Titanium and aluminium

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Information about Titanium and aluminium

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: davidpender315

Source: slideshare.net


Here we can see the main characteristics of these two metals.

TITANIUM AND ALUMINIUM Alejandro Sabater García David Pender Villalvilla

TITANIUM Transition metal with 22 atomic number

CHARACTERISTICS • • • • • Abundant material in the enviroment Silver and grey color Oxide, ash, or stain appearence Hexagonal estructure at enviroment temperature Exists on Earth and in space

HISTORY • • • • Discovered in 1791 by William Gregor Founded in a menaquita mineral in England Founded again by Martin Heinrich in 1974 It was this time in rutilo

SPECIFIC PROPERTIES • • • • • • Light metal with low density (4507Kg/m3) Paramagnetic. It doesn’t magnetic. Resistant to the corrosion and oxidation Refractory, and few conductivity Great tenacity, ductile and malleable Recyclable

USES OF TITANIUM • Planes, helicopters, armour-plating , missils manufactruring. • Surgical instruments, crutches and prothesis • Buildings construction • Corporal Piercings and dental implants • Helmets, rackets and parts of bicycles

TITANIUM PROTHESIS • • • • Artificial extensions that replace parts of body They improve functions of disabled organs Composed most of them by titanium Orthopedic, cardic, dental, mammaria, genital and auditive

NEGATIVE EFFCTS IN HEATH • • • • • • Low toxicity Titanium produces titanium dioxide It causes some effects in health: Badbeing, pain of chest, and cough Skin irritations Carcinogenity


APPEARANCE AND ORIGIN • • • • • Metal Silver-grey colour Metallic texture Extracted from bauxita Terrestrial crust has plenty of it Bauxita

HISTORY • First obtained artificially: 1825 • Firstly considered a precious metal • Name “aluminium” from latin “alumen” Aluminium ingot exposed as a precious metal in the 1850s

PROPERTIES • • • • • • Atomic number: 13. Atomic weight: 27u. Symbol: Al Light, density: 2700 kg/m3 Thermal and electrical conductor Easily malleable Melting: 660ºC. Boiling: 2470ºC.

UTILITIES • • • • Mirrors and telescopes Means of transport Aluminium foil Jewelry: ruby and sapphire

RECYCLING • 20% aluminium production comes from recycling • Very cheap to recycle (95% off) • 45% of aluminium cans are recycled

CARBON FIBER • • • • Sinthetic alternative to aluminium Made of wires Lighter than aluminium, density: 1750 kg/m3 A kilometre-long filament weights 1 gram Carbon wire compaired to hair

PROPERTIES • • • • • Much more strength than aluminium Stays still against heat Great elasticity Very expensive Hi-tech utilities

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