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Published on December 6, 2019

Author: Sapna5768


slide 1: TIPS TO MAKE STUDENT LEARN CHEMISTRY As one of the elective science subjects Chemistry is dynamic and often requires constant awareness from students and the ability to ask why Students tend to hate or love Chemistry as a subject in different measures and capturing students interests for the subject depends on the techniques and practices employed to help students effectively learn chemistry. Below are four proven tips that can make students enjoy learning from Achievers Dream Chemistry Tuition Centre. a Make it interactive Chemistry is a practical subject and making it interactive and collaborative for students can make it fun and easy for students. Charles Darwin said "This is a long history of human beings and another kind too that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." By inducing collaboration and the freedom for students to participate and to lead specific sessions can boost confidence in students to have questions continually and gain more interest in discovering components of Chemistry. This can be done slide 2: through group homework presentation and student-oriented chemistry practical lessons. To enhance this students can be tasked to share what they have learned at the end of each session to boost their memory and understanding and also to get different perspectives on the subject from their colleagues. b Encourage students to ask lots of questions Scientists thrive by asking many questions at every step to unlock different aspects and results. Therefore encouraging students to ask many questions and creating an environment that shows students that the best way to learn is to build curiosity around every detail of the subject is one of the critical ideas of making Chemistry fun and exciting subject anytime. This eventually makes it easier for students always to have the urge to ask what Why How And these questions enable students to learn and master the subject in a simple manner. c Students to review study materials before coming to class Continually making it a habit for students to review study materials before coming to class will widen their knowledge and give them the confidence to ask questions in class. Its an act of ensuring that students dont come green in class but come when they already have an idea on the subject matter. To properly prepare them for this you can always give them topics to look at and ask them to come up with questions for the next class. d Daily Practice of Chemistry Practice in Chemistry is one of the most important ways for students to effectively learn the subject. You can encourage the students to test their knowledge through frequent Chemistry tests and quizzes. This helps the students familiarise themselves with Chemistry elements and strengthens the habits to continuously be in the mood to solve all the Chemistry problems. Learning Chemistry can be fun and exciting for students if you help them untie their most significant fears of the subject by exercising out the four simple ways. It is a process that is achieved by continuous administration of these practices with students. Enrol now for:- O level Chemistry tuition A level Chemistry tuition jc chemistry tuition h2 chemistry tuition

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