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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: Sampinner96

Source: authorstream.com

Titles Research: Titles Research By Sam Pinner PowerPoint Presentation: From my Trailer Analysis I was able to look at the titles that appear on the screen, as well as the key shots in the trailer. Titles in a trailer are very diverse and change depending on the genre of the film. From the analysis I found that all of the titles of the film appear at the end of the trailer which is then followed by a short clip of footage. Titles of the stars in the film appear throughout the trailer to breakaway form all the shots making it more interesting to watch. Action: Action Action films such as Oz the Great and Powerful and The Hunger Games the titles appear on the screen in gold letters. However in The Hunger Games the titles appear on a separate black screen to make the titles stand out, which is similar to Maleficent and the Dark Knight Rises . Where as in Oz the Great and Powerful the titles appear as part of the scene, as the film is set in a magical world, therefore the gold titles act as part of the film making it look magical. The titles differ as they are all different types of action films, for example Maleficent is more of a dark fairy tale so therefore uses big silver letters in the shape of thorns which is similar to key shots in the trailer. Where as Oz the Great and Powerful uses big gold letters to fit the genre of the film, a fantasy action film. Romantic Comedy: Romantic Comedy Romantic Comedy trailers such as The Other Woman and Just Go With It use titles in their trailer in the same way as the Action film trailers with the titles appearing on a separate screen, however as these are Romantic Comedy trailers the titles are in bright colours to fit in with the genre of the film and show the audience that the film is going to be light hearted and funny. In The Other Woman pieces of wiring appears on the screen to tell the audience the basic story of what is happening, the writing appears in the same style as the title. Comedy: Comedy Comedy films such as You Again, Grown Ups, Mean Girls and Bridesmaids all use different styles of writing and format for their titles, as You Again uses a split screen to show the name of the star and clips of their face to show the audience that this is the person. The titles in Grown Ups and Bridesmaids appear in big bold writing however as Grown Ups is more about men the title is blue and as Bridesmaids is about girls the writing is pink. Mean Girls uses the same kind of style of writing for the title as The Other Woman . Thriller: Thriller Thriller films such as House at The House at the End of The Street , Funny Games and T he Purge all use different titles as they all have different plots therefore the titles are used to match the storyline. In Funny Games the titles appear in big red letters on a black background that appear near the end of the trailer, which is similar to the titles in The Purge which appear on the background of a flag flowing in the wind. The titles in The House at The End of The Street differ as they appear at the end of the trailer on a background of a house- which keeps in tone with the film. In Conclusion: In Conclusion After looking at the trailers I found that the titles appear throughout the trailer and towards the end become more frequent as this is where the music usually picks up its pace. I will use this format for my trailer, as my trailer is a thriller and therefore I would like it to follow the same ideas as it has done with Funny Games and The Purge . I will have my titles appearing on a background of a different colour to which the titles will appear on there, I will use the same font and the same colour for all my titles as the trailers I analysed have all done this.

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