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Published on May 3, 2014

Author: halfdaypa



Social media is a powerful marketing tool for your business today. If you're not playing, your probably going to lose the race.
With a few simple strategies, being consistent, being relevant and participating you could be better able to establish your brand on social media.

Tips to Establish Your Brand on Social Media By Gail Lockyer

• Your branding is your about you and your business. When branding your business either on website, advertising, newsletter or other marketing material, you’re the one that should be in total control of it all. Sure others may be contributors, but you should be the one to sign off on the final draft and you should dictate how it’s played. • But with social media, things can be different. Because it is SOCIAL and you don’t have the power to control everything on it.

• With social media there are two things you should always keep in mind. • Firstly your injecting your brand story into someone else’s space. They set the rules and can change them at any time without your consent. • Secondly, social media is powered by real people’s conversations, listening and responding is just as important as the broadcast itself.

But when it comes to your business, don’t let these challenges keep your brand away from the social lime light. Ignoring social media means someone else can stake their claim on your behalf. And it won’t matter if you like what they have to say.

Here’s a few tips to help you establish your brand on social media and still follow the platform rules: 1. Think of your social media profiles like a virtual shop front. Make sure that you’ve locked down your virtual address long before you’re even think of putting something there. Your profile names and URL should be close to (or the same) as your business name. Like this one:!/halfdaypa

2. Be Consistent As with any marketing, consistency is the key. You want each of your social profiles to be unmistakably you, aligning with your values, core message and brand. If you’re a fun brand, create fun content. If your a serious business model, then stick with being serious. There’s room for all personalities.

3. Know the rules for each social platform Both visual and textually, there are different rules for each social platform. Like Twitter restricting your text to just 140 characters, much less than the rest. Facebook insists that your profile picture is a face with eyes. So while your aim is for consistency, make the most out of every social profile rather one size fits all.

4. Put your customer’s shoes on Well not literally, but when looking at your social media brand and performance, consider what your customers see in you. It’s your customers’ feedback and reactions that matter most. Not friends and other work colleagues. Social media is the perfect platform to ask for their thoughts. Even a negative thought or comment is an opportunity for you to defend yourself and right the wrongs. You will win more favour through responding positively rather than slamming the other person. Remember, all your comments will be publicly viewed by other customers.

5. Be relevant Social media is about what’s happening right now, so you need to ensure that your branding is relevant. Think about seasonal influences, think about what day of the week it is and even time of the day. And does your comment reflect your brand?

6. Visual does matter This is almost the most important aspect of social media. You will get more readership and reaction from a post or comment that has a picture attached to it. Get creative and include your branding on your pictures. If you can’t do the branding and messages yourself, seek a professional to compile various pictures for you. The impact is powerful.

7. Watch and trust your customers You can’t build a great brand on social media by yourself. It makes time and a collaborative effort, because your customers are also your contributors. Set the right tone and train your existing social audience, encourage participation by asking questions and prompting responses, then show trust and encourage them to take that message and spread it for you. Word of mouth can be the best brand building activity you’ll ever invest in, and representing your brand on social media will give that effort a big boost. But remember this is just the beginning. Your need to be consistent, be meaningful, be relevant and most important, be social.

What’s been your experience on social media? Does it work for your brand? Do you have a team effort and content marketing strategy at your workplace?

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