TK corporate data 2-2014 / TK-Unternehmensdaten 2-2014 (englisch)

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Information about TK corporate data 2-2014 / TK-Unternehmensdaten 2-2014 (englisch)
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Published on February 11, 2014

Author: TK_Presse



TK corporate data at a glance. Die TK-Unternehmensdaten: Alle wichtigen Informationen über die Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) auf einem Blick.

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Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) at a glance February 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________ Clients: 9.5 million Privat clients paying members co-insured members (family) = insured overall 6.4 million 2.4 million 8.7 million (rounding differences may apply) Corporate clients 0.7 million Total Budget 2014: statutory health insurance statutory long-term care insurance: employer' reimbursements 25.8 billion Euros 21.3 billion Euros 3.3 billion Euros 1.1 billion Euros Preliminary financial result Q3 2013: + 26 million Euros Administrative costs per insured p.a. (2012) TK: all statutory health insurers: 130 Euros (increased due to rise in pension provision - adjusted for this specific effect 103 Euros) 139 Euros Contribution rate (since Jan. 2011): 15.5 % (employers 7.3%, employees 8.2%) Employees thereof participants in vocational training 12 864 636 Voluntarily TK consultants in companies and academic institutions: 10 624 Branch offices: 247 nationwide Service hours (call center) : 24/7 Chairman of the Board of Management: Deputy Chairman of the Board: Member of the Board: Dr Jens Baas Thomas Ballast Frank Storsberg Chairmen of the: Self-Government Body Dominik Kruchen, Dieter F. Märtens Self-Government Body: 15 representatives each of employers and employees Legal form: corporation under public law For further queries: TK Press Office, Fon +49 - 40 – 6909 1783, E-Mail: Social Media Newsroom: • Twitter:

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