 0.38 0.47 0.29 0.41 0.25 0.67 1 0.35 0.77 0 0.45 0.27 0.41 0.34 0.59 0.2 0 0.29 0 0.22 0.3 December January Comments: TLP ratio in most LCs is still high. Recommended ratio is 0.25 - 0.35 LC Recommendation UNS, UNILA, PU, UGM Advice to change your structure has already been given. Re-planning has happened and you haven’t changed your structure. Please be aware you will have serious issues recruiting for EB, MB etc. Please talk to your LC coach about a restructure, Bandung, UPN, Binus, UMM, UB Your leadership ratios are still a little high. 1. Does every leader have 3 or more members? UNHAS, UA, PMBS, Good work! Your leadership ratio is quite good! Do all your teams follow TMP-TLP Principles? Are you tracking the team purpose of each team?

0 25 50 75 100 UB UA UMM UNILA PU Bandung PMBS UNHAS UPN UI 75 0 31 100 0 70 100 30 75 60 % of Local Committee planning to stay for Q1 LC Recommendation UA, PU Please do a membership survey to find out this information - so that you will not have a HR crisis. UMM, Bandung, UNHAS, UI, UPN, UB Be aware that you will approach an upcoming HR crisis - now you need to prepare! 1. Revise JDs within TM or make a small OC to handle Exit Interviews and Exit Process, have a tracking tool so you can track the exit interviews being done. 2. Prepare for external recruitment UNILA, PMBS Good work! 1. Make sure you keep in touch with your membership often to track their future career plans closely!

Key HR Issues 10% 10% 40% 40% Capacity Learning and Development Talent Tracking CultureGLE Optimisation Capacity of TLPs Upcoming Transition iGCDP OC/ HR Crisis Talent Tracking Implementation of EP LEAD TLP Crisis LEAD for TLPs Culture blocking succession planning Suggestions for MC direction: • Talent Tracking: Use National Membership Tracking tool • Culture: Education on how to create culture within LCs • Capacity of TLPs: TLP Development Model and national LEAD implementation • EP LEAD: MCVPiGCDP/oGCDP to track EP LEAD implementation • GLE Optimisation: Launch ELD Library • Transition: Launch national transition tools If you need coaching: Be proactive! and please reach out here www.christinakelman.youc

recruitment Life-Long Connection Prepare for talent review

Recruitment 1. Conduct a HR survey to see who wishes to leave AIESEC and who re- allocated through: a) Goal Setting b) Monthly Survey c) Ask EB/ TLPs to fill in tracker 2. Review Talent Planning documents and start to plan your next recruitment.

Think of the following key questions: 1. How will you prepare your members, managers, directors and VPs to leave AIESEC. 2. How will you ensure you have a good alumni system? 3. How will you ensure that the people leaving the organisation can fulfil the LLC principles. ! Actions: 1. Engage with learning partners to start updating members who are graduating/ leaving AIESEC about potential job opportunity 2. Create LLC learning and development track - training members on how to sit an interview, communicate their AIESEC experience, personal goal setting, mentoring etc. Life-Long Connection

Talent Review is due on the 14th of April Don’t forget! ! Please start to plan your Talent Review and ask OCPs, Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents to schedule their coaching chats etc. ! Don’t miss the deadline! Prepare for talent review

transition My predecessor didn’t transition me properly I started from zero. Most of the problems I faced during my term is because of transition

TM transition

TALENT MANAGEMENT and iGCDP synergy synergysynergy synergy synergy synergy

Yes, it’s back. The Intern Buddy System

what does this mean? organisation workspace

what does this mean? APP item Now, let’s move on to how to track your Intern Buddies

• Please ensure that your Intern Buddies have applied and gone through an application process. ! • Sample Application form attached ! • Intern Buddies must be recorded for safety and logistic reasons. Step One: All Intern Buddies need to be registered on the system.

• Please ensure the details are 100% correct for safety issues. Step Two: All Interns post-match need to be registered on the system.

Step Three: All Intern Statues need to be updated by Intern Buddy or OC/iGCDP members. What needs to be tracked? • Assignment of Intern Buddy • Expectation Setting • Travel Details for Reception • Reception • Integration of Intern into Indonesia • Experience Tracking - including CAT/PDP • Attendance at Compulsory Events • Intern Journal

Interns should have an intern buddy directly after Matching.

What now? ! two week trial feedback improvement

iGCDP Allocation Tracking

the allocation tracker must be updated on a weekly basis.

all summer projects OCPS and OCS must be ALLOCATED.

induction time

Induction Cycle

The Introduction Phase is the start of the Induction process and is comprised of mainly actions the newie needs to accomplish to enter and complete the RA-MA-RE process. ! • Read Newie Manual • Get To Know • Team • Local Committee • Leadership Team • Register on • Be assigned a role on • Competency Assessment Tool

The Local Induction Day or conference is for the purpose of providing organisational understanding and clarity for the intern. This is the main channel for attitude alignment, organisational understanding and Clarity of Why for newies. ! • One day Local Committee Induction or 2-3 day conference to break in and provide organisational knowledge for membership. • Content should include the following: • Get to Know AIESEC • AIESEC History & Values • Opportunity Fair • AIESEC Experience • AIESEC Way • Clarity of Why • LC Reality • LC Management and Structure • Basic knowledge about exchange processes • Basic knowledge

Operational Induction is a process of gaining operational knowledge and skills through learning, practical experience and feedback. The process lasts for a period of 1 month and TLPs should be rigorously prepared to deliver this process. ! You can consider Operational Induction as a type of introductory ‘probation period’. ! • Operational Induction functions on the 70-20-10 rule. 70% practical experience, 20% education and 10% feedback from another individual who has been the same experience. • Operational Inductions differ per function. • Recommended practical trainings should be implemented within weekly team meetings or directly added to JD. • Talent Management should track the implementation of operational induction. • ELD Library is currently being aligned to support operational induction.

Operational Induction

Team Start Up can be considered as the ‘Forming’ stage in Team Development. The team leader is responsible for delivering (and TM responsible for tracking) the creation of: ! • Team Purpose/ Stand/ Values • Expectation Setting • JD Alignment

Mentoring is a process in which newies can talk with a potential role model to guide them through their first steps in AIESEC and set goals for the remainder of their experience. ! Mentoring is one of the most ‘fulfilment of humankind’s potential’ activities we have in AIESEC. ! Overal Guidelines for mentoring: 1. Mentors should be selected and allocations, alumni preferred, as mentors need to have: 1. Experience, Perspective and Distance 2. Mentoring is focused on long-term development and does not have specific organisational/ performance objectives in mind.

Closing Induction consists of wrapping up the induction process with the following actions: • Competency Assessment Tool/ PA • Closing mentoring chat • Feedback on the induction process & assess remaining knowledge/ skill gaps • New or update on Goal Setting for TMP experience. • Review JD

OKAY, BUT IT’S NOT INDUCTION TIME NOW BRO… TO DO: ! 1. Look over Operational Induction - do all my members have this knowledge? 2. Schedule time in EBM, ask VPs, Directors and managers to assess their member’s knowledge. 3. Or send membership survey asking members questions related to knowledge or if they can successfully complete those tasks. 4. Prepare for your next operational induction - eg. create an induction revolution etc.

Challenge Accepted: Do all the teams in my LC have: ! - team purpose - team plan - team values - expectation setting Do all the individuals in my LC have: ! - JD - Personal Goal Setting - Allocated on - coaching that is tracked and timely - reflection - learning and development tailored for the team.

Check out

there’s a big difference between being ‘the best’ and being the best you can be.

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