Tips of healthy diet in ramadan

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Information about Tips of healthy diet in ramadan

Published on May 26, 2017

Author: ad786f04


1. Tips of Healthy Diet in Ramadan

2.  Sehar and Iftar are the most significant time of a day during Ramadhan  It is important to make sure that you maintain a proper diet during Ramadhan  Special preparations are done and many dishes are prepared for the whole family  According to the Nutritionists, our stomach should be given something to eat after every two hours so that the stomach keeps working and does not produce fats

3.  It has been seen that before the arrival of Ramadhan, may Muslims make claims that they would lose their weight in this blessed month by maintaining a proper diet, but the funny thing is that instead of losing their weight, they gain more weight in Ramadhan.  This is due to the improper intake of food during Sehri and Iftari.

4.  The meal of Sehri should be wholesome and complete because the energy level of whole day is dependent on the type of Sehri you are consuming.  Different countries have different traditions. In Pakistan people usually eat Parathas with yogurt and eggs in Sehri.

5.  In Saudi Arab, people eat Qatayef in Sehri which a kind of pancake made with wholesome wheat and it is filled with sweet cheese and nuts.  This dish can be eaten in both Sehri and Iftari.  It is a complete nutritional dish which is enriched with protein and carbohydrates

6.  The fast should be opened by eating dates as it is Sunnah.  Dates are little package which has all the necessary proteins and vitamins which are needed after a full day of refraining from any kind of food and drink  If dates are not available then you can open it with water

7.  Try to avoid all the oily things in Iftar  When your stomach is empty, it gets affected by the oily things much more than when its full  These oily things are extremely unhealthy and also increases the weight of the person

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