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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: cynthiacrline

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Story Telling

Name : Cynthia Caroline Class : XI IPA ICT Timun Mas Once upon a time,there was an old woman. Her name is Mbok Srintil. She lived alone without children and husband. Everyday,she searched firewood to sell in the traditional market. Her money was just enough for herself.So, she never complained about her life or her finance because she just paid for herself. Mbok Srintil was always be tired because she was old.In the evening, Mbok Srintil sat in a big rock in the middle forest and she daydreamed.She imagined that if she had a child,her works became easy because the child can help her of course.But, she didn’t have a husband so what should she do to get a child? While Mbok Srintil was daydreaming a smell and dirty giant was in front of her.Mbok Srintil couldn’t stand up.She was too afraid and nervous. She thought her soul would go on. “I’m really hungry now.Where’s your children? Let me eat them all now!”The giant said with loud sound. “I..I don’t have a child”Mbok Srintil said with tremor.The giant thrusted his face to Mbok Srintil’s face.The giant mouth’s was stink and it made Mbok Srintil wanted to vomit. DON’T LIE!” The giant said. Mbok Srintil said,” I..I really don’t have a child if you want to eat.You can eat me.” “Hahaha…. I don’t eat you.You are old.So,your meat is not delicious. You only have bones,it made toothache.”The giant said. Then the giant gave a small bag of cucumber seeds.”Grow them,they will grow to cucumbers.One of the cucumbers will have a gold cucumber.If the gold cucumber is ripe,the plant will appear a baby.Bring her up and give enough food! So the baby will become a healthy child.After she is 6 years old.I will come and take her to become my food and so she’ll be a delicious food,won’t she? UNDERSTAND! Hahaha….” The giant said. Mbok Srintil kept the seeds.”NOW GO!”The giant shouted. “O..okay I..I will go” Mbok Srintil said.. The loud sound of the giant made Mbok Srintil ran so quickly.After she arrived in her house, she grew all the seeds in her small garden.Everyday she took care of the seeds.A few days,the cucumber plants have a unique fruit,a golden cucumber.Mbok Srintil gave a special attention to the gold cucumber.It grew bigger and bigger.At the right moment, Mbok Srintil picked and splited that, the gold cucumber appeared a baby girl dan the baby cried.

” A beautiful girl!” Mbok Srintil said.She was really happy and hold the baby and gave a name,Timun Mas. Timun Mas grew a healthy and smart girl.Mbok Srintil was grateful because she had a beautiful girl. “Let me help you,Mbok” Timun Mas said. “Yes, my dear.”Mbok Srintil said.But,if she remembered about her promise to the giant.She became sad.Timun Mas was almost 6 years old. Mbok Srintil’s worry proved.The giant came.”I amn’t be patient to eat her.Where’s she?” The giant said.”Hi,Giant.Timun Mas is young and she isn’t delicious to you to eat now. Wait 2 years again.Of course,she’ll be delicious food.” Mbok Srintil said. The giant agreed and promised.He’ll come 2 years later. “Okay,I will come 2 years.Hahaha…” The giant said. Mbok Srintil thought about her child all the night until she was sleepy.One day, she dreamed a recluse.The recluse said” Timun Mas must go to mountain top and meet me there” “Okay,I will tell about this to my daughter.” Mbok Srintil said. After that,Mbok Srintil told about her promise to the giant to Timun Mas. Then,Mbok Srintl told to Timun Mas to go to mountain top. “Be careful my dear.” Mbok Srintil said. “Yes,Mbok.Thank you.” Timun Mas said. Timun Mas was obedient and met the recluse.There, she told all the incident.The recluse gave 4 small bags that she could open those when she was in trouble. “Timun Mas, grand pa gave you 4 bags to safe your life from the evil giant.”The recluse said. “Thank you grand pa” Timun Mas said. Timun Mas went to home but after she arrived in her house. She was surprised that the giant had waited her.Timun Mas shouted and said” The giant has came.I..I’m afraid.”. “Run..run.Save yourself.” Mbok Srintil shouted Timun Mas ran and the giant was mad and follow the Timun Mas. Timun Mas spreaded the first bag.The contain is cucumber seeds. She spreaded and grew a lot of cucumbers.The giant’s attention diverted to cucumbers.He’s too excited with the cucumbers and made he forgot Timun Mas. After the giant finished eating, he remembered Timun Mas and ran again. “DON’T RUN TIMUN MAS….DON’T RUN… Hahaha” The giant said.

The giant was very close now with Timun Mas so she spreaded the second bag,needles. She spreaded and grew a lot of big and sharp bamboo plants. “What’s that? Ahhh….”The giant was painful because of that The giant could quit from that and made Timun Mas scared. Because of that she spreaded the third bag,salt. She spreaded and appeared a wide sea. The giant tried to swim quickly.Even though her legs were so painful,he never gave up to get Timun Mas. “DON’T RUN TIMUN MAS!!!” The giant shouted. Finally, Timun Mas spreaded the last bag, terasi after the giant quitted from the sea. In Timun Mas’s heart, she was so sad. She prayed”GOD, please safe my life.” Then she spreaded and appeared mud suction. The giant was mad and forgot about the next incident. Immediately,he was drowned. Timun Mas said thank you and was grateful to GOD. Then Timun Mas came back to home and lived happily. THE END

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