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Published on October 23, 2014

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The details of the RMS Titanic’s sinking and Titanic facts fascinate people from all walks of life, all over the world. The story of this large ocean liner holds a place in our shared cultural memory. From kids to adults, everyone has an interest in the Titanic. There are countless movies and stories about the sinking of the Titanic, and many well-known facts about its construction, and the famous boast of it being an ‘unsinkable ship’. We’ve gathered the top 10 amazing Titanic facts that tell the tragic tale of the passengers on-board.


2. • The Titanic’s Huge Name is from Greek Mythology The name Titanic comes from Titan. The builders of the Titanic were searching for a name, they wanted a name for the ship that meant huge. They also wanted a name that elevated the Titanic as a monumental work of shipbuilding. Therefore the shipbuilders Harland and Wolff chose this word from Greek mythology. • People Died on the Titanic Before it Launched! Six people died on the ship itself during the construction of the Titanic, and 246 injuries were recorded. It almost seems as though the ship was cursed from the start

3. • The Titanic was the Largest Ship Afloat The White Star Line that commissioned the building of the Titanic wanted to boast to its passengers that they had built the biggest ship in the world. To give some extra features to the first class, Titanic became heavy and could claim the title of the largest ship afloat at the time. • The Titanic was not Environmentally Friendly With all that weight to move as, the Titanic was probably the most polluting ship of its time! Steam power was the only power source in those days that could deliver the over 40,000 horsepower that was needed to move the Titanic through the water. We can’t quite call it a green Titanic fact — the Titanic used over 600 tons of coal each day it was at sea!

4. • The RMS in RMS Titanic stands for Royal Mail Ship One interesting Titanic fact is that it was commissioned to be more than just a passenger liner. The RMS in the ship’s official name, RMS Titanic, stands for Royal Mail Ship. The Titanic was under contract with the Royal Mail Service and the United States Post Office. Like most other Titanic facts, the amount of mail the ship carried was huge. Get ready for another exclamation point…there was over 25,000 cubic feet of storage on the ship for mail, letters and parcels alone!

5. • The Number of Lifeboats on the Titanic wasn’t Huge With 16 sets of davits that could each handle four lifeboats, the ship could hold exactly 64 lifeboats. With each lifeboat capable of holding 65 people, these 64 lifeboats would have been enough to carry the roughly 3,500 passenger maximum capacity of the Titanic. Unfortunately on day of the sinking of the Titanic, it had only 20 lifeboats. • It Took Over 70 Years for the Titanic Wreck to Be Found In September of 1985, a team of French and American explorers succeeded in finding the wreck of the Titanic. The Titanic had broken in two, and more Titanic facts were to be confirmed. The team showed that the Titanic had sunk more than 13 miles from the coordinates provided by the wireless operators on the ship.

6. • There Weren’t A Huge Number of Valuables on the Titanic Despite rumours, one Titanic fact that’s really a myth is that there was a lot of gold on-board. The most expensive item, according to filings after the sinking, was a $100,000 painting. It’s ironic that many years later, some of the items retrieved from the Titanic have gained value because of the huge cultural meaning the ship has. • The Titanic Still Holds a Huge Place in Our Mind Perhaps it’s because of the huge boasts of the Titanic as the ‘unsinkable ship’ and then its tragic sinking. Even to this day, kids and adults from all over the world find Titanic facts compelling. The film Titanic, directed by James Cameron and starring Leonardo Di Caprio, is possibly the most well known of the many stories and movies relating to the great liner.

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