Tips for Students Pursuing Interpretation Course

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Information about Tips for Students Pursuing Interpretation Course

Published on November 11, 2019

Author: languagesunlimited


slide 1: Tips for Students Pursuing Interpretation Course slide 2: Evaluate Your Work Continuously Put yourself under the scanner and evaluate whether your work is good enough or not. Ask qualified professionals for help. Find out the areas where you need more work. slide 3: D D D D D Read a Lot of Books The world of languages is constantly evolving and to keep pace with that students are required to keep learning. Reading not only expose you to the usage of language but also benefits you professionally. For instance you can learn specific expressions and jargons used in the target language. slide 4: Practice is the Key to Precision Try practicing with interpreting a 15 or 20 minute long TED talk. Avoid talk shows news presentation or radio shows as these do not maintain continuity. Start with repeating whatever is said in the same language. This is a good practice for training your brain to listen and speak at the same time. slide 5: Monitor Yourself Regularly. Often the speed with which the message is delivered might baffle you. This can result in missing out words and other nuances. Constantly monitor your own speed to ensure that you do not miss out any details. slide 6: Familiarize With the Topic For interpreting a speech successfully an interpreter must have a good knowledge of the topic and its background. Research skills can be beneficial in this regard. slide 7: Contact Languages Unlimited

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