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Published on December 3, 2008

Author: mcerda99



This is one of about 12 ideas I was working on validating this Fall.

tk rew Task or iented jobs for youth. research f or brands. h opinions, feedback and Yout

Allyson is a teenager. She is saving up to buy my Prius, and can’t wait to drive!

To earn money, her choices are McDonald’s (which she doesn’t even eat), Round Table, or Blockbuster. ...

She is a web enabled teen however, so there are lots of things she could potentially do, from the safety and comfort of her home and computer. There are 100s of brands that would love to get her product/service feedback, testing, word processing, web design, or even social marketing intiiatives like blogging, viral videos, myspace pages, etc.

tkrew enter tkrew, a marketplace for web enabled teens and the brands that target them. Note all jobs are task oriented and can be done from anywhere. Much of these are market research based, and some of them are social media based. The idea here is to start with market research and grow toward social media.

tkrew kids create a profile which showcases what their talents and interests are. Each completed job is listed along with a rating system. Only tkrew verified kids and verified brands can view profiles.

Bu sin es sM od els pay $ 100 t o join 1. K ids listin gs, rep orting rge p artner s for 2 . Cha Kids would pay $100 to join; positioned as initiation and verification. Why do this? To a) get the revenue up front and b) separate the wheat from the chaffe. We’d also charge our partner a program listing fee.

S eeding Co ntent 1. B rands search firms 2 . Mar ket re 3. C onsult ancies The idea would be to target a few brands and work closely with them to fine tune the service and make it hassle free/scalable. Gap would be a good target brand because they’re local and losing some youth ground lately. Forrester might be a good target as well as Justkid and others. Bain and McKinsey would be good consultancy target partners.

uth Eng age ment Yo new jobs 1 . Noti ficatio ns of for cred pr ogram 2 . Refe rrals 3. Ra ting s ystem

ent agem ng Eng eporti C omer es and r ust mplat Hassletefree youth 1. lability of sh, con sisten t avai 2 . Fre pment ou treach oing b usiness develo 3. Ong

youth targeted services product young adults, college grad target anyone part teens, young teens, HS, college jobs 18+, part first time internships time adults college kids in discipline time jobs ads, ads, sell listings sell listings one-off, model sponsors, sponsors, sell listings beta to employers and web ads making it up sub-affiliate sub-affiliate 10 million unclear, bcuz acquisition 4 weeks old, one kid, part size reg’s since it’s all microscopic 1MM reg’s site for snag beta time ‘01 affiliate... bootstrap, bootstrap, Baird, Adam funding one man none snagajob MNST bootstrap side job, one St show guy This is a landscape of various youth job board sites. There are job boards which don’t segment youth per se, rather they segment hourly vs. salary. The only long standing sites among these are snagajob and monstertrak, however neither reach teens. Further, this marketplace has commoditized quite heavily. Employers don’t have a problem getting applications, they have a problem processing them to find the right ones. The value/margin, according to expertsin the field, lies in incremental matching/processing/delvering. Tkrew is unique in that it’s not jobs you’ll see on these job boards. It’s jobs tailored for youth, for marketing or market research purposes.

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