Time Wasting in The Workplace

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Published on May 6, 2014

Author: NameBadgesInternational

Source: slideshare.net


An alarming 89% of employees admit to wasting time at work everyday. In a perfect world, we'd spend every waking second of our time at work being the most productive, enthusiastic individuals we can be, but the truth is that all of us are inclined to drift off every once in a while. One of the key factors that leads to poor productivity levels is distraction, and the average office space (especially the average home office space) is full of potential distractions. From your co-workers to social networking sites and everything in-between, there are many potential distractions that keep us from making the most of our time and here we've collated a few tips that will help keep these distractions at bay.

In this inforgraphic it details all the key areas that people are wasting their time and how to cut out those unnecessary distractions.

z z z TIME:Wasting DATE: 01/01/11 ALARM: 5:3012 SNOOZE mon tues weds thurs fri Tuesday mornings are the most productive. said they waste time on Fridays. Whenarethemost unproductivetimes? 44%said Mondays are the least productive. 18% 89% of employees admit to wasting time at work EVERYDAY 20%increase fromt 2013 4% Waste over half of the day on non-work tasks. This is a 00:30 DATE: 01/01/11 SNOOZE 31% wasteroughly Minutesa day 01:00 DATE: 01/01/11 SNOOZE 31% wasteroughly Houraday 02:00 DATE: 01/01/11 SNOOZE 16% wasteroughly Hoursaday 03:00 DATE: 01/01/11 SNOOZE 6% wasteroughly Hours a day 04:00 DATE: 01/01/11 SNOOZE 2% wasteroughly Hoursaday 05:00 DATE: 01/01/11 SNOOZE 2% wasteroughly +Hoursaday 26% browsing theinternet. 24% toomany meetings/conference calls. 24% dealingwith annoying co-workers. 7% dealingwithan annoyingboss. 4% socialmedia. 2% personalphone calls. Financeandbankingaretheworst industriesfortimewasting. Arts,media,andentertainmentcomesecond. Thirdareengineering,design,and constructionindustries. Singlemenintheir20sand30swithouthighereducation aretheworstoffenders. Who’swastingthemosttime? 1 23 90%of governmentworkerssaid theywastedtimethisyear. Howiswastedtime beingspent? LOL ROFL CATS 22% wastethemost timebetween 3-5pm. 18% wastethemost timebetween 1-3pm. 1-3pm is the most productive timeof the day. Whyareemployees wastingtime? 53% think short breaks increaseproductivity. 20% areuninterested intheirjob. 8% lackany incentives. 7% areunsatisfied withtheirjob. 2% thinktheyaren’t beingpaidenough. What are the SOLUTIONS? Letemployeeslearn. Manyemployeeswanttolearnmoreabouttheirindustryand acquirenewskillssosendthemontraining,coursesand conferences. LinkedInoffersemployeesabudgettouseonprofessional educationrelatedtotheirjob. Createspacesforalonetime. Giveemployeesaspacetoworkalonewhentheyneedit,away fromco-workers,bossesandnoise. Google scattersBrainstormingpodsandotherbreakareas throughoutthebuilding. Boostincentivewithrewards andrecognition. Offering greatbonusschemesandrewardscangiveemployees an incentivetoworktheirhardesttoreapthebenefits. Virgin Mediaoffersregularmoneyincentiveswithitsbonus schemeandevenholdsgraduationeventsforapprenticeswho completetraining. BeatFridaylullswithexercise. Exercisehasbeenproventohelpemployeesstayalertand productive,sohavingafreegymattheofficeorofferinggym membershipdiscountscanhelp. Pinterestoffersdiscountedgymmembershipsandevena bi-weeklyrunningclub. Cutdownonmeetings. Don’t invitepeopletoameetingunlesstheytrulyhavetobe thereand canaddusefulinputortakehelpfulknowledgeaway. Base Camphaveastrictsetof rulesincludingkeepitshort,have an agendaandinviteasfewpeopleaspossible. www.namebadgesinternational.co.uk Sources: salary.com|businessinsider.com|pinterest.com businesscasestudies.co.uk|99u.com IN THE WORKPLACE.

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