Tips to build leg muscles

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Published on September 15, 2014

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Tips to build leg muscles

Tips To Build Leg Muscles

Building Leg Muscles • You Can’t grow your legs if you train them half way. Leg training isn’t fun, never easy, and is a torturous process if you do it the right way. Many people get in the routine of going through the motion when it comes to legs, but because they are such a large muscle group they have to be trained hard, heavy, and balls to the wall every single rep every single set.

Try Different Workout • Legs like every other body parts have to be trained hard, but have to be trained differently every workout. Muscle memory is not a myth, it’s real, so, changing up your wokrouts every week is a must. That means switching up order of exercises, maybe incorporating drop sets, giant sets, super sets, sometimes squatting first, in the middle of the workout, or even at the end of the workout. View slide

Squat • You can not build your quads to their fullest potential if you do not squat. Squats, is one of the hardest, most challenging exercises, but also promotes the most growth for the legs. Not only does it help with developing your qauds but it is also a great hamstring and glute exercise. View slide

Rest • You need to get ample rest every day, but especially before and after your leg training. You can’t expect to hammer your legs and only get 4-5 hours of sleep and expect them to grow. Resting equals recovery and growth and that can’t happen if you are not getting ample amount of sleep. Not getting enough rest can easily lead to overtraining and catabolism.

Run Faster & Jump Higher • Performing weight lifting exercises for your legs will develop explosive lower body power. Watch your sprinting speed and jumping ability dramatically improve as your weights on the major leg exercises increase. Heavy training certainly has its place but to train legs successfully, over training MUST be avoided.

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