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Published on March 19, 2008

Author: Manfred


Slide1:  Mapping the Future of Telematics DaimlerChrysler December 13, 2002 John Abraham:  John Abraham Program Chair, ITS Michigan Deputy City Engineer City of Troy Welcome! Dan Smedley:  Dan Smedley President, ITS Michigan Business Manager – Truck Eaton Corporation ITS Michigan Mission:  ITS Michigan Mission The Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan is a force to proactively unite Michigan resources for the planning, development, and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS Michigan:  ITS Michigan Is an organization of leaders Is a central point of contact where industry can be in touch with leaders of transportation and education Is a forum that allows a diverse group of people to provide insight on current ITS projects, as well as develop ideas for the future Members are involved in research at outstanding Michigan universities and institutional research organizations And is an advocacy group, promoting the importance of ITS at business meetings and other forums Helen Dashney:  Helen Dashney Director MBA Placement & Career Center The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management Glenn Omura:  Glenn Omura Associate Professor Marketing and Supply Chain The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management The Vision:  The Vision Creating the Telematics Market The Free Market Era Growing the Telematics Market The Trickle Up – Trickle Down Era Establishing Leadership Positions The Content-Driven Era The Vision:  The Vision Technology & Entrepreneurship Consumer electronic big box stores Content Next generation technology 2002 2004 2008 2010 Market Creation Market Growth Market Maturity The Consumer Evolution:  The Consumer Evolution Innovators Early adopters Early majority Late majority Part One: Market Creation:  Part One: Market Creation The Free Market Era 2002-2004 The Free Market Era:  The Free Market Era Who is creating the market now? Cell phone service providers; Consumer electronic companies How is it being created? Installed base of existing technologies Why is it being created? Work-Lifestyle IN the car Advances by Auto Manufacturers:  Advances by Auto Manufacturers Hyundai Emergency services GPS navigation system Email and Internet access 24 hour customer assistance Data synchronization for PDAs, mobile phones Available June 2003 in Korea Toyota Wireless communication terminal on car’s navigation screen 24 hour information centers 50 content providers Available mid-2003 in Japan Amanda Hayhoe Advances by Auto Manufacturers:  Advances by Auto Manufacturers Honda Utilizes driver’s cell phone Navigational features Access to traffic updates Entertainment access Available Fall 2002 in Japan Nissan Hands-free phone calls Email and Internet access Navigation tools Currently available in Japan Amanda Hayhoe Advances by Auto Manufacturers:  Advances by Auto Manufacturers DaimlerChrysler Utilizes driver’s cell phone and Bluetooth Phone is fed through vehicle’s speakers Voice-activated system Telematics services must be provided by user’s cellular service Available early 2003 Ford Hands-free access to PDAs, cell phones and other devices Provides wireless connections to remote locations Prototype only Amanda Hayhoe Advances by Auto Manufacturers:  Advances by Auto Manufacturers General Motors Emergency services Route guidance Email and Internet access Remote diagnostics 24 hour customer service/concierge service Currently available Amanda Hayhoe Telematics-Enabled Cars Japan vs. U.S.:  Telematics-Enabled Cars Japan vs. U.S. Japan 27% of new cars fitted with car navigation systems U.S. 1% of new cars fitted with car navigation systems vs. Amanda Hayhoe Why Isn’t Telematics Succeeding in the U.S.?:  Why Isn’t Telematics Succeeding in the U.S.? Lack of Dealer Initiative Consumers not being informed of availability Lack of Technological Infrastructure Slow download time Services not available in all areas Current OEM Business Models Expensive, OEM-led projects with no quick returns Proprietary applications Current OEM Target Markets Mature portion of population No early adopters targeted Amanda Hayhoe Advances by Cellular Providers:  Advances by Cellular Providers AT&T Access to email, text messages, corporate intranet, Internet and any Web-enabled business application Can be accessed through mobile phone, PDA or laptop Sprint Access to email, text messages, and corporate directories including CRM information Travel arrangements assistance Can be accessed through mobile phone, PDA or laptop Amanda Hayhoe Advances by Cellular Providers:  Advances by Cellular Providers Verizon Access to email, text messages, corporate intranet, Internet Voice-activated web-browsing and email reader Can be accessed through mobile phone, PDA or laptop Airbiquity (wireless product mnfr.) Hands-free kit provides access to digital telematics services: Roadside assistance Navigation assistance 411 services Concierge services Compatible with over 80 cellular phone models Plugs into vehicle’s cigarette lighter Amanda Hayhoe Advances by PDA/Tablet PC Manufacturers:  Advances by PDA/Tablet PC Manufacturers Dell 48MB memory 3.5” touch sensitive color display Built-in microphone and speaker Card slot provides flexible expansion for optional wireless enablement HewlettPackard 64MB memory 6.5” color display ¾-full size keyboard 56-kbps built-in modem 14 hours of battery life Microsoft Internet Explorer installed Optional add-ons of digital camera, wireless PAN, LAN, WAN or VGA output accessory, and additional memory Amanda Hayhoe Advances by PDA/Tablet PC Manufacturers:  Advances by PDA/Tablet PC Manufacturers Toshiba 256MB SDRAM 40GB hard drive Pentium III processor 1.33 GHz-M 12.1” TFT-LCD touchpad color screen Integrated Wi-Fi compliant wireless LAN 10Bast-T/100Base-TX integrated Ethernet card; V.92 high-speed modem Docking cradle Pen-based input Voice recognition Sony 200 MHz CPU Built-in digital camera Ability to record and playback video Built-in MP3 player Built-in QWERTY layout keyboard AV remote control function Wireless communication slot for optional LAN card Voice recorder with 535 minutes of recording time Swivel LCD design Amanda Hayhoe Advances by PDA/Tablet PC Manufacturers:  Advances by PDA/Tablet PC Manufacturers Palm 320x320 pixel color screen Wireless email SMS messaging Phone functionality GSM/GPRS network-enabled radio Battery provides 10 hours of talk time Peripherals include GPS receiver, MP3 player or LAN card Optional accessories include a camera and the Palm Bluetooth Card Established alliance with AT&T Wireless Amanda Hayhoe Early Adopter Activity:  Early Adopter Activity Fleet Applications Sales Force Automation Mobile Professionals Gen X, Y Technology Pioneers Market Creators Zac Dalton Technology Leaders:  Technology Leaders Fleet Applications Driven by Demonstrated ROI Increased accuracy & usability Lower hardware costs Infrastructure requirements Sales Force Auto. Driven by Non-value add minimization demonstrated ROI Increased usability Lower hardware costs (wireless) Similar to consumer tech. Zac Dalton Market Creators: Lead Users in Gen X, Y:  Market Creators: Lead Users in Gen X, Y Lead Users foretell Have needs that foretell future needs Create products in order to satisfy Influence later segments Gen X, Y Lead User activity shows advanced needs and future demand are present Zac Dalton Profile of Lead Users: Ryan Veety:  Profile of Lead Users: Ryan Veety Source: Cost: $550 Software: free PC Hardware: ~$300 Display: $100 Wireless Network: $100 Other components mostly purchased from eBay - $50 in bulk Future expansion: DVD Player and GPS Navigation 23-year old programmer in upstate New York Used 1993 Eagle Vision Self-installed digital music system Remote control and LCD screen Wireless synchronize with home music collection Open source software (Linux) Off-shelf components Standard PC hardware and accessories (mostly from eBay) Advanced sound processing Zac Dalton Profile of Lead Users: Christopher Bergeron:  Profile of Lead Users: Christopher Bergeron Network Administrator from Atlanta, GA Full featured PC integrated into dashboard of 2000 VW Jetta Touchscreen and wireless mouse/keyboard GPS and navigation Address book Games High-speed wireless network (download weather/maps from home PC before leaving your garage) Christopher Bergeron & Mike Javorski, opened DashPC to Open Source community at OSDN: Forum for other Lead Users Sources: Zac Dalton Market Creators: Mobile Pros:  Market Creators: Mobile Pros Key differences Individual-level adoption Personal/work info mix Personal funds “80% solution” acceptable Mobile Pros created PDA Market 75% individual purchases Relevance of PDA Adoption to Telematics Zac Dalton Mobile Pro Market Potential:  Mobile Pro Market Potential Krishna Kesavan Most Mobile: 42 million 78 million total Mobile Pro Positioning :  Mobile Pro Positioning Krishna & Zac Bandwidth and Coverage are critical dimensions Converged products will push adoption of only one wireless protocol Need for Mobility:  Need for Mobility Telecommunication & Informatics Evolution of Communication Land Lines Car Phones (1960s) Cell Phones (1978) Hybrid Cell Phones (2000) ? Krishna Evolution of Computers:  Evolution of Computers Mainframes (1960s) Desktop PCs (1970s) Notebooks (1981) 1st Generation PDAs (1984) PDA/Cell Phones (2001) ? Krishna Convergence of technologies into T-Box:  Convergence of technologies into T-Box Desktop PCs (1970s) T-Box (2002) Land Line Static (Wires, LAN and modems) Mobile (Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, telecom) Krishna 1st Generation PDA (1984) T-Box:  T-Box Portable device combining communication and computation capabilities Features include Wireless Internet Browsing Cell phone Word processing Email Instant Messaging Multimedia Data transfer All-in-one Notebook/PDA/Cell phone Krishna Examples of T-Box:  Examples of T-Box Current Day PDAs T-Mobile’s Pocket PC Phone Edition Sony’s Clie Krishna Audio Systems and Telematics:  Audio Systems and Telematics Information – Music/Entertainment Information – Communication/Entertainment/Internet Static Mobile In-Car Integration Krishna Retailers and OEM:  Retailers and OEM Entry of retailers into market Install and service hardware Establish viable telematics market Risk-free entry of customers and OEMs Provide OEMs a snapshot of market Best Buy, Circuit City Krishna Market Creation Value Chain:  Market Creation Value Chain Equipment Manufacturer Delphi,Palm, Dell Nokia, Motorola Retailer Best Buy Circuit City Cellular Provider AT&T Sprint Programmers Content Providers Customer Advances Critical to Telematics:  Advances Critical to Telematics Mobile communication providers Provide content and connection Software providers Hands free communication IBM’s Websphere, Airbiquity’s Navigo Operating system Microsoft’s CE .NET, browser - Genie Wireless/Communication capabilities Content providers Third party manufacturers Delphi, Fujitsu, Johnson Controls Krishna Two Segments Within the Mobile Pros:  Two Segments Within the Mobile Pros In-Car Telematics System Car phones LCD monitor Computer devices for email/Internet Various controls in car Mobile users Portable T-Box LCD monitor Controls in car Software and compatibility Krishna Industry Leadership:  Industry Leadership Telecommunication companies Verizon, ATX Technologies Provide content and connections to consumers Reduce risk for automobile OEM Instrumental in growing telematics Krishna Slide43:  Part One: Market Creation Q & A Slide44:  The Trickle Up Trickle Down Era (2004 – 2008) Part Two: Market Growth The Trickle Up/Trickle Down Era:  The Trickle Up/Trickle Down Era Will the telematics market grow? Trickle Up: Network effects, social acceptance of Gen Ys Trickle Down: Value of factory install, Moore’s Law, manufacturing efficiencies Do the auto OEMs have a role? Easy-to-buy, complete solution Early Adopter Activity:  Early Adopter Activity Fleet Applications Sales Force Automation Mobile Professionals Gen X, Y Technology Pioneers Market Creators Zac Dalton Customer Segments:  Customer Segments Fleet - wants the most advanced applications - attracted to productivity and safety/security features - acts as a test market for some mass market consumer products Herwaldt Mobile Pro Market Potential:  Mobile Pro Market Potential Krishna Kesavan Nomads 8% Shuttlers 20% Metro Area Workers 24% Intra- Facility Workers 11% Dual Office Workers 15% Wide Area Workers 22% Most Mobile: 42 million 78 million total Next most mobile: 36 million Customer Segments:  Customer Segments Mobile Professionals - attracted to “productivity” features - demand more advanced applications (leading to higher profit margins) Gen Ys and Gen X Families - attracted to safety/security and entertainment features - Lead Users influence trend toward mobile access of home PC content Herwaldt Aftermarket Retailers Key:  Aftermarket Retailers Key By 2006, aftermarket will sell $425 M in automotive electronics $300 M more than OEMs Faster Reaction than OEMs In-car CD players sales dominated by aftermarket for years Big Box retailers have market power Fend off competitive threats Have solid financial strength Marketing and Brand Awareness Best Buy Leads Market:  Best Buy Leads Market Best Buy is market leader Already has product expertise Stereos, DVDs, XM Radio, Screens, etc. Possess installation capabilities Moving to selling complete electronics solutions Tie all telematics components together Competitive Factors:  Competitive Factors Strengths Distribution, marketing, product portfolio Weaknesses Low Margins, No R&D, High Competition Without steady stream of innovative new products, OEMs will take over Suggestion OnStar & Best Buy Partnership Kiosks, In-store sales reps, co-op marketing Slide53:  Growth of Cellular v. Telematics Services Early Technology Early Revenue Technology evolution . Service Expansion Premium Services Service Evolution (Killer App) Outside Competition Convergence of Services Services and Features Enhancements Radio replaced by analog services. Digital replaces analog Internet and web access Service packages Independents offer cheap, flexible, no commitment Combined with PDA and wireless $ 3 million Increase in system capacity Improved reception and features Better hand-free, voice memo, ring tones, smaller games T-Box to replace PDA, cell phone, portable audio system GPS, audio-video streaming, voice act. & recognition. OEMs integrate T-Box for low-end Service packages from cellular companies, Personal Data assistance software OEMs provide telematics services for their IP system. OEMs improve adopt more advanced technologies Minimal Increase in system capacity. Software content for T-box as a super PC Better wireless connectivity, more user friendly, better user interface, hand-free, Web based 3D games 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Slide54:  Growth of Cellular Phone EQUIPMENT 1947 1982 1994 1996 2001 Technology starts as convergence of products Technology is recognized as own entity Government Involvement Increase bandwidth New Technology Better Standards 1979 Complementary Products form Walkie-talkies combined with traditional phones Small towers built for cells FCC authorizes AMPS standard, regulates bandwidth FCC increases bandwidth CDMA, TDMA, GSM established TI chip allows pocketsize. 3G takes effect, combines PDAs with cell phones. Products such as: chargers, car kits, leather cases, interchangeable faceplates, batteries, etc. T-Box combines cell phones and PDAs T-Box uses satellites, servers, etc. to create own entity. FCC must create standard protocol for and regulate bandwidth. FCC must increase bandwidth beyond UMTS due to demand New processors create new apps, costs fall, allow OEMs to install IP version of T-Box Products such as: chargers, car kits, leather cases, additional memory, batteries, replaceable components, etc. Market Growth & Business Usage:  Market Growth & Business Usage More personal use More business use Christos Percentage of business users Number of subscribers Price Elasticity:  Price Elasticity Christos Drivers of Market Growth:  Drivers of Market Growth Decreasing technology prices Improved wireless coverage Bandwidth Government regulations Herwaldt Drivers of Market Growth:  Drivers of Market Growth Value of time Computer size Computer literacy Killer applications Herwaldt Market Size:  Market Size Vehicle installed telematics market New cars Aftermarket Annual penetration Cumulative units Method Pearl Logistics Growth Curve Bass Model Laz Pearl Model:  Pearl Model Requires 3 data points Early point Middle point Maximum installed base Y = 19.24 1 + (124.3922*e(-0.842834 * t)) Laz Pearl Model:  Pearl Model Laz Innovators Early adopters Early majority Late majority Pearl Model:  Pearl Model Laz Re-subscription rate is critical Bass Model:  Bass Model Laz “Meta-analysis” of “diffusion speed” Evolution of Telematics:  Evolution of Telematics Voice activated touch screen in dash Fully functional computer in a car Internet, DVD, XM radio, cell phone plus car centric controls in one integrated unit Market Creation Value Chain:  Market Creation Value Chain Cellular providers are the gatekeeper Equipment Manufacturer Palm, Dell Nokia, Motorola Retailer Best Buy Circuit City Cellular Provider AT&T Sprint Programmers Content Providers Customer Laz Trickle Up- Money:  Trickle Up- Money Cellular Service Providers Continue to offer variety of demand-based service plans Consumers purchase plans corresponding to their telematics usage. Computer Software Companies Use Windows CE.Net® operating system Adapt existing programs to in-car use Create new car-centric killer apps Sturtz Market Growth Value Chain:  Market Growth Value Chain Car-centric Emergence of the TSP Reduction of cellular providers’ role Automotive OEM Ford, GM DC Programmers Telematics Service Provider (TSP) Equipment Manufacturer Visteon, JCI, Nokia, Motorola Cellular Provider (Connection only) Content Providers Customer Value Added Services 911 car location Laz Trickle Down- Money:  Trickle Down- Money Automotive OEMs Alliance with TSPs to share monthly service fees Additional revenue from post-purchase add-ons TSPs Monthly service fee $8.50 per vehicle Sturtz Trickle Down- Money:  Trickle Down- Money Automotive OEM $1 per month revenue share Aftermarket Costs:  Aftermarket Costs per unit cost Clarion JoyrideTM system $3999.97 Less mark-up (operating expenses / net sales) ($92.27) Installation (by Best Buy) $149.99 Total: $4057.69 Meinka Discount Timeline:  Discount Timeline High tech products carry price premiums Average price drops to 54% after one year 07/31/00 through 09/30/02 Pentium III 866 MHz Processor Meinka Quantity Discounts:  Quantity Discounts Market growth will allow significant quantity discounts in the future Average discount for quantity of 100 is 33% Meinka Aftermarket Costs in 2006:  Aftermarket Costs in 2006 JoyrideTM price (12/02) $3999.97 Less mark-up ($92.27) Timeline discount (46%) ($1797.54) Quantity discount (33%) ($696.35) Installation $149.99 Total: $1563.80 Meinka Automotive Costs:  Automotive Costs per unit cost Capital equipment $7.40 Manpower $2.46 Component $545.00 Total: $554.86 Total cost if production began today (12/02) Based on production quantity of 250,000 Meinka Automotive Costs in 2006:  Automotive Costs in 2006 Original cost of $554.86 Includes quantity discount Timeline discount applies to material only Materials cost $495.00 Timeline discount (46%) ($267.30) Other costs $59.86 Total: $327.16 Meinka 2006 Cost Analysis:  2006 Cost Analysis Cost to aftermarket: $1563.80 Cost to auto OEM : $ 327.16 Significant room for auto OEM premiums Current price of upgrade to 6-disc CD changer & MACHTM audio system to Ford Taurus: $530 Similar pricing for telematics package would allow markup of 62% Meinka Slide77:  Part Two: Market Growth Q & A Slide78:  Part Three: Market Maturity The Content-Drive Era (2008 +) Market Maturity:  Market Maturity What is the mission of auto OEMs in the new tech environment? Appeal of continuous revenue streams Can the auto OEMs make any money? Arm’s length coalitions 2008 Telematics Landscape:  CONTENT CAR-CENTRIC SERVICES Commodities 2008 Telematics Landscape Maria Garcia The car as a service platform:  The car as a service platform Will the OEMs remain in the driver’s seat? Maria Garcia Future “non-factors”:  Future “non-factors” Trends in 2008 Technological advances of “in-car” Data processing Prices of Hardware and Software Wireless Bandwidth, new satellite offerings and 3G Maria Garcia Changing Success Drivers:  Changing Success Drivers Once the original drivers are commoditized, the keys will be content and services Profits Commodity Line Maria Garcia Evolution follows cable TV:  Provide services where the driver is unable to access them Evolution follows cable TV Enhance broadcast signals in areas with reception problems New capabilities beyond broadcast content discovered New applications beyond emergency responses and enhanced cellular phone Telematics hardware, software and communications becomes commoditized Alternative content available: digital services, CD quality audio, telephone, satellite radio, infotainment, etc. Maria Garcia TV hardware and communications becomes commoditized Alternative content available: digital services, ISP service, and pay-per-view movies and events Growth of cable programming networks:  Growth of cable programming networks Source: FCC Annual Report on the Status of Video Competition (various years) Maria Garcia 2008 Telematics Landscape:  CONTENT Car-Centric SERVICES Streaming Audio Infotainment Telecom Services Diagnostics Safety Navigation Advanced Driving Car Specific Commodities Voice Recognition 2008 Telematics Landscape Commodities Shane Lovellette Commoditized Hardware:  Commoditized Hardware Hardware manufacturers will compete as cost leaders and marketing innovators 55% of new cars will have a built-in telematics terminal by 2007 Lear, Johnson Controls and other Tier 1s US Telematics hardware will be $20 B (2007) Clarion, Philips, Motorola Satellite radio (XM) already available from Sony, Alpine, Pioneer and Delphi Shane Lovellette Hardware will be commoditized:  Hardware will be commoditized In only 4 years, CD-player radios grew from 57% to 92% in new vehicles Source: J.D. Power & Associates Audio Quality ReportSM Shane Lovellette 3G Communications:  3G Communications Next generation of mobile communications Enhanced capacity, quality and data rates Concurrent usage of services “Connects” wireless with Internet Initially a differentiator By 2010: 28% of the 2.25 billion mobile cellular subscribers in US will be in 3G $30 USD / month Avg. Rate Per User (ARPU) Shane Lovellette Communications:  Communications GSM precursor of 3G an open, evolving & non-proprietary system high-quality mobile voice and data services = Network upgrade path to 3G Shane Lovellette Communications Commodities:  Communications Commodities Shane Lovellette 3G Services Framework:  3G Services Framework Content Connectivity (Internet) Personal People Connectivity Location Mobility Information and Content (Non-Voice), Always-on, IP based Voice Access Focused Approach Portal Focused Approach Mobile specialized services Source: Telecompetition Inc. Shane Lovellette Other Eventual Commodities:  Other Eventual Commodities Satellite Communications Satellite increasing the offering of wireless broadband DirecTV, Starband Voice Recognition Software Current lack of standard ATT, IBM, Avaya, Motorola, Lucent voiceXML Text to Speech Capabilities Potential applications: voice response systems and email reading Microsoft, Motorola, and IBM Jon Kissau Operating Systems :  Operating Systems Microsoft Windows Automotive - Leading operating system for telematics services by 2008 built on Windows CE provides the .NET framework support for Bluetooth enabled devices Is flexible Microsoft’s automotive o/s already offered in 12 models produced by five OEMs Jon Kissau Portal Focus Approach:  Portal Focus Approach Telematics an extension of the mobile portal Mobile network operators will benefit from the cumulative 3G market opportunity: > $1 trillion over the next decade Key players: Content and service providers Content aggregators portal focus model Jon Kissau Mobile Portal Content Offering:  Mobile Portal Content Offering Safety Security - Remote unlock, vehicle tracking Emergency response Navigation GPS route guidance Location based services Real time traffic reports Car-Centric Remote engine tuning Engine performance downloads Preventative maintenance diagnostics Infotainment Download audio books Streaming video/games Music on demand and satellite radio Basic Personalized news, weather, stock quotes Email/ voicemail access Concierge Personal access to live support Jon Kissau Content becomes Key Driver:  Content becomes Key Driver Telematics evolution resemble Cable TV evolution Also parallels Internet, computers and mobile communications Content is King Both audio and visual media applicable Sole differentiator Enhances driving experience Innovative content Wayne Lown 2008 Telematics Landscape:  CONTENT Car-Centric SERVICES Streaming Audio Infotainment Telecom Services Diagnostics Safety Navigation Advanced Driving Car Specific Commodities 2008 Telematics Landscape Content Wayne Lown Current Content Competition:  Current Content Competition Mobile phone companies now competing on content differentiation On-phone games and ring tones Graphic downloads and photographic capabilities “AT&T #121” portal content service Aggregation of content-on-demand powered by TellMe Mobile Internet brings vast content to PDAs Internet sites – Aggregated through AOL & MSN PDA specific – Aggregated through “Handango” Wayne Lown Introducing RaVo:  Introducing RaVo Customized audio and video streaming Integrated with telematics for easy use Entrepreneurs  more content and services Overwhelming amount of content available Built from TSP network Wayne Lown RaVo Consortium DNA:  RaVo Consortium DNA Competitive edge over established wireless and Internet companies Pool individual investments and risk The airline industry created Orbitz Cable competitors launched PrimeStar The Virgin Group has competencies with content and communications DoubleClick has advertising management Wayne Lown RaVo – Streaming Content Flow :  RaVo – Streaming Content Flow Virgin & OEMs free $ Content Database RaVo Audio Video adSertion Filter Wayne Lown Content Niches:  Content Niches Targeted Advertising Ravo’s “adSertion” Prime exposure for OEM marketing efforts Audio Translation Software Provider Improve global business communications Powered by Mulinex, Bertelsmann Telemedia Wayne Lown Service Niches:  Service Niches Audio Based Sales Force Automation Increase productivity of sales people Verbal data entry Location Based Services GPS-driven directory, advertising and commerce functions Revenues expected to grow from $5 million in 2002 to more than $167 million in 2006 Jack Behar Telematics Landscape in 2008:  CONTENT Car-Centric SERVICES Streaming Audio Infotainment Telecom Services Diagnostics Safety Navigation Advanced Driving Car Specific Commodities Telematics Landscape in 2008 Car-Centric Services Jack Behar Slide106:  Consortium of OEMs Outsourced satellite activation center Customer service and billing network Proprietary access to vehicle’s CPU Dynamic ordering functionality Introducing CarStar Jack Behar CarStar Model:  CarStar Model Jack Behar CarStar’s Objectives:  CarStar’s Objectives Keep in close contact with customers Optimize vehicle performance Increase familiarity with premium OEM services and products Generate supplemental revenue flow including targeted advertising revenue Jack Behar Slide109:  CONTENT Car-Centric SERVICES Streaming Audio Infotainment Telecom Services Diagnostics Safety Navigation Advanced Driving RaVo CarStar Car Specific MCommerce Directory Commodities Jack Behar Market Maturity:  Market Maturity What is the mission of auto OEMs in the new tech environment? Appeal of continuous revenue streams Can the auto OEMs make any money? Arm’s length coalitions Slide111:  Part Three: Market Maturity Q & A Exhibits:  Exhibits More Ryan Veety Pictures:  More Ryan Veety Pictures Copyright 2002 Ryan Veety More Chris Bergeron Pictures:  More Chris Bergeron Pictures Copyright 2002 Christopher Bergeron

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