Tips on how to maintain a healthy fast

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Information about Tips on how to maintain a healthy fast

Published on June 21, 2016

Author: celeste2016


slide 1: Tips on how to maintain a healthy fast slide 2: “ Many will agree that summer fasting is not for the faint hearted. In certain parts of the world such as Europe the sun can rise as early as 4am and set as late as 10pm. Waking up from your comfortable mattress in Dubai can be a little difficult too. Here are some key tips to keep your metabolism and health in order while clearing your mind during the Holy month of Ramadan. slide 3: Eat “Real” Food Real food can be classified as fresh unprocessed and not filled with chemicals. If you’re in a hurry processed foods can seem like the quickest and most efficient option. However these types of foods are usually filled with unhealthy MSG high fructose corn syrup sodium and sugars. These types of ingredients can be extremely harmful to fill your body with after a long day of fasting. Therefore try to shop for fresh and/or organic fruits vegetables and grains from your local supermarket. Spinneys Waitrose and your local supermarkets are great options for fresh and healthy foods. slide 4: Hydrate your Body with Food At Suhoor or Iftar you can try to replenish your body’s water supply by filling up on water-rich food such as watermelon squash pineapples etc. It’s also not necessary to eat these foods. Try our coconut water fresh juices or even smoothies. Definitely avoid teas coffees and other caffeinated products. Also beware of the salt-filled breads and meats that creep up into our main meals. Soups though they might look healthy could potentially also be filled with sodium. Keep a close watch on what you eat and drink and make sure they are hydrating you and not dehydrating you further slide 5: White foods can fall under the following categories: white bread white rice white sugar etc. These types of colored foods are stripped of their nutrient content before being processed and sent to the supermarkets. “Brown ” foods such as brown bread sugar and organic brown rice haven’t gone through that process and provide longer lasting energy in the long run. Avoid “White” Foods slide 6: Everybody loves a good samosa or arayes at Iftar but let’s face it they’d be better off baked than fried. Fried foods are dripping with oil and extremely difficult to digest especially if your body hasn’t had to digest anything in the past day. Baking does take a bit more time but it’s well worth it at the end as the foods are just as delicious and about a thousand times healthier. Bake don’t Fry

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