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Published on December 6, 2009

Author: 0Kes

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Slide 7: Final moments Of Titanic…………….. Slide 8: Titanic hit the starboard side with the ice berg. Slide 9: The under compartments of the bow started to flood. Slide 10: Due to the flooding the bow commenced to go down causing the stern to rise Slide 13: Initially the sinking was somewhat slower……. Slide 14: Yet the later part of the sinking was sort of faster and the golden funnels of Titanic stared to lose one by one Slide 15: Titanic continued to lose her funnels while the stern was rising nearly 60 degrees from the ocean level Slide 16: She was out of electrical power and the stress concentration had reached the maximum @ the 2nd expansion joint of the ship which lied in between the 3rd and 4th funnels……. Slide 17: ….caused the Titanic to splint into two from the 2nd expansion joint… Slide 18: …right down to the keel of the vessel and the Stern fell back. Slide 19: The Bow submerged completely by pulling down the Stern vertically and then finally detached Slide 20: The Stern floated a couple of minutes perpendicular to the ocean level. Slide 21: Then the stern flooded and foundered completely leaving no trace of Titanic. Slide 22: The Bow traveled nearly 3km down the Atlantic ocean Slide 23: And finally landed @ 2.20 AM on 15th April 1912 Slide 25: Titanic was lost from the world above in 1912 For nearly 07 decades until the ship wreck was finally discovered from the bottom of the great Atlantic ocean by Dr. Robert D Ballard on 1st September 1985 Slide 26: The first image of the Titanic captured by Dr. Robert D Ballard and his crew Slide 27: The pedestal which held the control wheel of Titanic But the control wheel is no longer to be seen Slide 29: The Bow Slide 30:  Slide 33: When compared with the BOW, the STERN is utterly destroyed in a manner that it can be hardly identified as a shipwreck and the reason is due to the air tight compartments such as refrigerated cargo compartment and air accumulated huge compartments such as propeller shaft tunnels, as can be seen in the profile of the ship, were located in the STERN and during the sinking, having separated from the BOW and traveling down the Atlantic ocean , all the trapped air inside these compartments was released by exerting an immense pressure onto the STERN walls followed by an explosion causing the outer metal plates to be pealed out and all compartments located above these air trapped compartments to be destroyed completely This explosion was so powerful as it was heard by some survivors, few minutes after Titanic sank completely! Slide 34: The profile of TITANIC The air tight and air trapped compartments of Titanic which caused the STREN to get exploded Slide 38: This is how she looked liked 95 years ago Slide 50: The glory of the stunning interior of TITANIC Slide 52: The construction of TITANIC Slide 54: One propeller shaft of Titanic

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