Tips to master your smartphone photography

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Information about Tips to master your smartphone photography

Published on July 21, 2018

Author: esourcepart


slide 1: Tips to master your Smartphone photography slide 2: Smartphone has replaced the camera to a greater deal and when you have Smartphone like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy 8 you seriously dont need to spend on the expensive DSLRs. Clarity zoom and focus the modern Smartphone is competing for all the aspect of a perfect camera. Replace to Greater Deal slide 3: If you are tired of taking the picture in the same boring way the tips given below might help you to a great deal. These tips will not only make you a good photographer but will also increase your interest in being a professional photographer. slide 4: Let’s begin with the tips to master your art of photography slide 5: Tired of not being in the frame If you don ’t want to miss the fun of photography and still want to be in the frame then here is what you need to do. Several time lapse apps are available in the market using which you can create a perfect image. You can move around and take a single resolution shot on certain intervals. slide 6: Your photo is blown out One great way to do so is by tapping on the target as it will bring the focus on the object allowing you to get the exposure manually. You can also try holding your sunglasses over the camera lens and it will turn your photo from being disastrous to be delightful. slide 7: Try the portrait mode If you just want your background to get blurred out there cant be a better option than this. You can have it when you are eight feet or less than that says the accessories for iphone 5c providers. slide 8: The video is shaky If the video you have is super shaky then just go for the Hyperlaspe apps. It will turn out to be super smooth and will help you capture all the shots with ease. slide 9: iPhone 5c accessories Canada providers swear by these tips and if you want to master your art of photography just stick to them carefully. slide 10: For any questions or concerns please contact us Phone:647-977-2049 Website:

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