Tips for Choosing Mobile Fire Fighter for Your Needs

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Information about Tips for Choosing Mobile Fire Fighter for Your Needs

Published on November 19, 2017

Author: jovicdieseltank


slide 1: Tips for Choosing Mobile Fire Fighter for Your Needs When it comes to hot summer months veld fires can cause insurmountable damages if not contained in time. That is why it’s wise to invest in a mobile fire fighter or a fire fighter in Durban to avoid such a catastrophe. The thing is that mobile fire fighters come in a whole range of sizes capabilities and price ranges. After all fire-fighting needs change from one place to another. If you’re looking to protect your farm from veld fires for instance the size at risk will play a key role in choosing the mobile fire fighter Durban. If it’s for industrial purposes you might want an easy-to-carry fire fighter with top-notch suction and pumping capacity. That being said here are our trade tips on how to choose the right mobile fire fighter or a fire fighter in general. Single Stage Model vs. Twin Stage Model When it comes to the configuration of your fire fighter Durban you have to think about the stage of the equipment. The rule of thumb is that twin stage models of fire fighters are ideal for lower fire-fighting needs. For higher performance needs you will need a single stage model. Take Tank Capacity into Consideration slide 2: To protect your property and those in it from a possible threat of large fires you will require powerful fire fighters with large tank capacities. The last thing you want is to run out of water assuming that the source isn’t within the premise. However if you think the risk of fire is small a low capacity tank can suffice. What is the Source of Power – Petrol or Diesel The reason why most farms and other facilities prefer mobile fire fighters is because they are perfect for areas where the power supply is either erratic or not there altogether. With that in mind you’ve to choose between petrol-powered options like Honda or dedicated diesel engine models. How does it start – electric start or hand recoil If you’re bound to fight big fires you need something that’ll work right away – perhaps a model with an electric start. Otherwise a fire fighter Durban operated by hand recoil can do just fine for small fire risks that might not spread quickly. Suction Sizes Suction sizes often range from 38 cm to 5 cm. The larger the size the more capable the fire fighter in pumping more water and handling more significant fires. These are just but a few things you should consider when selecting the right mobile fire fighter in Durban. Besides thinking about priming options drain ports wheel gear and so forth might come handy. slide 3: Diesel Tanks and Pumps 34 Compas Street Bell park Brackpan - 1556 Johannesburg Gauteng Cell No: 0760228659 / Fax no: 0866051248 E

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