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Published on March 25, 2008

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Slide1:  Tourism & Leisure in China Ironbridge Gorge Museum Tuesday, 4th November 2003 Jenny Watson China-Britain Business Council Fast Facts:  Area: 9.6 million sq km 2000 population: 1.273 billion Capital: Beijing (12 million) Government: Single party communist dictatorship Ethnic Groups: Han Chinese 92% 55 minority nationalities 8% Language: Mandarin Chinese (official), numerous other dialects and minority languages Religions: Predominantly atheist, but many follow Buddhism, Daoism, Confucism and Islam Currency: Renminbi (RMB) or Yuan GDP per capita: 1999 US$ 815 2000 US$ 874 7% sustained growth Fast Facts Slide3:  The People’s Republic of China (PRC) FUJIAN XINJIANG XIZANG (TIBET) QINGHAI GANSU JILIN GUANGXI SICHUAN YUNNAN HUNAN GUIZHOU GUANGDONG JIANGXI HUBEI ANHUI HENAN SHAANXI SHANXI HEBEI SHANDONG HEILONGJIANG NEI MENGU (INNER MONGOLIA) JIANGSU LIAONING HAINAN TAIWAN BEIJING HONG KONG SHANGHAI TIANJIN GUANGZHOU ZHEJIANG NINGXIA CHONGQING Slide4:  Since 1991 Chinese citizens have been permitted to travel internationally for leisure purposes Over 16 million Chinese tourists went abroad in 2002 China now represents over 9% of the worldwide tourist market ( in US$ terms) The WTO forecasts 230 million tourists annually by 2020 – the world’s top tourist destination China is expected to be at the forefront of growth in the international tourist industry – 5.5 million new jobs and 12% GDP over 10 years Tourism & Leisure in China Slide5:  To date, the tourist industry nationwide registers: 786.1 billion yuan of fixed assets, 268,000 institutions and enterprises of various types, 254,000 tourist facilities, 8,993 travel services and 33.35 million employees. Favoured destinations by Chinese include: Yunnan Province, Hainan Island, Harbin Ice Festival, Thailand Industry regulation – safety of equipment, travel agency price wars etc Big events: Beijing 2008 Olympics, the 2010 World Fair Tourism & Leisure (2) Slide6:  China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) oversee national tourism development according to principles established in 2000 for the promotion of tourism in China Regional & Provincial Tourism Administrations responsible for the regional application of the national plan and identifying projects for promotion within their area Tibet Tourism Administration Hong Kong Tourist Association State Administration for Cultural Heritage (SACH) Public Security Ministry approves private citizens overseas travel: issue exit entry visas Tourism Authorities in China Inbound Tourism:  Inbound Tourism Who travels to China? Why? What do they want? In 1999, 72.79 million overseas travellers visited China 95% of foreign tourists enter on organised tours 1314 cities and counties are open to tourism Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian neighbours as a source of wealthy visitors and experience in entertainment & leisure Encouraged by: Rapidly increasing airport capacity developing cruise industry (Yangtze & Hong Kong) reduced tour and hotel restrictions: 01/10/03 Infrastructure development Impact of Iraqi war and SARS crisis Slide8:  Destinations in China Slide9:  The CNTA have introduced a ranking system for the tourist areas to promote the quality upgrading of tourism products; continue to select the Top Chinese Tourist Cities and have started to formulate the standards for the Best Tourism Cities in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization. New areas of development: industrial tourism agricultural tourism standardization of the national tourism resort areas national demonstration areas of eco-tourism national experimentation areas of poverty elimination by tourism strengthening the computer network and IT applications use of modern science and technology in tourism management and promotion Developing Tourist Facilities Outbound Tourism:  Outbound Tourism Since 1991: Chinese citizens have been permitted to travel internationally for leisure purposes (to ADS countries) Previously, restricted to study and business purposes Influenced by Chinese holidays – Spring Festival Guangdong Province accounts for 40% of all outbound travel Popular Destinations in Europe: Germany (an ADS partner), Russia, France (no visa required) Popular Destinations elsewhere: Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan, ROK, Thailand, Australia, Canada Slide11:  ADS is given to countries that fulfil certain conditions to enable them to receive leisure tour group travellers from China. Destinations that do not have ADS can still receive visitors from China - but not leisure tour groups, the fastest-growing element of the China market. Most ADS partners are Asian border-sharing countries Australia : 1st Western country to receive ADS in 1999 Permanent residents of Beiijing, Shanghai and Guangdong can join tours of +9 people 22 travel agencies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong join tours Authorised Destination Status (ADS) Slide12:  Where Chinese travel Slide13:  90 million tourists travelled in China during the October “golden week”, contributing RMB 35bn to the tourist industry. The largest domestic tourism market in the world Over 47million jobs in the industry (+6% workforce) Approximately 500 travel agencies and tour operators Predicted to reach RMB 1.3 trillion (US$ 156 billion) in revenue by 2010 Per capita consumer expenditure of RMB 4,562 (US$ 551) in 2000 Government initiatives to encourage domestic consumer market Urban – Rural, East – West differences Domestic Tourism Slide14:  Week- long national holidays: Chinese New Year(Spring Festival) January Labour Day May 1st National Day October 1st Festivals: Founding of the CCP 1st July Army Day 1st August Lantern Festival February Dragon Boat Festival June Double Ninth Festival October Chinese Holidays and Festivals Slide15:  Under the State Administration for Cultural Heritage (SACH) The Badaling Great Wall has received 120 million tourists since 1979 28 sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites Architectural ruins “Red” travel spots: eg. Jingang Mountains, Yan’an (Shaanxi Province) China has 870 forest parks covering 7.5 million hectares in 31 provinces: eco-tourism eg Stone Forest Tourist Park Ethnic Minority Cultures: ie Yunnan Province is home to over 20 of the 55 minority nationalities Cultural Heritage Slide16:  1987 Mount Taishan 1987 The Great Wall 1987 Ming & Qing Imperial Palace 1987 Mogao Grottoes 1987 Terracotta Warriors 1987 Peking Man Site 1990 Mount Huangshan 1992 Jiuzhaigou Valley 1992 Huanglong Area 1992 Wulingyuan Area 1994 Mountain Resort 1994 The Potala Palace Confucius’ Temple & Mansion Wudang Ancient Buildings 1996 Lushan National Park 1996 Leshan Giant Buddha 1997 Ancient City of Pingyao 1997 Gardens of Suzhou 1997 Lijiang Old Town 1998 The Summer Palace 1998 The Temple of Heaven 1999 Mount Wuyi 1999 Dazu Rock Carvings Dujiangyan Irrigation System 2000 Xidi & Honcun, Anhui 2000 Longmen Grottoes Imperial Tombs of Ming & Qing World Heritage Sites Slide17:  Beijing is to invest US$850 million in constructing, expanding and renovating a number of museums and memorial halls, increasing the number of its museums from 118 to 130 by 2008. Museums in Beijing have on average 200 year-round exhibitions, and 30 million annual visitors. The Municipal Government aims to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into new facilities Major projects announced in April 2003 will include: 1) construction of Capital Museum, the National Museum and the National Art Museum; 2) expansion of Beijing Astronomical Observatory, National Agricultural Museum and China Geological Museum. Museums Slide18:  Approx. 2000 Amusement Parks: 85% losing money eg Beijing’s Ethnic Minority Culture Park Recent Western influx: Disney Hong Kong & Universal Shanghai China has approximately 200 manufacturers of entertainment facilities Safety issues: State Quality and Technical Supervision Administration regulations Cities: Shanghai’s Ferris Wheel project Retail, restaurant, cinema and bowling facilities Leisure & Entertainment Slide19:  Demand for expertise in leisure management Professionalisation of leisure providers Construction of international standard leisure facilities Opportunities for designers, urban planners and developers Catering for increasing numbers of Chinese tourists Assisting regional governments and companies with market development: sectoral, geographical and demographical Regional Promotion: marketing & advertising Resort & Retail Park development Museums: design and management expertise & academic exchange Education & Training: e.g. Tourism Management & English Opportunities for UK Companies: Slide20:  China International Tourism Fair The International Scenic Spot & Resort Exhibition Dalian International Recreational Facilities & Amusements Expo Conservation of Ancient Sites on the Silk Road – Second International Conference on the Conservation of Grotto Sites China Sporting Goods Show Events China Britain Business Council British Embassy & Consulates in China British Chambers of Commerce China UK Trade & Investment: Leisure & Tourism Unit Sports & Leisure Infrastructure The British Council British Construction & Consultants Bureau :  China Britain Business Council British Embassy & Consulates in China British Chambers of Commerce China UK Trade & Investment: Leisure & Tourism Unit Sports & Leisure Infrastructure The British Council British Construction & Consultants Bureau UK Organisations CBBC - Who are we? Who do we help?:  CBBC - Who are we? Who do we help? A business-led partnership between government and industry Trade Partners UK’s chosen partner for China Nearly 50 years’ experience in China Membership organisation – over 370 corporate and individual members Aim to help any UK company with the China market - all industry sectors, SMEs to multinationals; new to the market or well-established Network of offices: 3 in the UK, 6 in China Slide23:  The People’s Republic of China (PRC) FUJIAN XINJIANG XIZANG (TIBET) QINGHAI GANSU JILIN GUANGXI SICHUAN YUNNAN HUNAN GUIZHOU GUANGDONG JIANGXI HUBEI ANHUI HENAN SHAANXI SHANXI HEBEI SHANDONG HEILONGJIANG NEI MENGU (INNER MONGOLIA) JIANGSU LIAONING HAINAN TAIWAN HONG KONG SHANGHAI TIANJIN GUANGZHOU ZHEJIANG NINGXIA CHONGQING Beijing Shanghai Wuhan Qingdao Chengdu Shenzhen Slide24:  Assessing the market … Advice on the market Information via our China Information Centre, email updates, regular briefings and the monthly China-Britain Trade Review Customised market research CBBC: How can we help? CBBC: How can we help?:  CBBC: How can we help? Entering the market … Trade missions, seminars, exhibitions Individually organised visits to China Bilingual China based staff to carry out research, source partners and arrange business meetings Launchpad Scheme - enabling you to have a member of staff in China dedicated to your business without all the bureaucracy and expense of setting up your own office CBBC: How can we help?:  CBBC: How can we help? Maintaining a successful strategy … The opportunity to meet senior Chinese government leaders and delegations visiting the UK Lobbying for British business interests in China with the British and Chinese governments Members’ workshops and networking opportunities with China experts Activities in the UK and China for specific industry sectors Slide27: Other Resources: Slide28:  CBBC China Guide Slide29:  China-Britain Business Council Tel: 020 7828 5176 Fax: 020 7630 5780 Website:

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