Tips to be successfull from Mr Obama

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Published on February 18, 2009

Author: myportal


Slide 1: Leadership lessons from Obama Slide 2: Be comfortable in your own skin Slide 3: Develop your communication skills Slide 4: Spend quality time crafting your speeches Slide 5: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE Slide 6: Deliver with passion Slide 7: Connect with your audience Slide 8: Stick to the message Slide 9: You will get far with a great team Slide 10: You learn more by listening...... Slide 11: It’s all about connecting Slide 12: Stable strategy + Flexible tactics = Victory Slide 13: Yesterday’s competitor is today’s collaborator Slide 14: A leader is a dealer in hope Napoleon. Slide 15: Be your own story teller Slide 16: Leadership is influence Slide 17: Technology is an ally Slide 18: Use it to reach your supporters Slide 19: Leadership is all about empowering others Slide 20: and releasing them to make impact Slide 21: The ability to stay calm under pressure is a great quality Slide 22: Don’t be afraid to experiment

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