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Published on July 9, 2010

Author: hanafi28


Save The Environment : Save The Environment Love your environment... Be proud of it... Slide 2: Tips to Save Electricity Tips to Save Electricity : Tips to Save Electricity There are alot of ways we can all save electricity and money, and save a little piece of our planet while doing it. Some of it are :- 1) Replace ALL bulbs in your home with CFL bulbs (the spiral fluorescent bulbs) This can save your money as well as reducing your energy used from the power company, which makes you a little more earth friendly! Slide 4: Sleep in the dark and quiet! Just by turning the TV and fan off at night you can save over RM100.00 a year!!!! Turn off outside lighting after 1 am, instead of allowing the lights to run for eight or more hours a night. Slide 5: Keep the refrigerator door closed, and adjust the thermostat to keep it cold, but not overly cold, try a med-low setting Adjust your hot water heater down to 110 degrees to save money heating water, also try using as little hot water as possible, washing laundry in cold water, can save you over 200 a year. Also consider using less hot water in the shower by taking a cooler shower or shortening the time you’re in. You can also insulate your hot water heater, and water lines, to make them more energy efficient! Slide 6: Powered down computers when not in use! This is huge, computers use a lot of electricity, and therefore create a lot of heat, causing your central air to run more often, costing you money all the way around. = Try using natural lighting when possible through the day, I recommend opening the blinds or curtains whenever you need light, and closing them when you don’t. Slide 7: Love your environment... Be proud of it...

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