Timeline: The History of Internet

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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: laarnikatryn

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A Timeline of the history of the Internet.
Hope it will aide you somehow!


1962 J.C.R. Licklider wrote memos of his concept ‘Intergalactic Network,’ where everyone around the globe is interconnected and can access data from sites anywhere. The first synchronous communication satellite, Syncom, is launched. Also, Lick contracted with MIT, UCLA, and BBN to work on his vision of the Intergalactic Network. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) was developed as the first universal standard for computers. 1963 1964 Larry Roberts along with Thomas Marill created the first wide-area network connection. Paul Baran, Donald Davies, Leonard Kleinrock and others researched on secure packet switched networks. Kleinrock’s thesis was published as a seminal text on the queuing theory. 1965 1969 ARPANET was put to a test in four sites, each with a team who would produce softwares that will enable its computers and IMP to communicate. After installation in September, the first host-to-host connection from UCLA to SRI was made.

1970 BBN’s TIP (Terminal Interface Processor) was developed as a new platform capable of supporting input from multiple hosts or terminals. The Network Control Protocol (NCP) was finished as the initial ARPANET host-to-host protocol led by Steve Crocker. 1971 The Networking Group makes progress on FTP or file transfer protocol standard. ARPANET contains 19 nodes. 1972 Bob Metcalfe is working on wirebased system modelled on ALOHA protocols for Local Area Networks (LAN). (Soon becomes the Ethernet). This year was for finishing, testing and releasing network protocols, and developing demonstrations for the ICCC. Ray Tomlinson writes a program to enable electronic mail to be sent over the ARPANET. 1973 1977 Cerf and Kahn mount a major demonstration, ‘internetting’ among the Packet Radio net, SATNET and ARPANET.

1980 Tim Berners-Lee proposed a hypertext system, the World Wide Web that will run across the Internet on different operating systems. NSF becomes an early supporter of the Internet. NASA has ARPANET nodes, as do many Department of Energy sites. Now several Federal agencies support the internet, and the number is growing. 1989 1992 The Internet becomes such part of the computing establishment that a professional society forms to guide its way, the ISOC or the Internet Society. The WWW bursts into the world and the growth of the Internet explodes like a supernova.

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