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Information about Titanium vs Steel & Aluminium

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: titaniumbars

Source: slideshare.net


Go to http://www.titaniumprocessingcenter.com/ for more information about the differences between titanium, aluminium, and steel. Learn why titanium is the metal to have for any project.


Cost, Density, and Strength STEEL TITANIUM ALUMINIUM There are 3 factors that are used when choosing the right type of metal to work with on a project: Overall cost of the metal, weight or density, and strength of the metal. Titanium has several coveted properties and excellent strength-to-weight ratio which makes it arguably the most applicable metal on the market.

Aircraft Materials  Aluminium is the primary material used on planes It is light, functional, and cost friendly  It reduces emissions and saves on fuel    The cost of Titanium holds it back from being used more for aircraft materials Titanium is used when the following characters are needed:   Power, strength, speed, heat Steel is stronger but its weight holds it back from several aerospace needs

Flying Metal (Parts of a plane)

Building Materials  Steel works best for multilevel construction applications   Low price High strength   Aluminium is excellent for architectural work and structural weight     Heavy framing Simple framing Stairs Design work Titanium is used where strength and corrosion resistance properties are required    HVAC and Piping Large roofs Power generators

Structural Design

Conclusion and Sources  Titanium is the 4th most abundant metallic element  Decreasing in price  Becoming more readily available  Go to TITANIUMPROCESSINGCENTER.COM  Other sources:

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