Tips for buying a bbq grill

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Information about Tips for buying a bbq grill

Published on June 18, 2016

Author: jimcahir


1. Tips for Buying A BBQ Grill

2. Most people who love the art of outdoor living will have at one time or another contemplated buying an outdoor Bar-B- Que grill for their outdoor kitchen. Landing the grill of your dreams is not as easy as it may sound and, as a result, you require a simple checklist that you can take along when you are going shopping in order for you to manage to separate the necessities from the frills.

3. The source of fuel: The use of propane is convenient but you always need to have a spare tank around so that you don’t have to leave your BBQ grill to go and look for propane. However, natural gas appears to be a better option and which costs less in the long run but you will need to have a line fixed from your indoor kitchen to the outdoor kitchen. You may also want to do a propane/natural gas conversion using a conversion kit; think carefully about your fuel source when choosing.

4. Use of grill: There is no doubt that you constructed an outdoor kitchen for cooking and that is why you want to install a grill. However, you want to ask yourself what kind of food you are likely to cook and the quantities. The good rule of the thumb is to have an outdoor Bar-B-Que grill that can hold enough food for as many people as you would like to host at once. If you love to entertain you will definitely want a grill that has a large surface area. Take measurements before you head to the BBQ grill showroom so that you get the exact size.

5. The BTU Debate: BTU is the short form for British Thermal Unit and it reflects on the grill’s gas usage; just remember that unlike the horsepower in your car engine, a bigger BTU unit does not necessarily guarantee faster or better cooking. For a standard gas grill, you will require between 80 and 100 BTU for every square inch while 60 to 80 BTU will do for an infrared unit.

6. Features: There are many frills that can accompany your outdoor Bar-B-Que grill; you may get to use your warmer racks, side burners, and rotisseries quite a bit but ask yourself what other BBQ accessories you will really need. It is, therefore, important that you make a checklist of the most important BBQ accessories you will need and at a price you can comfortably afford.

7. Upkeep and maintenance: On average you may need to change some important BBQ parts at least once every 14 months. The most common ones are burners that may not be too expensive or too hard to replace but you need to check that they are actually hardy; avoid BBQ parts that are poorly made because they will give you lots of headaches.

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