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Published on February 19, 2014

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Often, there are times when wine is left out and you have to store it. That’s the time, when you need to have a look at the aforementioned tips to understand how to store wine. However, wine is always the best when consumed at the earliest.

Tips to Store Wine - Cheers! So you’ve just raised a toast and there is still some wine left. So what do you do? That’s when wine storage comes into play. However, you need to remember that most wine brands are best when consumed within a few days. However, you can still store wine till the time you want to consume it by following the simple tips mentioned below. 1. Keep the surroundings cool – Wine can get completely spoilt in very warm conditions. But at the same time, you also have to ensure that the temperature is not too cool. Don’t store the wine in a refrigerator as the wine can freeze in such conditions especially if kept for a long time. The optimum temperature for wine storage is considered to be 55 degree Celsius or somewhere between 45 degree Celsius to 65 degree Celsius. 2. Store wine in a dark place – Sunlight can spoil the wine completely, so it is important to store it in a dark place. Though light bulbs at home cannot spoil the wine, it is still preferable to use incandescent bulbs in the storage area. 3. Keep the air humid – Experts believe that wine requires about 70% humidity or else the dry air is likely to dry out the corks which will cause air to get inside the bottle and the wine gets spoilt. However, this is a remote possibility unless you live in an arid desert. However, excess humidity or moisture can invite mold growth as well. Therefore, you need to keep the air slightly humid for which you can keep a water pan in the storage place. This will give the wine the required humidity while keeping the wine in good condition.

4. Store the wine horizontally – It is ideal to store the wine horizontally in racks if you don’t have a separate cellar for the wine. You also don’t require a separate cooling unit as long as you’ve maintained the right temperature in the surrounding. Don’t store the wine anywhere close to the kitchen, or the laundry as the heat emitted from these places can spoil the wine completely. Also, don’t store it anywhere close to the window where there are chances of sunlight directly hitting the wine bottles. 5. Don’t shake the wine bottles a lot – Many of them believe that shaking wine bottles gives them a lot of vibrations that can lead to different chemical reactions and spoil the wine. Therefore, make sure that you don’t shake the wine too much though a little shaking will do no harm. Keep the above tips in mind and store wine in its purest form.

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