Time Savers Using The Treo Smartphone

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Information about Time Savers Using The Treo Smartphone
Real Estate

Published on February 14, 2009

Author: dougdevitre

Source: slideshare.net


Doug Devitre Delivers Time Savers Using The Treo Smartphone to the Georgia Association of REALTORS State Convention at the Amelia Island Resort. Learn quick tips, time savers and how to sync your Smart phone with your desktop or laptop computer.


What we will NOT What we will NOT cover Every phone equipment piece Every phone equipment piece • Cell phone service provider • Palm Windows Operating System l id O iS • All the cool toys, gadgets, and gizmos •

What we will cover What we will cover Time  savers Time  wasters


Learn the Buttons Learn the Buttons Shift • Option • Alt l • Silent ringer • Side buttons • Volume buttons Volume buttons • 5 way navigator •

Shift Button Shift Button • Press once to capitalize one letter Press once to capitalize one letter • Press twice for CAPS Lock

Option Button Option Button • Press option + number for number Press option + number for number • Press option + symbol for symbol +

Alt Button Alt Button R Alt ® •R + Alt = ® •P + Alt = π R + R+ =

S + Alt  shortcut S + Alt = shortcut S+ = + br = breakfast breakfast

Silent Ringer Silent Ringer Flip Switch Flip Switch

Side Buttons Side Buttons Volume up Volume down Volume down Bonus button

Stylus Buy the stylus  Buy the stylus with pen with pen www.Palm.com

5 Way Navigator 5 Way Navigator

Menu Button Menu Button • Extra menus Extra menus • Extra options • Sh Shortcuts

Practice on the Memos Practice on the Memos 1. + 2M 2. +  Memos 3.

Keyboard 2. 1. 3.

Numbers and Characters Numbers and Characters

Letters and Basic Characters Letters and Basic Characters

International Characters International Characters

Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts 2. 1. 3.

Sync Phone with Computer Sync Phone with Computer • Phone and computer have same info Phone and computer have same info – Contacts – Calendar – Tasks –MMemos – Pictures – Vid Videos – 3rd party applications

Tips for Hotsync Tips for Hotsync • Have someone help you 1st Have someone help you 1 time • You need the Disc to You need the Disc to  HotSync 1st time • Ph Phone is backup to  ib k computer • Backup computer to  external drive before  HotSync

Custom Sync Custom Sync 1. 2. 2 Choose  Right click  Custom on icon. (located bottom  right of screen.) ih f )

Change Preferences Change Preferences 1. 2.

Change HotSync Action Change HotSync Action 3. 1. 2.

Phone Menu Phone Menu Call log Call log • Phone menu • Ring tones i • Wallpaper • System preferences •

Call Log Call Log • All •O t i Outgoing • Mi d Missed •R i d Received

Call Details Call Details Donald Duck 314.555.3214 10/14/08 3:59pm 3 59 No

Sound Preferences Sound Preferences 2. Application • Volume • 3. Vibrate ib • Escalate • Known caller • Unknown caller Unknown caller • Roaming • 1.

Applications Ring tones Ring tones • Phone alerts • Calendar Cl d • Messaging • System •

Ring Tones Ring Tones 1. 2.

Phone Alerts Phone Alerts Adjust volume Adjust volume • Vibrate • Voicemail alerts i il l • Create new ring tones •

Calendar Alerts Calendar Alerts Adjust volume Adjust volume • Vibrate • Sound S d • Reminder • Repeat sound • Alarm •

Messaging Alerts Adjust volume Adjust volume • Vibrate • Sound S d • Show message alerts •

Change Wallpaper Change Wallpaper 1. 2. 3.

Wallpaper Changed Wallpaper Changed I’d better  get started  get started already.

System Preferences System Preferences Date and Time Date and Time • Auto‐keyguard • Power save • Sounds and alerts • Personal buttons • Color theme Color theme •

System Preferences System Preferences 3. 1. 1 Phone 4. 2. Menu

Date and Time Date and Time

Auto Keyguard Auto‐Keyguard 1. 2. 3. 4.

Power Save Power Save 1. 2. 3. 4.

Personal Buttons Personal Buttons 1. 5. 2. 2 6. 6 3. 7. 4.

Contacts Save self as contact record Save self as contact record • Type in new contacts • Search for contacts S hf • Send contacts • Beam contacts •

Save Self as Contact Record Save Self as Contact Record

Contact Record in Phone Contact Record in Phone

Search for Contacts Search for Contacts 1. • Enter 1st letter of first name Enter 1 letter  of first name  &1st letter of last name 2. 2 • Scroll down to number Scroll down to number • Hit center of navigation  button b 3.

Send Contacts Send Contacts 1. 2. 3.

Send Contact Send Contact .vcf f l f file attachment  h to email

Beam Contacts Beam Contacts Find contact Find contact • Select name • Menu • Beam Contact • Note:  Infrared port needs to be turned on.

Turn Beam Receive On Turn Beam Receive On + + P + Preferences 2. 1. 1 3.

Infrared Ports Infrared Ports Infrared port Treo Centro Infrared port Treo 700p

Beam Business Card Beam Business Card

Two Ways to Beam Two Ways to Beam

Calendar Single event • All day event • Recurring event i • Reminders •

Single Event Listing appointment • Showing • 2. Open house O h • 3. Inspection • Closing • 4. Create New Create New 1.

All Day Event All Day Event Birthday • Anniversary • Holiday lid • Some closings • 2. Create New 1.

Recurring Event Recurring Event Prospecting • Email newsletter • Broker tour k • Mailings • 3. 2. Create New 1.

Reminders Appointment • 2. Task reminders • 3. Call someone back C ll bk • 4. Send thank you note • Follow up • Select  event  Select event + Details 1.

Calendar Views Calendar Views Daily Monthly Monthly y Agenda

Agenda Wallpaper Appointments Daily Email  messages

Daily Event  Event No Time No Time Details All Day  Recurring  Recurring Event Event Event  Day View Notes

Weekly Day of  Week Week # Color by  Category Select  Event for  Event for Details

Monthly Month Year All Day  Recurring  Recurring Event Event Single  Year View Event

Year View Year View

Use Treo as Modem Use Treo as Modem www.JuneFabrics.com www JuneFabrics com

Why Send Text Messages Why Send Text Messages Almost everyone can text message Almost everyone can text message • Text messages are instantaneous • No reply needed l dd • 140 characters or less •

Text Messaging Text Messaging 1. + 2M 2. +  Messaging 3.

Text Messaging Text Messaging Quick text Quick text • Emoticons • Slang Sl • Text message to email • Email to text message •

Create a new message Create a new message Mobile # or Type  Message Quick  Emoticons Text

Quick text Quick text Call me at my office at 314.496.5973 C ll ffi 3 96 9 3 • Please fax the documents to 314.754.8302 • I’m in a meeting.  Call you later. • The lockbox code is_ _ _ _ The lockbox code is • My address is 123 Main Street, city, state, zip • My email is Doug@ReTechTraining.com M il i D @R T hT i i •

Edit Quick Text Edit Quick Text

Emoticons… What do they mean? Emoticons… What do they mean?

I Know What You Mean I Know What You Mean

We Have an Accepted Contract We Have an Accepted Contract

That Offer Stinks That Offer Stinks

Slang  Slang Eta  estimated time of arrival Eta – estimated time of arrival • Tytl – Talk to you later • Hago – hhave a good one  d • Btw ‐ By the way • Addy – address • Asafp – as soon as firmly possible as soon as firmly possible •

Text Message to Email Text Message to Email Type  Type name Locate  Email

Email to text message Email to text message Email to  Email to 314.496.5973@messaging.sprintpcs.com

Add to Email Signature Add to Email Signature

Photos Your listings Your listings • Property tours • Marketing ideas k i id • Improper advertising • Vacation •

Photos Space Take  Picture Photos Picture Storage Camera Zoom Z

Videos Space Pause P Videos Video Storage Record R d Camcorder

Albums 1. 2. 3.

Calculator 1. + 2C 2. +  Calculator 3.

Calculator Basic mode Basic mode • Math • Finance i • Weight/Temperature • Area • Volume •


Finance • Mortgage Mortgage  payments • Loan amortization Loan amortization • Future value • Interest rates

More Calculators More Calculators

Weight/Temperature • Metric conversion Metric conversion • Temperature  conversion What questions  might you ask?

Area • Standard conversion Standard conversion • Metric conversion What questions  q might you ask?

Volume • Standard conversion Standard conversion • Metric conversion What questions  might you ask? gy

Internet Browser Internet Browser Refresh Book Back marks Home Forward History

Web History Web History 1. 3. 3 2.

Bookmarks 1. 2. Individual website 50 Bookmarks 50 Bookmarks 3. 10 per page

Email • Multiple emails Multiple emails • Sending emails Sending emails  with attachments • Email signature • Email server il

Access Email Access Email 1. + 2. E +  Email 3. 3

Manage Multiple emails Manage Multiple emails Gmail 1. Access Email Access Email • Hotmail • 2. 2 + P + Preferences + P + Preferences AOL O • Yahoo • Your email server 3. Accounts •

Set up Email Account Set up Email Account Access Email Access Email 1. 2. 2 + P + Preferences PPf 3.

Sending Emails with Attachments Sending Emails with Attachments Word Wd Excel PowerPoint PDF

Add an Attachment Add an Attachment 3. 1. 2. 4.

Email signature Email signature

Email server Email server

Bluetooth Earpieces What are you using?

Search and Find Search and Find 1. 3. + 2. 2 4.

World Clock World Clock 1. + 2. W +  3. World  3 World Clock

Set Alarm Set Alarm

Working in Different Time Zones Working in Different Time Zones

SD Cards Sizes: • 8 GB – $86.95 • 4 GB – $22.99 • 2 GB – $13.95 • 1 GB – $19 95 1 GB – $19.95 • 512 GB – $8.99

Google Maps for Mobile for Mobile 1. + 2. W +  + 3. Web

Google Maps for Mobile for Mobile

Find a Location Find a Location 1. 1. + 2. G 2. +  3. 3. Google Maps Google Maps

Find a Location Find a Location

Driving Directions Driving Directions

Map Views Map Views

Why Google SMS Why Google SMS Find information instantly by text messaging Find information instantly by text messaging • Business listings • Weather h • Flights • Definitions • Translation • Currency conversion

Get Started with Google SMS Get Started with Google SMS

Send text message to 46645 Send text message to 46645 Weather 63131 Weather 63131 • Movie 63131 • aa5050 00 • Starbucks 63131 •

Google Alerts Google Alerts

Social Media Social Media www.LinkedIn.com www LinkedIn com • www.Facebook.com • www.MySpace.com S • www.Twitter.com •







www.YouTube.com 1. 2. 3.



Upload to Flickr by Email Upload to Flickr by Email





Phone Etiquette Phone Etiquette • Don’t take calls while Don t take calls while  meeting with clients • Take calls in quiet areas Take calls in quiet areas • Know where your drop  zones are located zones are located • Send text messages if you  can t answer can’t answer • Keep your phone hidden  until alone until alone

Car Phone Safety Car Phone Safety • Bluetooth earpieces Bluetooth earpieces • Voicemail to text  transcription • Text or email while  car is parked i kd • Do you have both  hands on the wheel?

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