Tips In Hosting Corporate Team Building Activities

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Information about Tips In Hosting Corporate Team Building Activities

Published on April 27, 2014

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Tips In Hosting Corporate Team Building Activities

To those who are hosting corporate team building activities, the first thing that one will have to consider is planning games that will help in various business aspects. For example, the game should incorporate some simple situations at work. Make the entire game fun so that the participants attend to it with more flair.

There should be lots of situations that the person can use for this. Since this is the case, make sure to make a list of the said situations. In the list, do not forget to list the reactions of the attendees during the real situation. With the said list, it is possible to spark a discussion with the participants regarding this matter.

It will be helpful to conduct a scavenger hunt too. The person can just use the items that are in the site. Make the entire game more interesting by forbidding the participants to talk to each other. They should make use of other methods that they can think of when communicating. The first one to find all the items for the hunt will win.

Organizing the participants accordingly is a must too. In fact, the fun starts when the organizer organizes the participants according to a category that they expect the least. For example, the person can use the information on the participant's shoe size. Of course, they should not talk about it with the others to avoid problems.

Meal times can also serve as a way to bond with each other. The person should try to use this time to forger the group's teamwork even better. For example, one can use the cellphone for this time. To those who cannot resist the temptation of checking up on their phones during these times, they will have to buy the group dinner, lunch, or snack as compensation.

For the formation of the groups which will participate in the event, do not forget to assign a representative. The said representative will serve as the leader of the group. The task of the representative is to consolidate the ideas of the group and change it into an effective strategy.

Try to organize a thirsty straw game too. This is actually the kind of game that will encourage the person to drink water in a quick speed. Each teams can send in at least four teammates, give them a bottle of water with a stuck straw, and have them drink the entire bottle. The next person may start drinking once the previous person finishes the bottle.

Story writing can also be used in this kind of event. Instead of the plain event where the teams will just have to write their own story, have everyone collaborate on making one. The game should be the kind where everyone will need to contribute one line to the story. The best story created wins.

The game called telephone should work out well too. Of course, remember to incorporate a twist that is unique to corporate team building activities. The said game should involve each and everyone in each teams to make it more fun. Everyone will relay-act a certain word and the last on the line will guess what it is that is being acted out.

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