Tips for taking car insurance in Dubai

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Information about Tips for taking car insurance in Dubai

Published on February 22, 2019

Author: sehlaahmad1995


TIPS FOR TAKING CAR INSURANCE IN DUBAI: TIPS FOR TAKING CAR INSURANCE IN DUBAI Slide 2: Dubai is one of the busiest cities with increased vehicle lovers including both luxury and ordinary cars . Modernized roads and off road desert areas are highly crazy for drivers. Car insurance is a big industry in Dubai. By law in UAE, everyone should insure their vehicle . Types of car insurances in Dubai : Types of car insurances in Dubai Third party liability cover This is an insurance policy that covers the bare minimum requirement. This plan covers for injuries and damages that are inflicted to other party . For the policy owner will not be benefitted from this. The outcome is very cheap and affordable plan for the customer. Comprehensive cover Comprehensive cover involves complete protection in case of accidents, whether it was your fault or not along with other raft depending upon the insurer. This plan doesn’t stops here as it includes fire, theft and personal accidents . Documents required for a newbie: Documents required for a newbie The paperwork is the main thing that has to be sorted out primarily to attain a policy. Main documents required are Copy of drivers license Copy of vehicle registration number ( Proforma invoice ,if it is a new car) Copy of visa and passport page . The traffic department of UAE seeks a 13-month insurance certificate each time you register or renew a vehicle registration. Additional covers: Additional covers C ar owner along with all the passengers who got injured in the accident that involved the insured vehicle will be benefitted. Third party property damage cover. Agency cover targeted to new cars or 2 to 3 years old where the cover ends before the cars reaches 5 years. Emergency Medical Expenses cover Windscreen cover Extension to whole state of Sultanate of Oman for private vehicles (double excess) Natural Disasters, Storm, riot & strike, Earthquake. 24 Hours Emergency Road Side Assistance Off Road Coverage for 4WD vehicles excluding safari activities. Premium calculation: Premium calculation Factors determining the premium calculation. 1) Driver’s age: The insurance premiums tend to be high if the driver’s age is below thirty. 2) Price of the car: Costlier cars incur pricy premiums. 3) Car specifications: A New car with a lot of safety features will have lower premiums 4) Driver’s experience: The more experienced the driver, the less will be the premium. 5) Off-road Coverage: If you want off-road coverage for your vehicle, it adds to the price. 6) GCC coverage: When you are in a GCC country, you can opt for GCC coverage, though premium prices will go up. 7) Breakdown coverage: Price will even rise when we opt for breakdown. Renewal requirements: Renewal requirements 1) Passport 2) Visa copy 3) Emirates ID 4) UAE driving license 5) Car registration details 6) 13 month insurance certificate If you are opting for a new insurance company from your current one, you can present a “no claims’ certificate to the new insurance provider to get discounts on the annual premium . Slide 8: Oman insurance company is the leading insurance provider in Dubai who offers excellent policies. THANK YOU: THANK YOU

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