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Information about Tips to Overcome Stress at Work

Published on March 16, 2018

Author: nolanr226


slide 1: Easy Ways to Overcome Stress at Work As I have been reiterating stress is something that we cant avoid. Ive been telling this over and over to help you mind get used to the idea that its already one step to learning to live with it. Stress is part of the very nature of our existence. However it doesnt necessarily mean we can welcome stress with warmth and wide arms open. Best way to deal with it is to overcome it and there are ways to cope up and do just that. The Art of Avoidance Before you even get into the troubles and end up being stress it will always be the best if you still can avoid it. Like how doctors say prevention is better than cure. Although we cant totally avoid it but at least avoid the worst possible scenario. In your workplace one way of doing so is about knowing your capability and being honest. If you know your capability you should be aware when to engage in a situation or not. Dont go to a situation you know you will not be able to handle. With that being said a good example would be: If your boss assigned you to a task that you know yourself cant handle better to decline it now and ask for help than end up doing the task but failing at it BIG TIME This will only look bad on you and you just made consequences that may also affect or a delay on others work. Another is when your boss gave you deadline and you think it is way too impossible to meet it tell him frankly. Dont wait until its already almost time for your deadline before voicing out. Let your boss already know that you will not be able to do it. If you say it too late your boss might make commitments to other jobs that if you fail on meeting the deadline it will also cause a great deal of problem on others. You not only made a bad reputation on your boss but also with others that got affected from this unprofessional action. By telling it right away your boss might give you better day allowance or will give consideration than letting you put in a situation which will jeopardize the quality of your work and worst your job. Your boss might even appoint one of your co-worker to help you out. After all two heads are better than one. Art of Time Management Now lets say you have a deadline and you do know that you can do it one problem that can lead to stressful situation is due to time mismanagement. Time is really important and when wasted we cannot have it back. It is the most primary cause of stress and being under too much pressure not just in work but in life in general. It passes quick and when that happens you cant turn back time so make sure to use your time wisely. slide 2: When we know we have a lot of time on our hand we tend not to focus on work and play for a while until realizing you no longer have the luxury of time to be able to get it done on time. So make sure to work first before you play harder We are guilty of coping on stress in a negative way like drinking alcohol to think better a movie- marathon to forget for a while and some other things that are not necessary to do. Sure it is a good way to forget stress but its not going to solve it neither overcomes it. Once you sober up or burst your comfort bubble youre back to reality. So instead of using way too much time on these also invest time that will help you grow in skills for your work and in life. If you have a problem face it If you have little time given make your time valuable. You can list down the things to do and start aiming for them. With completing a task set yourself a deadline ahead from the actual time given to you so you will not be cramming to the last few days or even up to the last few minutes of your real deadline. Dont Let Others Break You Sometimes if we are given a task we think what our co-worker will say about our work process. When we listen to their opinions and criticism which never helps a lot they only make it worst and gives more stress to us. Not all of their opinions matter or even helpful some are just there to gloat or see you fail. And when there are too much voice meddling in our heads we end up considering each voices opinions that it takes us longer to finish the job. Most of the time it might even affect the quality of your end output because theres a lot going on and like in a visual ad you cant deliver different messages in one ad you can only send one clear message. If you try to put various opinions it will only look clutter and people wont bother to look at your work. And that goes the same with what you should only focus on your work and not let others get to you. Always believe on what you are capable of after all you know your capabilities more than others. Plus lets be hopeful that your boss wont give you a task which he thinks you cant achieve. Think first on your own techniques and be confident at it. It is your boss that you need to be satisfied not your co- employee. You can ask for help from your co-staff but dont just do what they tell you just consider them. Life and Work Dont Mix What we feel reflects on our work. So if were already feeling down or having a problem at home it will show poor performance from you at work. Which in turn may cause another problem for you at work. So lets not make a situation that will only bring more problems to our life both personally and at work. It may be hard to do but its better if you can separate personal things from your work. Leave your personal things at home when you get off to work. slide 3: Think positive We always hear this tagline but it is hard to do when you are under stress. However it helps us to overcome our stressed. We may be stressed now but if we think of a good result ahead it may help us lessen it thus helps us to stay positive. Like a salary raised waiting if we did good on a certain project a promotion or paid vacation leave granted. In this way of thinking we became motivated at work instead of being stressed out. Prepare Yourself Yes you cant control everything but sure there is something that you can. We cant make our day to be 25 hours or more but we can manage our time well. We cant stop the traffic on our way to office but we can prepare early to avoid traffic. You cant stop your boss for giving you task because that is his job but you can ask for his help or his opinion or extra time to get the job done. The important thing when you are stressed is that you know what to do and how to overcome it. Dont let stress control you and put yourself into more stressful situations. James Cannon is an entrepreneur. He takes his work seriously and often looks for things that could boost his productivity and performances better. Thus he affiliates himself with on Comfy Office Chair to help others find the most comfortable office chair. He aims to help you work productively and still feel comfortable while sitting for long periods of time. Article By: James Cannon Article Source: overcome-stress-work-1519959.html

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