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Published on March 7, 2014

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Tips For Doing Java Assignment Java is one of the highly used and most popular programming languages of our time. It is also the most advanced programming languages. It is a general purpose, concurrent, classbased, object oriented programming language. Java is known for tag, “write once, run anywhere” or WORA. The code written in java can be compiled on number of platforms eliminating the need for native systems. Java uses Java Virtual Machine or JVM which helps in running the java code anywhere. Java is known to be a simplified and advanced version of C and C++ languages. It was developed in Sun Microsystems and the first version was released in 1996. The core ideas that led to the development of java include, a language which is simple enough but needs to run object oriented programming. It must be robust and should be secured enough. The language must also be universally run and must be very portable. The language should have high performance with minimal fails and finally, it must be interpreted, threaded an dynamic. And these factors have been achieved to a great extent with the development of many Java versions, over the years. Tips for doing Java assignment Though Java is an easy to use programming language, it is still complex enough for students and it requires constant practice. Here are some tips that can come in handy while learning and practicing Java. Know your basics: Needless to say, in order to become a good java developer, you need to learn your basics. Basics of java include Objects & Classes, Datatypes, Variable and Modifier types, Basic Operators, Loop Control, Numbers, Characters, Strings, Arrays, Date & Time, etc. Apart from these basic concepts, you also need to understand intermediate concepts such as inheritance, Overriding, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Interfaces, etc. Only then you can move on to the advanced concepts of Java. Practice makes perfect: This is an old saying, but it is relevant at all times. Soon after your complete your classes and reach home, don’t just sit back and lay around. Instead, practice what has been taught in your class once or twice. Its seems that you understand everything while listening to the class, but once you start doing it for yourself, you realize that it is easier said than done. That’s when you really get those doubts behind your head and you just want to find a solution. So, practice your coding every day. The more doubts you get the better. Make step by step planning: Once you get an assignment in Java, don’t just jump onto your computer to finish it. You’ll end up with many doubts and errors that forget what the actual project is about. Instead, take some time in understanding the project. Then list out all the steps and procedures required for writing the program. Write down every step in a flow

chart format. This will makes things easier. Now start writing the code and you can be sure that now you’ll get the least number of errors. Check your syntax for errors: After finishing the coding and before you start compiling the code, check and double check the code for any errors. Checking your code before compilations saves a lot of time later on. Also, you’ll be able to identify errors and will not make them later on. So, check your code few times before you compile. With these tips in hand, we hope your Java assignments and homework will be easily done. For more details visit our website at

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