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Published on September 11, 2013

Author: rsvienna

Source: slideshare.net


Timisoara rightly carries the nickname "City of Roses". In this book you will meet the green side of the second largest city in Romania.
Explore the impressive village museum. The Village Museum was built on the site of the hunting forest. In the immediate area there is also the Timisoara Zoo.
If you are planning a trip to Timisoara, or if you'd like to find out more about this great city, you must grab this book.


Timisoara is pleased to now more than ever, about one of his nickname - "City of Roses and parks." As an emerging and thriving economic center, Timisoara recognized early that a city needs a green oasis. It has already been forseen at that time that a city must not only score points by means of growing industry and trade, but also by its beauty. And what makes a city more beautiful and colorful than parks and flower gardens. The first park of the city was established in 1862, in the years after, more parks were established. The polulation liked the so called "Green Forest" (Padurea Verde) wich goes back to 1732. Since 1955 the park is used by many of the inhabitants a place of rest and relaxation (737 acres). Today, the "Central" Park (1870), the People's Park (1862) with the former Apollo Cinema, the Botanic Park, the Cathedral Park and of course the Rose Park (Parcul Rozelor), are among the most liked parks in Timisoara. The Rose Park is one of the landmarks of the city and is a popular resort with locals. The Austrian Emperor Franz Josef already praised the park on the occasion of a visit to Timisoara. In the park there is the largest open-air stage, a great venue for summer festivals and concerts. The preference of Timisoara's residents for roses and parks is not new. This love is gradually grown as the city developed into a modern city. In Timisoara constantly roses and many other kinds of flowers were planted, parks and green ways were created, so that the city can proudly wear the nickname - City of Roses and parks. FOREWORD ii Dipl. Econ. Simion Giurca Romanian Tourist Office 1010 Vienna - Austria


BRATIANU PARK This park was named after the former Prime Minister Ion. I.-C. Bratiano. This park is adjacent to the City Park, which is located next to the Hotel Continental. The landmark of the City Park is the so-called "Big Floral Clock". 4

CATHEDRAL PARK The Cathedral Park is located between the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Three Hierarchs and the Bega Channel. The park is bounded by the Bulevardul Regele Ferdinand, the Bega Channel and the Bulevardul 16 Decembrie 1989. 5

THE PEOPLE’S PARK Parcul Poporului (People's Park) on the right side of the Bega Channel in Fabric exists since 1862 and since has carried several names like Varosliget, Parcul Coronini, Parcul Oraşului, Parcul Regina Maria, Parcul Fabric and Parcul Tineretului. In the park is the former Apollo Cinema, which was originally built in 1909 by architect Josef Ecker Jr., and reconstructed in 1955 by architect Paul Schuster. 6

CENTRAL PARK The Central Park was established in 1870 on the site of the old city cemetery (1749-1771). A year later, the city citizens donated a monument for the founder of the park and named the park Parcul Scudier. During the socialist era, the park was called Parcul I.V. Stalin. In the middle of the park is the monument of the fallen Romanian soldiers in World War II. This monument was inaugurated in 1962. The park is located west of the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral. Since 3. August 2009 the Aleea Personalităţilor (Avenue of personalities) displays historical people of the Timisoaran history. 7


9 THE ROSE PARK The Parcul Rozelor is located on the 1st Dis- trict Chetatea. Wilhelm Mühle, the landscape architect and rose grower and Wenceslas F. Niemitz designed the park, which opened on 19th July 1891. In the same year, the Emperor Franz Joseph I payed the park a visit.

10The Rose Park of Timisoara

LONG HISTORY Over the years the park has been wearing many names: Parcul Trandafirilor, Parcul şi de Cultura Odihnă, Parcul şi de Cultura Odihnă "Ştefan Plăvăţ" and Parcul de Cultura. In both world wars, the park was almost destroyed. In 1965 he was restored and is one of the landmarks of the city. 11

12The Rose Park of Timisoara

13The Rose Park of Timisoara

14The Rose Park of Timisoara

15The Rose Park of Timisoara

16The Rose Park of Timisoara

SUMMER THEATRE Surrounded by thousands of flowers is a large open-air theater, which is used in the warm season for many cultural events. The summer theater is one of the most important cultural venues of the city. Here is also the annual feast of the hearts (Festivalul Inimilor) held. 17

18The Rose Park of Timisoara

19The Rose Park of Timisoara

20The Rose Park of Timisoara

21The Rose Park of Timisoara

22The Rose Park of Timisoara

SPECIFICATIONS The park is home to 9,000 rose bushes, 450 trees and shrubs, 11,000 m² of lawns, 77 benches and 12 pergolas. The park is watered by a computerized irrigation system. Because of the Rose Park, one of Timisoara's nicknames is "City of Roses" 23


THE VILLAGE MUSEUM The Banat Village Museum is Romania's only ethnographic exhibition, which displays all elements of a village, such as town hall, church, school, community center and guest house. The area covers 17 acres. Shown are 52 houses and farms and an im- pressive collection of typical everyday objects such as furniture, clothes, fabrics, carpets, appliances, tools and manual work. The initiative for the establishment of the impressive and expansive mu- seum goes back to the art historian and church restorer Ioachim Miloia. In the courtyard of the Banat Museum he started in 1928 to build up the first churches, farmhouses and wooden crosses. The museum was opened in 1971 at its current location, the "Hunting Forest". As part of the modernization of the Village Museum, the lighting and the walkways were started to be renewed in 2012. The open-air stage, on which always on Sundays in the summer folklore and dance events take place, will also be modernized. The Banat Village Museum is one of the places you "must" take a look during a visit to Timisoara. Reach the museum by bus 45 (from Bas- tion). 25

OVERVIEW 1 Customs House of Timisoara 2 Bata House 3 Capalnas House 4 Pottery from Birchis 5 Pottery from Jupanesti 6 Farmhouse of the Cavaran 7 Farmhouse of the Visag 8 Farmhouse of the Jebel 9 Hungarian House 10 Deportation House 11 Farmhouse of the Zolt CITY CENTRE 12 National Hall 13 City Hall 14 Church from Topla 15 Inn 16 School CRAFT AND TECHN. BUILDINGS 17 Oilpress 18 Oilpress from Luncani 19 Oilpress from Satu-Mic- Victor Vlad Delamarina 20 Cartwright from Bulci 21 Cashier and Folk art store 26

BATA HOUSE Region: Arad Year build: second half eighteenth century 27




CAPALNAS HOUSE Region: Mures Valley Year built: beginning nineteenth century 31




POTTERY FROM BIRCHIS Region: Mures Valley Year built: beginning nineteenth century 35




POTTERY FROM JUPANESTI Region: Faget Year built: about middle nineteenth century 39

FARMHOUSE OF THE CAVARAN Region: Caras-Severin area Year built: about end nineteenth century 40


JEBEL HOUSE Region: Deta Ciscova Year built: about end nineteenth century 42




SERBIEN FARMHOUSE Region: Banat Year built: about second half nineteenth century until beginning twentieth century 46





SLOVAKIAN FARMHOUSE Region: Nadlac (Arad) Year built: end nineteenth until beginnig twentieth century 51





GERMAN FARMHOUSE Region: Biled (Timis) Year built: nineteenth century 56




UKRAINIAN HOUSE Region: Repedea, Marmurea Year built: end nineteenth until beginnig twentieth century 60




CHURCH OF TOPLA Region: Faget Year built: middle eighteenth century 64



INN OF BARNA Region: Lugoj (Timis) Year built: nineteenth century 67



SCHOOL OF BARNA Region: Lugoj (Timis) Year built: second half nineteenth century 70



Select your hotel according to your individual requirements. For meetings and if a large room and personal service for you are valuable, the Lido is recommended. If you want everything under one roof, gym, swimming pool and an integrated casino, then you will be staying at the Continental. Central for visiting the Opera, if you want to go just across HOTEL & MEETING 5

the street, then Hotel Timisoara will be your first choice. Of course, there are other hotels in Timisoara, for more hotels please consult your regional Romanian Tourism Office. 74 Hotel Lido Hotel Continental HOTEL LIDO Boulevard Iosif Bulbuca Nr. 20 30073 Timișoara +40 256 407373 reservations@hotel-lido.ro www.hotel-lido.ro HOTEL & MEETING Hotel Timișoara

Hospitality is a priority in Timisoara. In this sum- mary, three hotels were described. The offer is of course much larger and bids all visitors a wide range of possibilities. 75


PARKS AND GREEN SPACES On the next page is an alphabetical listing of the major parks and Green Spaces found in Timisoara, the city of flowers. For a direct link to parks, you can just follow the link on Google Maps. Google Maps - Parks of Timisorara 77

• Grădina Botanică (Botanical Garden) • Piața Eforie • Piața Crucii • Parcul Uzine (Power Station Park) • Parcul Rozelor (Rose Park) (prev. Parcul Trandafirilor, Parcul de Cultură și Odihnă, Parcul de Cultură și Odihnă „Ștefan Plăvăț”, and Parcul de Cultură) • Parcul Poporului (People’s Park) (previously Varosliget, Parcul Coronini, Parcul Orașului, Parcul Regina Maria, Parcul Fabric and Parcul Tineretului) • Parcul Mocioni • Parcul Justiției (Justice Park), (prev. Parcul Consiliului Popular) • Parcul Gheorghe Doja • Parcul Eminescu (prev. Ferenz Jozsef Park, Parcul Mihai Emi- nescu, Parcul Pionerilor, Parcul Copiilor, and Orașul Copiilor) • Parcul Dr. I. C. Brătianu • Parcul Doina • Parcul de la Cinematograful „Capitol” • Parcul Civic (City Park) • Parcul Central (Central Park) • Parcul Catedralei (Cathedral Park) • Parcul Alpinet (previously Parcul Demetrovici) • Pădurea Verde (Hunting Fores) 78

TOURIST OFFICES The list of Romanian tourism offices worldwide. If you are planning a trip to Romania, please trust to these agents. You will receive valuable tips for your trip and one or the other inside information. 79

AUSTRIA Romanian Tourist Office Opera Ring 1, R Staircase, Floor 4, Door 404 1010 Vienna Tel: +43 (1) 317-31-57 Fax: +43 (1) 317-31-574 E-mail: Rumaenien@aon.at www.rumaenien-info.at FRANCE Office de Tourisme de Roumanie 7, Rue Gaillon 75002 Paris Tel: +33 (1) 40-20-99-33 Fax: +33 (1) 40-20 99-43 E-mail: info@GuideRoumanie.com www.GuideRoumanie.com GERMANY Romanian Tourist Office Reinhardtstraße 47 10117 Berlin Tel: +49 (30) 400-55-904 Fax: +49 (30) 400-55-906 E-mail: info@rumaenien-tourismus.de www.rumaenien-tourismus.de GREAT BRITAIN Romanian Tourist Office 12 Harley Street London W1G 9PG Tel: +44 (207) 224-36-92 E-mail: romaniatravel@btconnect.com www.RomaniaTourism.com ITALY Turismo della Romania Via Torino 95, Galleria Esedra 00184 Rome Tel: +39 (6) 488-02-67 Fax: +39 (6) 4898-62-81 E-mail: office@romania.it www.Romania.it POLAND Ośrodek informacji Turystycznej Rumunii Krakowskie Przedmieście 47/51 00-071 Warszawa Tel / fax: +48 (22) 826-40-10 E-mail: info.rumunia@wp.pl RUSSIA Romanian Tourist Office Masfilmovskaya Street 35, Office 313 119330, Moscow Tel: +7 (499) 143-87-65 Fax: +7 (499) 143-86-72 E-mail: info@romaniatravel.ru www.RomaniaTravel.ru SPAIN Romanian Tourist Office Calle Alcántara 49-51 28006 Madrid Tel: +34 (91) 401-42-68 Fax: +34 (91) 402-71-83 E-mail: oficina@RumaniaTour.com marina@rumaniatour.com www.RumaniaTour.com USA Romanian Tourist Office 355 Lexington Avenue, 8th Floor New York NY 10017 Tel / Fax: +1 (212) 545-8484 E-mail: Info@RomaniaTourism.com www.RomaniaTourism.com 

FINALLY This book was written with the support of the Romanian tourism offices in Vienna and the local onsite assistance in Timisoara. 81

AT THE END When we visited Timisoara (Volume 1) the first time, it was clear: we need to come back. The rose blooms and the many parks have led to Timisoara's nickname "City of Roses". Of particular note is the impressive village museum, which is located in the grounds of the hunting forest. During this visit, it is hard to emphasize what we liked most: the stunning view of the square in front of the Opera House from our balcony at the Hotel Timisoara, the fragrant rose garden, the green and tranquil parks in the city, the spacious and originally decorated Village Museum, or the recovery factor at the Hotel Lido, by which we were able to complete the journey. To all the friends and companies that contributed to the production of this book: thank you very much. SOURCES Maps and satellite images: Google Maps and Google Earth, dates and historical data from Timisoara Wikipedia. TEXTS German and english edition: Rudolf J. Strutz
 romanian edition: Vlad E. Anitei and Dr. Simion Giurca COPYRIGHT Photos and information may not be used without prior written permission of the author. IMPRINT Rudolf J. Strutz 1100 Vienna rsvienna@gmail.com jr-design.net 82 Rudolf J. Strutz Author and Photographer

IMAGES ON ARTFLAKES This book is free of charge and if you want to give it to a friend or acquaintance, please feel free to do so. There is also the possibility to put some of the pictures in this book on your home or office wall. For Posters, Art, Canvas or Gal- lery Prints just click on the ARTFLAKES Logo. POSTER • 200g/sqm premium matte paper • 5 mm white border • High-definition ink ART PRINTS • 260g/sqm premium paper • Choice of black, white or no mat • High-quality wooden frame • Choice of black, white or natural wood frame • Sizes are the dimensions of the inner frame. CANVAS PRINTS • 340g/sqm premium canvas • High-definition ink • Ultraviolet protection • Premium wood frame 2 cm or 4 cm • Option of white or printed edge • Wall mounts already attached GALLERY PRINT • 2 mm alu-dibond plate • High-definition ink • Laminated (matte or glossy) or acrylic finish • Ultraviolet protection • Wall mounts already fixed • Stunning premium product GREETING CARDS • High quality semi-matte card • Size open: A5 (21.0x14.8 cm) • Size folded: A6 (14.8x10.5 cm) • Title and artist name on back • With envelope CALENDAR One Page per Month, 14 pages in total, for- mats from A5 to A2 available. FLIPART One Photograph per page, 14 pages in total, formats from A5 to A2 available. PDF-VERSION This book was written to be viewed on Apple iPads.If you plan to use it on any other com- puter, you could also download a PDF version free of charge. Please use the ISSUU Link on this page. DIN FORMATS DIN Length Widths A2 - 59,4 cm 42 cm A3 - 42 cm 29,7 cm A4 - 29,7 cm 21 cm A5 - 21 cm 14,9 cm 83 Artflakes issuu.com http://www.calvendo.de/galer ie/autor/rudolf-j-strutz/ MeinBildKalender.de

84 CALENDAR Great looking calendar in landscape format. Sizes A4, A3 and A2. These are sold exclusively on the plattform meinbildkalender.de. Just click the fotobar Logo. FROM € 15,90 MeinBildKalender.de

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