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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: chat2xtramoney



Tips & Advice From: **TEAM Thierry MLM Worldwide**

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no magic secret to building any business online. A little bit of common sense, a little bit of education, and a lot effort will get you the quickest results. The internet is full of secret formulas for sale, but the only people that get rich from these magic formulas, are the people selling them to you. There is no magic or mystery about the internet it’s simply another form of marketing.

That means you need to have a great product or service, sell, advertise, and market what you have, and spend money and time doing it. If you open a retail store, or a service business down the street, it would take money and time, for you to build your business and make a profit. The internet is absolutely the same, and do not let anyone try to tell you otherwise. People have the illusion, that because there are millions of people on the internet, you will have millions of people buying from you.

Wrong, because there are also millions of people competing with you, and it takes massive amount of marketing, effort, and money to contact all the millions of prospects. Tip #01 – You can’t do it all. Do some research, and find some good internet sources. But be careful, because the amount of info on the internet is huge, and you can easily become a permanent student, always coming across something new, and never building your business. Settle on a few resources, and then take action. The tons of internet info will there next week or month, you can’t master it all at once.

Tip #02 – Become very disciplined and consistent. Just think about it, if there is some magic formula, and all you have to do is just push a few buttons, why would anyone need you. So the first step is to set a long term mind set. Next you must decide, what’s the maximum time, you can spend on your business each day, or week, and make sure that no matter what happens, you spend that time. Do the same thing with your budget. Take small but consistent steps. The successful operative word is consistent.

Tip #03 – Do not fall for the MLM company hype. Most MLM companies, roll out the selected few top stars, and try to tell you, that just like they, you can build your business in a matter of a few days, weeks, or months. The truth is, very few if any of their distributors have done so. In most cases, those that claim fast success, are distributors with defunct or other MLM companies, who brought their distributor network with them. That’s how they became overnight success with their current company. Remember your success will be long term, and that’s how you are going to make the big dollars.

Tip #04 – It’s a business not a Cult. Remember you are business to build the largest possible distribution network, for whatever product or service you are involved with. That’s how you will make the most money. So do not get distracted by running to every possible meeting or conference call. Most people involved with any MLM will end up participating in every meeting or call, and never really taking action with their business. Yes just like any real brick and mortar business, you will need to meet with others, and engage in conferences, but it should not be your only focus.

Tip #05 – If it’s Free, it usually has no value. If you get on the internet, chances are you can probably spend 24 hours a day, signing up for some free instant marketing offer. The problem is that virtually none of it works, and you’re just wasting your time. Any marketing takes time and effort, and this means it will cost something. Yes you can use some free options, but your best bet is to set up a marketing budget, find one or two ways to use it, and use it consistently. Avoid signing up for all kinds of free offers, because they will suck the life out of your time schedule.

For additional information, please see other articles on this subject, and also check out the resources available on my blog at You are in business to make money and not to get emotionally attached to any company or a particular product or service. Your opportunity should be recession proof, built online, be global, and have the largest possible prospect base. That’s why my primary opportunity is id=MrBusiness4u

**Team Thierry MLM Worldwide** Helping Others Achieve Success, Wealth & Abundance For Next Generation

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