Tips to Draw Human Eyes: A Step by Step Guide

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Information about Tips to Draw Human Eyes: A Step by Step Guide

Published on July 14, 2016

Author: MyPrivateTutor


Slide1: Tips “to Draw Human Eyes: A Step by Step Guide” Slide2: You need to undertake a few strategies if you want to make a realistic sketch of human eyes. Sketching eyes are far from being a significant deal. Here is a step by step guide on the ways to draw human eyes. Slide3: You need a few things if you are eager to make a realistic sketch of human eyes. The list includes 2h wood cased pencil Color Blender Kneaded Eraser Smooth Bristol Paper Coupled with these things, you need a bit of patience and creativity to draw human eyes. Slide4: Draw the Outline Don’t make the outline very dark. Sketch this part first but make sure that it includes adequate details. This need not be perfect. The top of the circle should touch the top arc and the lower section of the circle must merge with the lower arc. 1 Slide5: Add the Eyelashes While you draw the eyelashes, press your pencil firmly. Now, release the pressure as slowly as possible while you move towards the tip. Make sure that you begin drawing the eyelashes from the root that is the eyelid. 2 Slide6: Draw the Pupil and Iris The picture of eyes with a bit of glare is always better. There is little need to worry about the overlaps. Add as much texture as you can to the iris. Straight lines look boring so make sure you make it appear messy as well as unique. 3 Slide7: Add Details Add strokes, specks and the dots carefully. While you shade the inner part of the iris, keep it dark and then as you move towards the pupil, lessen the darkness. Practice is the best way to introduce perfection. So, practice as much as possible to draw eyes realistically. 4 Slide8: Information Shared By : C a l l o r S M S : 810045537 3 W h a tsApp: 983002584 1 E m ai l : s uppo r t @ m yp r i v a t e t u t o r . c om W e b s it e : ww w . m y p r i v a t e t u t o r . c om

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