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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: RichardThompson.lgx



With the following few tips, anybody can develop the confidence to buy a classic car with the assurance that they are not getting scammed or inhibited by their own car ignorance.

Tips for Buying Classic Cars Classic cars are, well, classic. And they are deemed classic for a reason; typically being because they were innovative to the industry in some way, hold great power under the hood, became culturally significant, or similar traits that define classic cars as classic cars. Their head-turning ability and awe inspiring revs of the engine can cause many people, not just the so labeled “car people” to seek out these classics for purchase. But how can one who is not a “car person” know how best to go about buying a classic car, especially if they have never done so before? With the following few tips, anybody can develop the confidence to buy a classic car with the assurance that they are not getting scammed or inhibited by their own car ignorance. In fact, the very first tip to buying a classic car is to know your reasons for wanting the car in the first place. Why? There are no right or wrong answers to this self-evaluation, as your reasons for buying the car are strictly your own, but it is important to have an honest conversation with yourself as to why you are heading down this path. If, in the end, you decide that your desire or need for a classic car is not worth the effort than at least you have come to this conclusion before putting in the leg work. What? After determining why you would purchase a classic vehicle, consider your needs for the vehicle on a daily basis. This consideration will help you in determining what aspects of the car will be important to you later on. For example, if you believe you will be driving the car frequently, than perhaps a classic car in mint condition is not necessary and you can save on costs by buying a vehicle that is not fully restored. Conversely, if the car will be used mainly for showings, than a fully restored vehicle may be the better option. How Much? Next, as always, you should set a fixed budget and stick to it. No matter what else happens, sticking to your budget is a sure-fire guaranteed way to only spend what you can afford or what you desire on your new classic beauty.

Research Once the preliminary planning has been taken care of, you can start your search. This is undoubtedly the fun part, but remember to keep a level head and think through your decisions. Just as with any other car purchase, you will want to do your homework before taking the financial plunge. Investigate the car, both the general make and model as well as the specific individual vehicle you have before you, and investigate the seller. Protect it Lastly, you will want to secure your auto insurance in Henderson to keep your new purchases fully protected. While looking at policies, remember to look for those policies that are geared specifically to classic cars, have agreed value terms, low rates, high mileage limitations, and roadside assistance. Buying a classic car, especially for the first time, can be a thrill all its own. But those who do so with caution, foresight, and level head will be glad they did. Photo Credit: Predo Ribeiro Simoes, Chris A

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