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Information about Tips To Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease by IndoAmericanHealth

Published on July 23, 2018

Author: indoamericanhealth


Slide 1: Tips To Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease + 91-9906079302 Slide 2: Company Profile Indo American Health has been in the domain for the past many years and known for serving Medical Tourism In India . that provide assistance to the international patients as committed. We focus on improving the health of our patients and make it our top-most priority, so, we guarantee the availability of appointment with the right doctor at the right time. We make sure that the patient will get treatment fast without facing anything worse, thus, it is important to arrange everything in advanced. With our health assistance, we take the headache of Doctor’s Appointment, Accommodation, VISA approval, Flight Booking, Hospital admission, Food, etc. as per the requirement of the patient. Our services will ease your work and help you get yourself recovered as fast as possible. To know further, call on the given number or send your enquiry directly from the website. Slide 3: Tips To Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease A Kidney is an important body organ that performs the function of eliminating waste from the blood and regulating the fluid levels. Also, it detoxifies your body, which further keeps you away from health disorders. Kidney Failure or Chronic Kidney Disease could be dangerous for your health, thus, you should take preventive measures. In an order to know them, have a look at the points we jotted down for you. Slide 4: Limit Salt Intake : Salt is the main enemy of your kidney that increases the chances of its failure, thus, you should limit its intake that further prevents any damage to your kidney. Slide 5: Follow Low-Fat Diet: People who take low-fat diet are less at the risk of getting any chronic kidney disease than the one who has a high-fat diet. Make sure you moderate your diet accordingly to get great health benefits. Slide 6: Exercise Daily: Doing exercise at least for 30 minutes a day will keep your kidney or overall health in check. So, if you are not doing exercise, make sure you indulge it in your routine now. Slide 7: Visit Doctor For Check-Up: In case you experience anything usual in your kidney, you shouldn’t delay and run for the check-up. As early detection of the problem, may increase your chances of getting the right treatment. Slide 8: Quit Smoking: If you smoke then you should quit it. It is not only bad for your lungs, but for your kidney as well. Also, you should say no to tobacco, as its intake can be harmful to your kidney or lead to its failure. Slide 9: These are a few ways you can prevent the kidney from any damage. In case you are suffering from any serious problem, get help from Indo American Health . We offer services of Health Tourism In India , for the global patients, so, they can get cost-effective treatment. For more details, contact us now, we’ll be happy to help you Slide 10: Email: / Whatsapp No :  + 91-9906079302 Phone :  +91-9419112651/9906079302 Address HQ: 24 A Extension Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.

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