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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: Title Development By Liam Grantham Member of Blind Feline Productions (BFP) PowerPoint Presentation: IDEAS AND THEORIES- When constructing our certain ideas for the development of our film titles that you can see with our ‘Title research post’ previously added. We then had to take into consideration how we would make out title look unique from the rest of the other production tasks, In order to generate this we would have to find what type of font style or colour sequence would match our identification. From some research on a survey Blind Feline found that a tittle like the film Seven. With this in mind we decided that in the same aspects as Seven our title needed to have a unique selling point that would make the audiences recognise it from a distance. In conclusion to this we realized it would need to be quite technical or as a alternate view point as being quite ‘bubbly’ to give that chemical effect. PowerPoint Presentation: Some Various Ideas from. http:// www.dafont.com/comic-fade.font?text=FORMULA&psize=l&back=theme We see here how da font will show what type of format or design we want our primary title to look like which in tis case is a very technical LCD type font. In order to create a scientistic advanced image as in our film a key element that makes it unique drifting away from the other stereotypical thriller films is that we have a strong influence of education. And as seen in the Surveys on the previous slide that I carried out by asking 10 people at random. We can see that the LCD is the most un-used piece of font in the genre but will still give us the education identification that we need to show to adapt the image. PowerPoint Presentation: Transitions… Apart from the actual font the way in which it appears on our screens is just as important. Quite often the font is seen in the centre of the shot so the audience can see and address it easily. This can be seen in Batman http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=l11BPzYehUE .Due to the younger age majority I think that this is easier to see and associate with most marvel and DC films as most of the time they need to keep it as simple as possible. Furthermore another way is having it in all corners of the shot, this can be seen in Shutter Island http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=obvksJ7-4hQ In this opening sequence every angle is explored in the footage the reason for this being is to emphasise the fact that it is a mystery/thriller film and already the audience is looking in all directions making it a tense atmosphere, a lso in this footage we can see that some fonts fade ways re-creating the un-steady journey throughout the film but also in the first opening minutes. With this in mind I think that its safe to say that Blind Feline Productions have considered going for the Shutter Island wrought by addressing the whole screen with all angles covered as we are going for a more sophisticated audience and then maybe add a fade in the transition to add a sense of uncertainty and to keep our audience on the edge. PowerPoint Presentation: Colours… When it came to thinking colours, We new that in most Thriller films the colour scheme would be very dull and dark to emphasise the cold atmosphere of the film- this can be seen in Shutter Island http :// www.youtube.com/watch?v=obvksJ7-4hQ which firstly used the dark vibrant red which connotates danger as well as the contrast it has with the bold dark backgrounds we see on numerous occasions. Or in Saw http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAWK9V9Hk_A where we see the vivid Ghost type colour which illuminates past the black scenery to give extra emphasis of the confusion the two primary opposites give out as one being positive the other as negative. Also what was interest which gave the font on this occasion a special touch was the shadowed effect on the white font just to give it that extra eerie effect. PowerPoint Presentation: With this Pie Chart as evidence we can interpret how the public felt that the most scientific colour was Purple followed by green. When you think of these two colours you do think of chemicals or Toxins. So with this in mind I think it would be the best option to go with these very scientific colours to re-adapt this whole idea we are giving across to therefore make our film different to all the others.

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