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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Michelangelo

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Timeline of the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill April 1975 – July 2006:  Timeline of the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill April 1975 – July 2006 Originally Compiled by Baron Alaric Domhnullach Originally designed by Signora Sveva Lucciola Updated and messed with by Dunstan leHeryngmongere The Key:  The Key A box this color Indicates an Informal gathering Or new canton forming Yellow Boxes indicate Local events. The Dark green Boxes are present Whenever the Baronage Changes White Boxes are Inter-Kingdom Events Boxes with this symbol Indicate a Principality Level event. Boxes with this symbol Indicate a Kingdom Level event. The Kittyhawk Slide3:  The Boreas The following is a timeline of the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill. It was originally designed several years ago by Baron Alaric Domhnullach and Signora Sveva Lucciola. For the last several years it has been kept updated by Lord Dunstan leHeryngmongere, who also added the trivia questions and graphics, such as they are. It is mostly a list of all the events that we have been able to gather information on since the first gathering of Windmasters’ Hill, back when it was hoping to one day be a shire of the East Kingdom in April of 1975. This history is by no means comprehensive and, because of the nature of the information, it’s also subject to some speculation as to it’s accuracy at certain points. If you see any mistakes in the information presented herein, please contact Dunstan at rangernealson at aol.com and let him know. It would also be a wondrous thing if we could add some pictures to this presentation. If you have pictures of local people at events listed herein please send them along to Dunstan at the above email. This goes for any pictures, but especially holds true for old pictures of the Baronages or other prominent figures in Baronial History. Enjoy this little stroll down memory lane. Slide4:  AS IX April 20, 1975 1st Gathering of Windmasters AS X May 1975 Officers of Shire Chosen May 1975 Feast of the Lusty Month Nov 1975 Fighter Practice & Revel (Courtesan’s Ball) Feb. 21, 1976 Ymir I (Chapel Hill) Dec 1975 Midwinter Potluck Slide5:  AS XI May 15, 1976 Inter-Kingdom Tourney (Morrow Mtn) Aug. 7, 1976 Tourney of the Rings (Durham) Oct. 1976 Buckston-on-Eno and Elvegast form Oct. 30, 1976 Harvest Tourney Dec.18, 1976 Midwinter Revel II Petition for Baronial Status signed Feb.1977 Ymir II Windmasters Hill becomes Barony Lord Brian Maolcaoin, Baron April, 1977 Tourney of Absurd Weapons Windmasters’ Trivia #1:  Windmasters’ Trivia #1 QUESTION: What is the Order of Precedence for the Existing Cantons of Windmasters Hill? ANSWER: Buckston-on-Eno and Elvegast formed at the same event. There is debate about which was first.(1976) Attillium (1978) Kappellenberg (1980) Nimenfeld (2002) Slide7:  AS XII Oct. 1977 East Kingdom Coronation (Durham) AS XIII Dec. 1977 Canton of Cyn Mynydd formed (Greensboro) Dec. 1977 Midwinter FeastIII Feb. 1978 Ymir III April, 1978 Bog Trotting Tourney May, 1978 Canton of Attillium formed Canton of the Guardians of Sacred Stone (revived) “group forming in Asheville” incipient Sep. 1978 Third Inter Kingdom Tourney Baronial orders formed: Kittyhawk, Boreas Don Quixote, St. Nicholas Slide8:  There are 5 Baronial Orders. They are the Order of the Kittyhawk (for service), the Order of the Boreas (for Arts and Sciences), the Order of Saint Nicholas (for service by or for the youth of the Barony), the Order of the Don Quixote (for service above and beyond the call of duty) and the Order of the Tempest (for fighting). The last to be formed was The Tempest. (seen above) Slide9:  Oct. 1978 Atlantian Coronet Tourney Feb. 1979 Ymir IV 2nd Kingdom Arts Festival (Chapel Hill) AS XIV May 1979 Stellar Con (Greensboro) May 1979 Feast of the Lusty Month July 1979 Prince’s Bodyguard Tourney (Guardians) July 1979 Tourney of the Far Mountains (Hawkwood) Oct 1979 Harvest Tourney (Hindscroft) Dec 1979 Midwinter Revel (Buckston) Jan1980 12th Night Potluck (Hindscroft) Slide10:  Feb 1980 Ymir V AS XV May 1980 Diamond Joust VI (Caer Mear) Last court of Brian & Karina Lady Ysar appointed Vicar of Windmasters’ Hill Nov 1980 First Atlantian Crown Tourney (Buckston) Kappellenberg petitions for canton Incipient Canton of Golden Leaf Incipient Canton of Grimbaude Forest Dec 1980 Midwinter Revel (Elvegast) Feb 1981 Ymir VI April 1981 Guardians of Sacred Stone petition for Shire April 1981 Baronial meeting/fighter practice/potluck (Kappellenberg’s 1st event) April 1981 Polling for Baronage Gwyneth made Baroness at Tir-Y-Don event AS XVI Dec 1981 Midwinter Revel Jan1982 Atlantian 12th Night (Kappellenberg) Feb 1982 Ymir VII (Stormgate) Windmasters’ Trivia #2:  Windmasters’ Trivia #2 QUESTION: What two other Baronies of Atlantia began originally as parts of Windmasters? ANSWER: Sacred Stone Hawkwood Slide12:  AS XVII May1982 Atlantian University (Elvegast) July 1982 Lunar Madness (Elvegast) Sept 1982 Tourney of the Golden Moon (Hawkwood) Nov 1982 Atlantian Univeristy (Kappellenberg) Dec 1982 Midwinter Revel (Kappellenberg) Feb 1983 Ymir VIII Feb 1983 Threefold Tourney (Elvegast) Apr 1983 Baronial Rites of Spring Tourney & Arts& Crafts Fair AS XVIII May1983 Lusty Month of May (Hindscroft) July 1983 Baronial War Games (Windmasters vs. Sacred Stone) (Hindscroft) Slide13:  Oct1983 Atlantian Crown Tourney (Hindscroft) Nov 1983 Atlantian Heralds’ Symposium (Elvegast) Jan1984 Atlantian 12th Night (Elvegast) Feb 1984 Ymir IX (Kappellenberg) June 1984 Newcomers’ Event (Elvegast) July 1984 Festival for the Eno (Buckston) Oct 1984 Boar Hunt & Gaming Festival (Elvegast) Feb 1985 Ymir X (Kappellenberg) AS XIX AS XX May1985 Atlantian Crown Tourney (Elvegast) Aug 1985 Investiture of Valdemar & Clare (Snow Camp) Slide14:  Nov 1985 Crusades (Windmasters) Nov 1985 WH Collegium (Buckston) Feb 1986 Ymir XI (Attillium) Mar 1986 University (Buckston) AS XXI Sept 1986 A&S Event & Pool Party (Elvegast) Nov 1986 Crown Tourney (Windmasters) Nov 1986 Unevent (Buckston) Feb 1987 Ymir XII Mar 1987 Not-So-Annual Quest for the Not-So-Holy Grail (Attillium) Apr 1987 Windmasters’ Collegium (Buckston) Windmasters’ Trivia #3:  Windmasters’ Trivia #3 QUESTION: The Barony of Windmasters’ Hill is known for the following (true or false?) 1) It was the First Atlantian Barony 2) It has the Oldest Atlantian Tourney 3) It publishes the Oldest Newsletter in Atlantia ANSWER: 1) True 2) True (Ymir) 3) True (TheWindlore) Slide16:  June1987 Wastelands Tourney (Hindscroft) July 1987 Pre-Pennsic Pandemonium (Elvegast) Oct 1987 Coronation of Badouin & Caterina (Windmasters) June1987 Giant’s Dance (Atlantia, Meridies, Middle) AS XXII Jan 1988 12th Night (Buckston) Feb 1988 Ymir XIII (Attillium) Mar 1988 Windmasters’ Hill Collegium Slide17:  AS XXIII Apr 1988 University (Elvegast) Jun 1988 Giants’ Dance II Eldred invested as Baron Oct 1988 Feast of Hearne (Attillium) Feb 1989 Ymir XIV (Kappellenberg) Mar 1989 Windmasters’ Hill Collegium (Elvegast) Apr 1989 Spring Sumposium (Elvegast) AS XXIV May 1989 Holmefort May Day Fair (Kappellenberg) Jun 1989 University (Kappellenberg) Jun 1989 Giants’ Dance III Jun 1989 Spear & Axe School (Elvegast) Jul 1989 Interbaronial Spear & Axe School (Windmasters’ & Sacred Stone) Sep1989 Harvest Tourney (Elvegast) Slide18:  AS XXV Oct1989 Feast of Hearne Nov 1989 Dead Saints Tourney (Kappellenberg) Nov 1989 Unevent (Windmasters) Feb 1990 Ymir XV (Elvegast) Apr 1990 Endor-on-the-Deep (prospective) Saxon Moor (incipient) Apr 1990 Boat Wars II (Buckston) May 1990 Homefort May Fair II (Kappellenberg) Jun 1990 Giants’ Dance IV July 1990 University (Kappellenberg) Jun 1990 Gil’s Tavern (Elvegast) Jul 1990 Spear & Axe School (Attillium) Sep 1990 Saxon Moor Tourney (Saxon Moor/ Kappellenberg) Slide19:  AS XXVI May 1991 Atlantian 10th Anniversary (Caer Mear) Jun1991 Gil Tavern II (Elvegast) Apr 1991 Coronation of Anton & Luned (Windmasters) Mar 1991 More at Saxon Moor (Saxon Moor/ Kappellenberg) Feb 1991 Ymir XVI (Saxon Moor) Oct 1990 Feast of Hearne (Attillium) Windmasters’ Trivia #4:  Windmasters’ Trivia #4 QUESTION: How Many years has Windmasters’ Hill been a Barony? ANSWER: In February of 2007 Windmasters’ Hill will have been a Barony for 30 years. This is actually longer than Atlantia has been a Kingdom! Slide21:  AS XXVII Jun1991 Giants’ Dance V (Meridies) Fall 1991 Investiture of Robyyan & Fern Jan1992 WHCollegium (Buckston) Feb 1992 Ymir XVII (Kappellenberg) Mar 1992 Pas d’Arms (Saxon Moor) Jun1992 Midsummer Masqued Mayhem (Attillium) Jun1992 Giants’ Dance VI (Meridies) Oct 1992 Feast of Hearne (Attillium) Oct 1992 Tournament & Fair (Saxon Moor) Nov 1992 Celtic New Year’s Massacre I (Elvegast) Jan 1993 12th Night (Windmasters) Feb 1993 Ymir XVIII (Elvegast)) Slide22:  AS XXIX AS XXVIII Feb 1994 Ymir XIX (Elvegast) Apr 1993 Windmasters’ Hill War Collegium (Endor) Apr 1993 Boat Wars (Buckston) Apr 1993 Spring Gather & Tourney (Attillium) June1993 University (Kappellenberg Oct 1993 Academie of the Rapier (Saxon Moor) Oct 1993 Celtic New Year’s Massacre II (Elvegast) Nov 1993 Feast of Hearne (Attillium) Jan 1994 12th Night (Attillium) Investiture of Baroness Ceridwen Apr 1994 Boat Wars & Curia (Buckston) Apr Baronial Champions (Saxon Moor) Slide23:  AS XXX Jun1994 Midsummer Masqued Mayhem (Attillium) Oct 1994 Academie of the Rapier II (Saxon Moor) Nov 1994 Crown Tourney (Windmasters) Dec 1994 Feast of Hearne (Attillium) Feb 1995 Ymir XX (Elvegast) Mar 1995 Jongleur Jubilee (Elvegast) Apr 1995 Boat Wars (Buckston) May 1995 Crown Tourney (Windmasters) June 1995 Fortaleza becomes Incipient Sep 1995 Coronation of Cuan & Brigit (Windmasters) Sep 1995 Feast of Ungathering (Saxon Moor) Sep 1995 Baronial Champions (Windmasters) Slide24:  AS XXXI Dec 1995 University (Kappellenberg) Feb 1996 Ymir XXI (Forteleza) Mar 1996 Jongleurie II (Elvegast) Apr 1996 Windmasters Gathering May 1996 Boat Wars (Buckston) Nov 1996 Crown Tourney (Fortaleza) Nov 1996 Academie of the Rapier (Windmasters) Nov 1996 Feast of Hearne (Attillium) Feb 1997 Ymir XXII (Windmasters) Mar 1997 Jongleurie III (Elvegast) Mar 1997 Feast of Fools (Attillium) Slide25:  AS XXXIII AS XXXII May 1997 Boat Wars (Buckston) Jul 1997 Kingdom Arts Festival & Curia (Elvegast) Sep 1997 Academie of the Rapier (Windmasters) Oct 1997 Feast of Hearne (Attillium) Oct 1997 Baronial Champions (Windmasters) Dec 1997 Unevent & Curia (Kappellenberg) Feb 1998 Ymir XXIII (Windmasters) Investiture of Wulfbrand and Aileen Mar 1998 Cossacks, Mongols & Huns (Kappellenberg) May 1998 Boat Wars (Buckston) Jul 1998 Kingdom Art Festival (Kappellenberg) Sep 1998 Coronation of Anton & Luned (Windmasters) Sep 1998 Tourney of the Grail (Attillium) Windmasters’ Trivia #5:  Windmasters’ Trivia #5 QUESTION: Can you name three or more groups that have come and gone in Windmasters’ Hill? ANSWER: Cyn Mynnyd (AKA Hindscroft) Guardians of the Sacred Stone Grimbaude Forest Golden leaf Stormgate Endor-on-the Deep Saxon Moor Fortaleza Slide27:  AS XXXIV Oct 1998 Academie of the Rapier (Windmasters) Oct1998 Celtic New Years Massacre (Elvegast) Nov 1998 Baronial Champions (Windmasters) Feb 1999 Ymir XXIV (Windmasters) Apr 1999 Feast of St. George (Kappellenberg) May 1999 Boat Wars (Buckston) Jun 1999 Kingdom War College (Elvegast) Oct 1999 Cossacks, Mongols & Huns (Kappellenberg) Nov 1999 Baronial Champions (Windmasters) Jan 2000 Elvegast Comm. College (Elvegast) Dunstan LeHeryngmongere’s First appearance in Atlantia Slide28:  AS XXXV Feb 2000 Ymir XXV (Windmasters) Investiture of Iacopo and Lucia Apr 2000 Coronation of Ragnar & Kyneburh (Windmasters) Apr 2000 Boat Wars (Buckston) May 2000 7 Trials of Love (Elvegast) Wherein Ardyn Louise first Shows her lovely face Jul 2000 Midsummer Faire & Groggy Griffin Tavern (Kappellenberg) Sep 2000 Academie of the Rapier (Windmasters) Sep 2000 Feast of Hearne (Attillium) Oct 2000 Baronial Champions (Windmasters) Slide29:  Feb 2001 Ymir XXVI (Windmasters) Apr 2001 Dead Saints Tourney (Elvegast) Jan 2001 12th Night (Windmasters) Dec 2000 Unevent (Kappellenberg) AS XXXVI Slide30:  Feb 2002 Ymir XXVII (Windmasters) Apr 2002 A Day at the Grand Canal (Kappelenburg) April 2002 Coronation of Logan and Isabel (Attilium) Canton of Nimenfeld Recognized as no Longer incipient. September 2001 Baronial champions (Windmasters’) AS XXXVII Aug 2001 War College (Buckston-on-Eno) Dec 2001 Unevent (Buckston-on-Eno) Windmasters’ Trivia #6:  Windmasters’ Trivia #6 QUESTION: How many Barons and Baronesses and Vicars of Windmasters’ Hill can you name? ANSWER: Brian and Karina Ysar (Vicar) Gwyneth Valdemar and Clare Eldred Robyyan and Fern Ceridwen Wulfbrand and Aileen Iacopo and Lucia Ceridwen (Vicar) Rodrigo Geoffrey and Maddelena Slide32:  Feb 2003 Ymir XXVIII. Sir Rodrigo Falcone Invested. (Windmasters) Apr 2003 A Day in the Courts Of Burgundy (Kappelenburg) Sep 2002 Celtic Cattle raids (Nimenfeld’s First Event!) Sep 2002 Coronation of Cuan and Padraigin. Iacopo and Lucia step down. Ceridwen made Baronial Vicar. (Windmasters’) AS XXXVIII May 2002 Jongleurie (Act !V) (Elvegast) the event wherein Elena Rose Makes her first SCA appearance Oct 2002 University (Elvegast) March 2003. Falcone places Pun tax on Populace. Peasants are Revolting. So is Pun tax. Slide33:  Feb 2004 Ymir XXIX (Windmasters) Jan 2004 Kingdom 12th Night (Windmasters’) June 2003 Baronial Champions (Windmasters) May 2003 Crown Tourney (Buckston-on-Eno) AS XXX!X June 2004 Tournament of Chivalry (Elvegast) July 2004 Eno Academy (Buckston-on-Eno) Slide34:  Sept 2004 Celtic Cattle raids II (Nimenfeld) September 2004 Coronation of Janos and Rachel (Windmasters’) AS XL Oct 2004 Academie of The Rapier (Buckston-on-Eno) Feb 2005 Ymir XXX (Investiture of Geoffrey and Maddelena) March 2005 Kingdom A&S Festival (Mebane, NC) June 2005 Midsummer’s Twilight Tourney (Buckston-on-Eno) Slide35:  AS XLI Sept 2005 Celtic Cattle raids III (Nimenfeld) Feb 2006 Ymir XXXI (Windmasters) May 13th 2006 Herald and Scribe Symposium (Buckston) June 16th,2006 Midsummer’s Twilight Tourney (Buckston) July 8 2006 Baronial Champions (Windmasters) Slide36:  The Order of Saint Nicholas The Order of the Don Quixote Vivat the dream! Vivat Atlantia! Vivat Windmasters’ Hill!

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