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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Doride

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Slide1:  EDUARD TIOZZO University of Miami Acapulco, September 2, 2006 Structure and Organization of a Swim Club Slide2:  History of HAPK Mladost Zagreb, Croatia Founded in 1945 Over 20,000 swimmers 11/14 senior national championship titles (1991-2004) 12/14 junior national championship titles (1991-2004) CLUB FACILITY World University Games 5 Pools (indoor, outdoor) Weight-room, sauna, track field etc. Biggest in the nation Location: Sports Park Non-profit Organization Slide3:  HAPK Mladost Today HAPK – Croatian Academic Swimming Club 614 swimmers 12 Coaches Host of International Meet – ‘Mladost’ Mark Foster, Yana Klochkova, Peter Mankoč, Therese Alshammar, Duje Draganja, Daniel Gyurta, Sabir Muhammed, Christian Keller, Bart Kizerovski… 13 National Team members The most successful club in Croatia Slide4:  Croatian Olympic Committee Croatian Swimming Federation HAPK Mladost Zagreb’s Swimming Federation Zagreb’s Sports Organization Committee: President Vice-President 9 committee members Secretary Coaches and Instructors Swimmers Nutritionist Doctor Massage Therapist Parents Parents volunteers Former Swimmers Croatian Swimming and Club Team Mladost Slide5:  Groups and Programs Swim School Age Group Swimming Top Level Swimming Escuela de Natacion Swimming school:  Escuela de Natacion Swimming school - Drills (3 the most important things in swimming= technique, technique and technique!!) - Fun!! - Friday= relay day - Create enjoyable atmosphere: - other sports; basketball and soccer - movies - trips - art shops Concepto de Entrenamiento para Escuelas de Natacion (Training concept for swimming school):  Concepto de Entrenamiento para Escuelas de Natacion (Training concept for swimming school) Endurance and Sprint Training :  Endurance and Sprint Training Age groups 10-12, 12-14 (Basic Training):  Age groups 10-12, 12-14 (Basic Training) - Preparation for future Intense and Voluminous Training - The general physical development (non specific activities) - The aerobic capacity training is gradually introduced - Stroke technique, starts and turns - 2 macrocycles (winter-February, and summer-July) Age groups 14-16, 16-18 (Build-up Training):  Age groups 14-16, 16-18 (Build-up Training) - The training duration and number of training sessions per week are raised. - More swim specific training and conditioning is included. - Perfecting stroke tehnique. - 2-3 macrocycles (winter-December/February, and summer-July). - Swimers (female) at this phase start senior program- TOP LEVEL TRAINING Temporada 2004/2005 Season 2004/2005:  Temporada 2004/2005 Season 2004/2005 Entrenamiento semanal para nadadores del Equipo Nacional Weekly program for the National Team Members (Slovenia, May 2004):  Entrenamiento semanal para nadadores del Equipo Nacional Weekly program for the National Team Members (Slovenia, May 2004) Motivacion y entrenamiento Challenging sets:  Motivacion y entrenamiento Challenging sets - Mental development - Motivation to go all out Objetivos a Nivel Internacional International Goals:  Objetivos a Nivel Internacional International Goals EYOD- European Youth Olympic Days - Held every two years - Age group swimmers (M- 15-16, W 13-14) - 5-6 swimmers - 1 swimmer in A and 2 in B finals Slide17:  Campeonato Europeo Categoria Junior European Junior Championship - Held every year - Age group swimmers (M 17-18, W 15-16) - 3-4 swimmers - 1 swimmer in finals and 1 in semifinals - Last 4 Championships- 4 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal Slide18:  Senior Swimming - 10 swimmers (6 National Team Members) study in the USA - 5 Olympians (Sidney 2000 and Athens 2004) Ante Maskovic- European Champion (Valencia 2000, 50 back-24,60) Resultados a Nivel Internacional Major international results:  Resultados a Nivel Internacional Major international results GORDAN KOZULJ - Olympic A finalist (Sidney) - World and European Championship medalist - Former European and World record holder (200 backstroke SC) - Croatian athlete of the year (1999) - Graduated from University of Berkeley Slide20:  ALEXEI PUNINSKI - 2 times Junior European Champion - European Championship silver medalist (Dublin 2003) - NCAA finalist (50 free and 50 fly) - Freshman at University of Auburn Slide21:  SASA IMPRIC European Junior Champion Glasgow 2004 (200 medley-2:03,41) VANJA ROGULJ - European Junior Championship two times silver medalist (50 and 100 breaststroke) - NCAA finalist (100 and 200 breaststroke) - Senior at University of Virginia MARIO DELAC - European Junior Championship medalist (400 free relay) - NCAA B finalist (100 free) - Senior at University of Minnesota Slide22:  PETRA BANOVIC - World Cup medalist (400 and 800 freestyle) - NCAA finalist (800 free relay) - Graduated from Arizona State University Categories of The Croatian Olympic Committee:  Categories of The Croatian Olympic Committee 1st category- finalist of the Olympic Games and The World Championship, top six on the European Championship 2nd and 3rd categories- result Areas de Soporte Supporting Areas:  Areas de Soporte Supporting Areas Problems: :  Problems: - Demanding school system and not supportive for athletes - high school (13-15 subjects, 6-7 hours) - swimmers who go to college quit swimming or they go to the States - Traveling (home-school-pool) - Pool time: - pool management - practice sometimes collides with a school - Sprint oriented - sprinting is easier!! Petra Radovic- age group (14 and 15) national record holder (LC 50 fly-28,48, SC 50 free 26,61) The National Championship LC winning times (1996/2006)- Men:  The National Championship LC winning times (1996/2006)- Men Slide28:  Links: - HAPK Mladost www.hapk-mladost.hr - Croatian Swimming Federation www.hrvatski-plivacki-savez.hr - Croatian long distance swimming federation www.hsdp.hr Slide29:  MUCHAS GRAZIAS!!! tiozzoe@hotmail.com

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