Tips To Build Your Laneway House

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Information about Tips To Build Your Laneway House

Published on November 19, 2017

Author: lanewayhouses


Tips To Build Your Laneway House: If you have a pre-existing property and want to build a laneway house then you will need to go through some steps to build it right and they are: Check the rules: To build a laneway house in your pre-exist property then the first thing for you to do is go to the city hall of your state and check if your property will pass the qualification needed for this type of house. To make your house design remain the same for an entire time, take note of the regulation. Another thing that needs to take consideration is owner occupancy. Depending on the city requirement of the owners’ occupancy, the value of your entire property might get lessened. Tips To Build Your Laneway House Slide 4: Survey your site: After you get the confirmation to build a laneway house on your property then the next thing to do is survey a site from your property. You can find a local surveyor to do the survey and give you the information where your house should fit the most to meet the city regulation . Contact the utilities and city service: When you built a new house to make it usable you will need sewer and water, electricity and, possibly, gas to hook up there. But these do not come free, so to manage your budget check the cost of a connection fee and permits beforehand. To know the detail contact city services, BC Hydro and Fortis and show them the survey site for further information. Slide 6: Make the design: In order to get the permit for your laneway house, you will need a detailed plan for your design. To get a design that will get a permit and not create any future problem, you can hire a company that is familiar with the city regulation and have a lot of experience with designing and building laneway house. Furthermore, buy having them on your site from the beginning will help you in your process to build your laneway house . Apply for the permit: After you get the detail drawing of your laneway house, you can take it to the city hall to get approval. You will need a lot of permits to build your laneway house such as development permit, building permit, electrical and even need permit for plumbing, gas, site drainage, sanitary, storm etc. Slide 8: Built the house: After you receive all kind of permit then you can start building your house BC Building Code . Laneway house is very popular these days, but if you still have not seen any of them then type laneway house design Vancouver on the internet since its popularity in Vancouver exceeds the other place. Contactus:: Laneway Houses Locations: Port Moody, BC, V3H 0E6, Canada Website: Phone No: (250) 706-8776 Email Us: Contactus:

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